This. Is. Hard….

I know. I’m right there with you. These are uncertain times. With the outbreak of the coronavirus and closures everywhere you turn, so many of us are afraid, and not knowing what’s going to happen next. Let me just say it’s normal to have a variety of emotions. The most important thing that we can […]

Spiritual Hygiene to Deal with the Coronavirus

Our world is certainly turned topsy-turvy at the moment. There is definitely an issue with the coronavirus, and I understand that people’s nerves & psyches are frayed. However, I wanted to pass along some tips that will help with your spiritual hygiene and to stay emotionally centered during this difficult time. Now I certainly understand […]

When Your Pet Dies….💔

How do you manage when your pet dies? Even as a Medium and Animal Communicator, this subject is extremely difficult. Despite the fact I can still connect with animals after they pass, not having your beloved furry friend in the physical is extremely painful and full of sorrow. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer for […]

Week 4: Love on Hand – A Month of Love Tailored to YOU

Step Three is ‘Feeling With‘.  This last step requires ‘radical compassion’ as Tara Brach defines it. Have you ever seen a wounded animal turn on the very people trying to help it? That is what we can become in our darkest traumatized Earth Heart. And it’s in everyone, a little, or a lot. But the […]

WK 3: Love on Hand – A Month of Love Tailored to YOU

Your Heart Line is the top line on your hand for a reason. It reveals how big the electromagnetic field is around you. We all have it, some just magnetize in more than others. You see the heart has 100 times the electric charge of our brain and 5,000 times the magnetic power. The bigger […]

WK 2: Love on Hand – A Month of Love Tailored to YOU

Love On Hand – A Month of Love Tailored to YOU The Plan to expand with Heart – Continued from last Week.  Read Week One here: Time to get the three step action plan in place to dial up your magnetic factor for more abundant options to play with in manifesting.  Fear prefers a […]

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