The Holidays, Grief and The Collective Consciousness

There is something called the collective consciousness. Wikipedia defines it thus: Collective consciousness, collective conscience, or collective conscious (French: conscience collective) is the set of shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society.[1] In general, it does not refer to the specifically moral conscience, but to a shared understanding of social norms.   When the holidays […]

A Different Kind of Holiday

My family celebrates Christmas, meaning the traditional exchanging of gifts on December 25th.  I found an article written about a family that was foregoing all the purchasing, wrapping and exchanging of more STUFF. It really resonated with me. So, I reached out to my family; two grown boys and my husband, suggesting that we try […]

Invoking the Presence of the Archangels of the Four Winds: Archangel Michael

The Archangels are high ranking Angels and they reside on the Angelic realms close to the Divine (or God). The Divine has given the Archangels very important responsibilities to fulfill to help us here on earth. One big responsibility is supervising the Angels, and they work together on the Light Ray frequencies. The word Archangel […]

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