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The Akashic Principle of Love

…A modified excerpt from award winning book, Divine Love Affair: An Akashic Journey Written by Nancy Smith.

When I was a tiny girl I had a sense of being loved in a large way. It was as if everything and everyone around me was made of love. I returned excitement and love to everyone and everything.

My parents took us to church as a young family. I watched with interest as the prayers and songs glowed in colors around the sacred alter. Sometimes I saw colors around people’s heads. Sometimes I heard extra voices singing with us. I defined this joyful presence as God, the Holy Family, and my angels.

But, over time my life became complicated. My mom was always angry, my dad was aloof. By the age of seven I began to feel confused about my parent’s anger and sadness and the love I experienced from my angels. It made for one hot mess. My loving enthusiasm took a nosedive. I escorted it all, hearing angels, feeling love and a sense of happiness, to the back of my consciousness.

 Around my tenth birthday, my mom threw a big christening party for baby number eight, little Jackie. While my sibs and cousins played outside, I was sent upstairs to get baby Jackie up from her nap. With Jackie my arms, I started down the stairs. At the top of the landing I heard a commanding voice say “STOP.”

 “The angels,” I thought to myself. “I had better listen.” I stopped. I stood on the landing at the top of the stairs. I waited for what seemed like forever. I squeezed my eyes shut and asked, “When can I go?” In my mind’s eye I saw a traffic light.  The lights changed from red to yellow, and then to green. “Okay,” I said aloud, and continued down the stairs.

 I had to walk past a bank of large windows to lay Jackie down in her bassinet.  Just as I was about to step in front of the first window, a ball came crashing through it, shattering and spraying broken glass everywhere. The shards just missed hitting us. I knew that if I hadn’t listened to the voice telling me to stop, we would have been badly hurt.

 I whispered, “Thank you.” In my heart I knew my angels were keeping me safe. I promised I would try to listen better. From that moment on, my amazing journey with Spirit began to grow on purpose, by my choice. With that choice, at ten years old, I began my journey to return to the loving presence of the angels and the creator.

In the Presence of Akashic Love

The presence of God is Love. God is Love. Love is the energy used in all of the creator’s creations. The Akasha is the essence of the creator’s source and is the energy of Love.

We will always return to God, whether during life as we live it, or during our transitioning in death to Spirit, we return to Love. When we direct our minds, emotions, and Spirits to self-love, and accept a divine, loving, healing presence in our lives, miracles can happen. They aren’t really miracles—we’re meant to live our lives in Love—it’s the natural way of being that brings us back to health and a sense of well-being.

The miracle is our return to Love, to Source.

Our self-awareness and ability to recognize our needs and care for ourselves, is in direct proportion to our capacity to open up to God’s love and Akashic spiritual energy.

Akasha is the intelligent, compassionate life force from which all things are created and to which all things return. Akasha is one of the many names for the creator energy, the Divine Consciousness. Akasha is also an organizational principle that we can use to understand and connect to the Divine Consciousness and Love of the creator.

Akasha is an energy that can be accessed. This ability is embedded in your energy anatomy. The potential is within you and the training is available. We are created and born to access this energy. As we access Akashic energy, our lives as humans are enhanced; we deepen the journey to our soul. What has wounded your spirit and self in your lifetime can be reclaimed and healed as you access the Akashic field.

Within the Akashic field of energy is a library of information and the wisdom of all creation. The Akashic energy is sensitive, and all events are impressed and embedded within this Akashic library of records. The records contain the macrocosm and microcosm of your life; the big picture of your soul’s plan and the very personal information about you are all all retained in this Akashic field.

The healing within the Akashic field is a relationship of reciprocity and deep respect. To enter onto this healing path you must take ownership of the choices you make in your life. The entrance fee is your willingness to be completely present in the moment as best you can. Curiosity, imagination, creativity, forgiveness, intuition, and a willingness to blend with Spirit elevates your vibration. You will then access Akashic healing consciously and with purpose.

When you consider your life’s path and Soul purpose, think of Divine Love. Wherever you go, whatever you choose to do, the best path is the path that brings you to Divine Love.

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Messages from Synchronicities

Synchronicity with Spirit and Soul

Every developing psychic is taught to ask for signs from spirit for guidance. I learned to ask for specific signs to tell me I was on the right path and show me that spirit guides were with me, helping me.

I commonly hear clients ask loved ones in spirit, “Show me a sign you are near me and around me.” The variety of signs clients describe to me is amazing.

Signs and synchronicities can let us know when we are on the right track or not. They can let us know when we are we aligned with Soul and Spirit, or when we are we falling off the rails.

So what is a synchronicity?

Our Sub-conscious mind is an amazing being. I’m talking about the conscious part of our self that connects us to our spirit, Soul, and the Universe – whether we know it or not! It is our Sub-conscious mind that helps us see the patterns and language (the Akashic records) of the universe.

The language of our Super Sub-conscious self is synchronicities. Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences. Synchronicity is the word Swiss psychologist Carl Jung used to describe the temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events. In other words, things that happen that have meaning, and maybe aren’t just random acts.

Jung describes synchronicity using a case study:
“A young woman I was treating had a dream in which she was given a golden scarab. While she was telling me her dream I heard a noise behind me. I turned round and saw a flying insect knocking against the window-pane. I opened the window and caught the creature in the air as it flew in. It was the nearest analogy to the golden scarab that one finds in our latitudes, a scarabaeid beetle, … which had evidently felt an urge to get inside at this particular moment.” The Scarab represented Self-Generation, Resurrection and Renewal.”

Some other examples of meaningful synchronicities can be:
• You are in a bookstore looking for a book that will help you, and the book you need falls off the shelf.
• You finally end a bad relationship and immediately another partner comes into your life as if by synchronicity.
• You are wondering what to do about a certain problem and someone calls you unexpectedly, without you ever asking them, and has information you need.
• You are suffering with financial difficulties, yet money for basic expenses always manifests.

SYNCHRONICITY is when intention meets energy through vibrational attraction.

You can access the power of synchronicities on purpose. As synchronistic energetic inputs come from a higher source to guide you, be curious! Choose to follow the “bread crumbs.” When you do that, more “bread crumbs” will follow. As you choose to listen and take action, you raise your awareness of universal life force and increase your personal vibration.

Tune into to synchronistic guidance by first asking a question. Then imagine that question being answered. Then relax and prepare to receive the answer you need in any form it may come.

Try these steps:
• Sit in silence Relax and feel serenity, peace and a sense of connection.
• Prayer: Clarify your desire in words.
• Meditation: As you sit in silence, imagine you are blending with the flow and power of the universe. Imagine it any way that feels good to you. I picture floating on my back in a beautiful river.
• Let go: Get up go about your life. Trust the answers will come in whatever form it will “in a way you can understand”.

Do these things to reinforce your intention:
• Visualize your desired outcome
• Use a positive voice.
• Be ready to receive.
• Be patient.
• Be flexible.

Continue to check in and monitor your awareness and connection to catch the synchronistic moments. Affirm to your self:
“I am in the flow of creativity and the highest vibration of Source.”

Nancy Smith of Angelscapes is a nationally known medium, spirit artist, author, teacher and illustrator. Please link here for more information on how to contact Nancy: Nancy Smith

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2018 BAP Social Activism Award Winner

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics 2018 Social Activism Award winner is Cate Coffelt of Cate Communicates. Cate uses her psychic abilities as well as her spirit and animal communication abilities to promote healing, insight, and closure to her clients. She also offers a monthly healing circle free of charge. The purpose of this circle is to send prayers, love, light and healing to current news events or any emerging global issues.

On several occasions, Cate has answered the call of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics to contribute to a charity in need. In this past year, she was particularly instrumental in rescuing horses destined for slaughter. Her generous monetary contributions exhibit her true love for the animal kingdom. It is obvious that Cate cares to make a difference and does.

Cate Coffelt works as a Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator. She is available for readings and has a promising lineup of looming events. Follow one of the links below to learn more.

Links for Cate Coffelt: Cate Coffelt – BAP
Cate Communicates Website
Cate’s Facebook Page

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Death, Grief, & the Medium

A few whiles ago a dear friend and neighbor returned home after a long couple weeks away. Her mother came to the end of a long terminal illness. My friend packed up her children and traveled hours to be with her mother at this final stage of her moms’ life. Now that she had returned home my friend was exhausted. She came to me asking for books and ideas for her children to understand what happens after death. She felt they needed some guidance to help them process their grandmother’s passing.

As we talked, it became apparent it was my friend who needed the help most of all. She tearfully described her mother’s fear and pain and anguish as she moved closer to her passing. Her mom didn’t understand, or accept what was going to happen and couldn’t be comforted. My friend grieved the loss of her mother. More powerful than that, she felt a profound loss and helplessness because she wasn’t able to comfort her dying mother. As we talked she began to realize the gifts that she and her mother shared in that very difficult time.

The most common question asked of a medium is “Are they ok now?” My friend’s experience raised a question in my heart: “Can we learn to be ok before passing to spirit?”

Our current culture doesn’t have a terrifically profound way of teaching us about death as part of life. In this hi-tech medical age we strive to live at all costs. One thing we all know for sure, but haven’t come to terms with is that when we are born, we are certain to die. Physical life does come to an end. As Bugs Bunny put it: “Ain’t none of us gettin’ outta here alive.”

A Swiss – American psychiatrist and pioneer in near-death studies named Elisabeth Kubler-Ross made an incredible breakthrough by studying people who were terminally ill. She wrote a ground breaking book called On Death and Dying. In her book she discusses her discovery of the 5 stages of death and grief. The stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. She presented a compassionate and higher conscious awareness of the death and dying process.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross mentored a student, David Kessler, who continues her work today. In his book Visions, Trips and Crowded Rooms he speaks about another stage of death that we, as mediums, know all so well. This book is a series of events witnessed by end of life care-takers. This book talks about the visions, the unique preparations, and the visitations from spirit that those who are dying often experience.

Our own discomfort about death can make it difficult or impossible to talk with our dying loved ones. This can be magnified when you have painful history with your dying loved one. Speak from the heart to your loved ones, even if it seems they can’t hear you, they can. It is those words of love that are remembered on the spirit side. I often hear them repeated back to a loved one through a medium session later on.

Often times our minds and cultural and psychological conditioning get in the way of this wisdom. We all know our minds can be a source of tremendous fear. When you are an end-of-life caretaker, listen to your loved one, encourage them to talk. Believe what they tell you, even if you can’t see or feel it yourself. Encourage them to express fears and anxieties. Sometimes the pain of the terminal illness triggers deep emotional reactions that can push people away. Compassion is the key. Stay the course with your loved ones. As a medium I have often brought through the message from loved ones in spirit: “I couldn’t say it, but I am so glad you were there.”

The Gifts of Dying I have heard over and over family members and friends minimizing the flights of fancy their loved ones experience during end of life care. These flights of fancy are the Soul’s preparation to move to his or her new home and new state of being. Allowing the dying to be heard, listening to them with an open mind and heart, is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. And possibly what they say is the greatest gift they give to us. Our heart and Soul know where we are going, that deep wisdom part of us knows how to prepare for our transition. Kubler-Ross explained that showing our loved ones how to die is that last great gift we give in life.

If you are deep in grief and need more learning and support go to David Kessler’s website

You can also contact the many mediums and readers here on the BAP site to reconnect with loved ones to help you with your grief.

Nancy Smith of Angelscapes is a nationally known medium, spirit artist, author, teacher and illustrator. Please link here for more information on how to contact Nancy: Nancy Smith

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To Gift or Not to Gift – That is the Question

I get it, you had a moving and helpful experience with your reading and you want to share that with your friends or relatives. I’m all good with that. As a matter of fact, I’m better than good with it, I’m super-appreciative, thankful and ecstatic! But when it comes to trying to prove something to your skeptical friends I’ll give you one word of advice. Don’t.

I don’t say this for my sake dear spiritual enthusiast, but for yours. Many a well meaning friend has gifted a reading to their skeptical counterpart only to find themselves in an awkward place at their next brunch meeting. “So….how did you like it? She’ amazing, isn’t she?!”

Now here’s the truth. It doesn’t bother me one lick as to how skeptical a person is when they sit down to a reading. They can sit there with their arms crossed, lips closed, and a complete poker face and I’ll still tell them what they need to know. They can outright lie to me and tell me the information isn’t true or tell me they don’t know what I’m talking about or even play “You tell me, you’re the psychic.” for the entire reading and they’ll STILL get exactly what they need. After all, this ain’t my first rodeo, I’ve handled it all.

Making ‘believers’ out of people is not my job and truth be told, it’s not yours either. But if you are still bent on gifting your skeptical friend a reading go ahead, because in the end, whether they’ve been totally converted or still skeptical, they’ll get exactly what they needed from the experience.

And as for you….at that next brunch, just be open to whatever it is they took away from the reading. Don’t fret if they didn’t get it as well as you did. Seeds were planted, understanding was cultivated and eventually, eventually that experience will be part of that person’s growth. Some people just take a little longer to germinate than others.

Samantha Hall is a full time psychic, medium and spiritual mentor. Transplanted from her roots in Arizona, Samantha now makes her home in Northwest Georgia. Part philosopher, part psychic, student of quantum sciences and consciousness, Samantha is always searching for answers to what make humans so uniquely human. Find more here: Samantha Hall

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How to Avoid Spiritual Overdrive

When it came time to put my 16 year old behind the wheel, I was a bit surprised to find that she had no interest in driving whatsoever. I thought about my teen years and anxiously counting the days until I could get my license and roam the roads free as a bird and wondered why she did not feel the same way. I took a look back at my first driving experience and quickly realized why my teen might be apprehensive.

My teacher taught me to drive a land barge of a car by the ‘throw the baby in the pool’ method. Get behind the wheel and go…and for Pete’s sake, don’t hit anything! As we rolled forward in 2500 pounds of 1977 Cadillac all I remembered was hearing my dad scream, “Brake, brake braaaakkkke!” Needless to say, it was just a tad dramatic.

So typical me took a comprehensive look at why and where first time drivers have issues. I broke down the driving experience into sections and we began easily. I had my teen just sit in park and learn to control the accelerator. With her first try stepping on the gas, she revved right up to 3000 rpms and she got startled. Had she been in drive, she would have totally panicked.

We continued to practice, gently getting the accelerator to 1000 rpms, then to 1500, then briefly to 2000 and then smoothly back down again, until she could to it with ease. I said, “See, if you learn to control the accelerator in park then when you finally do put it in drive you’ll feel in control and you won’t need to panic and slam on the brakes.” We practiced for several days, then we moved on to rolling forward on the straight and putting on the brakes. Once we mastered that, THEN we started turns, and so on.

Spiritual development is very similar. You’ve got to break it down into manageable parts or you might get too overwhelmed and panic. Get a good grasp on each part BEFORE you throw that spirituality into overdrive! Learn to breathe, learn to mindfully focus, learn to move consciousness around before you jump into the concepts of time, space, the multi-verse and all things post-life and professional readings.

Waking up one day and saying, I’m going to learn all things spiritual today is like throwing a first time driver behind the wheel and just saying, “Hit the gas, you’ll figure it out as you go. Oh, and don’t hit anything.” – just a tad overwhelming and potentially frustrating. Oh I’m sure it can be done, it’s done all the time, but wading into the pool seems much less stressful than just diving in.

Break each area of your spiritual focus down to manageable parts. Study those parts with multiple teachers, and then move on. In the end you will be left with solid groundwork that will take you to much higher planes of understanding with a heck of a lot less stress.

Samantha Hall is a full time psychic, medium and spiritual mentor. Transplanted from her roots in Arizona, Samantha now makes her home in Northwest Georgia. Part philosopher, part psychic, student of quantum sciences and consciousness, Samantha is always searching for answers to what make humans so uniquely human. Click here to learn more: Samantha Hall

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Which Courses Should I Take?

Clients ask me a lot of questions. Heck, that’s their job, to ask questions. But some of the most important ones are about their budding spiritual development. Where do I start? Which books should I read? Which courses should I take? Who are the best teachers? Well, I’m going to tell you exactly what I tell them. It doesn’t really matter, just start anywhere!

In truth, it doesn’t matter where you start, it only matters THAT you start! What you study is not always as important as what you end up learning. Trust me on this one. Maybe it’s the interconnection with other students, maybe it’s just an increased curiosity to learn other things. Who knows, you might not even fully appreciate the course until much farther down your spiritual path. The point is, don’t worry so much about content, focus on the experience itself. After all, you are not married to that modality just because you took a course on it. And frankly, you just never know what you are meant to take away from that course unless you open your mind and sign up.

Years ago I took an extended course. For one weekend a month, for 6 months, I sat in a drab office classroom bathed in fluorescent light for 8 hours each day. With buns going numb in plastic garden chairs, I realized that the teacher spent most of the each day casually chatting about what we were going to be doing and only spent 3 hours at the end of each day actually doing it. Now, maybe my military trained mind works with more of need for efficiency than others, but it seemed to me that there was an extraordinary waste of time going on. Yes, I did learn a LOT spiritual things, like not worrying if other people in the class appeared to be more advanced, and to trust the images I was getting, and to bring my own pillow to sit on. But what I also learned was how the format could be improved.

Years later I would come to appreciate the incredible value of that tush-testing course. I would use those experiences when developing my own courses, making sure to focus on the areas I felt were lacking, as well as implementing the actual spiritual knowledge I gained. Build a better mousetrap, as they say. Had I just walked away or grumbled about the format or never took another course based on that experience, I would have lost some valuable learning.

You just never know what you are going to take away from any given course. There is ALWAYS value in a course, book, lecture, or retreat! ALWAYS! Sometimes what you learn will not be used until much later in life and in very unexpected ways, but you WILL learn something and won’t know unless you go! Hey, I rhymed! So sign up, sit down, participate and experience…..but just remember to always, always bring your own pillow!

Samantha Hall is a full time psychic, medium and spiritual mentor. Transplanted from her roots in Arizona, Samantha now makes her home in Northwest Georgia. Part philosopher, part psychic, student of quantum sciences and consciousness, Samantha is always searching for answers to what make humans so uniquely human. You can learn more here: Samantha Hall

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Finding Balance Between Validation & Guidance

As a teenager I was convinced by a co-worker to see a psychic and have a reading. To this day I don’t remember a thing about it except for a single fact that made absolutely no sense at the time.

Over the years I had many other readings. Like everyone else, I was searching for something. The readings I had were amazing. Sitting after sitting, psychic after psychic would spend their time telling me things that they couldn’t possibly know about me. I was shocked, entertained and sometimes outright floored at their ability to see beyond the normal senses. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that I was focusing on the wrong parts of the reading. I was strictly looking at the things the psychics were telling me that I already knew (validators, we call them) and completely ignoring the higher guidance statements. I was so enthralled with their psychic-ness that I probably missed some fantastic guidance back in those early years.

I like proof as much as my clients do when I seek guidance. But I have learned to trust and listen to the theme of the reading, because the proof of spiritual guidance comes less from validators and more from what you accomplish with the information the mentor is giving you. After all, Master Yoda didn’t tell Luke…”On June 16th at 2:32 pm you’ll finally understand The Force.” No, he said, “Do or do not, there is no try.” THAT’S the true guidance.

As entertaining as validators were, I learned to listen to the psychic guidance over and above those validating statements. Those guiding statements were the things I needed to carry with me to navigate my life. The fact that the psychic knew the particular way I organized my closet would have little bearing on me other than to boost trust that their more esoteric guidance was just as correct.

There is a time and a place for a reading chock full of validators and there’s a time and place for a reading full of higher guidance. As professional psychics we know the value of BOTH and we meet each client at their current level of spiritual need. When I was young, I needed all validators to spur curiosity and trust. As I got older and had more experience, I needed less wow and more substance, information I could use to guide myself.

A good psychic will know just how much of each to give you.

Oh, and remember that very first reading I had that didn’t do much for me? Well, it actually did a lot. The woman told me I’d date a man who had a strong connection to using his three initials. It wasn’t until after I had broken up with the young man I was dating that I found out that most people referred to him by his initials EJJ. And it wasn’t until years later that I realized I must have missed the value in whatever else she had said. Lesson learned!


Samantha Hall is a full time psychic, medium and spiritual mentor. Transplanted from her roots in Arizona, Samantha now makes her home in Northwest Georgia. Part philosopher, part psychic, student of quantum sciences and consciousness, Samantha is always searching for answers to what make humans so uniquely human. Learn more here: Samantha Hall

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False Starts

Is it difficult for you to believe in the power of manifestation and positive thoughts? Have you tried implementing this approach to life and goals only to find yourself confused and questioning?

We’ve all been there. Sometimes we focus on our goals, put all the manifesting tools into play, and receive signs and messages that seem like validation. We become excited and feel like the path is opening for us and suddenly it all goes out the window. We hit what feels like a brick wall. How and why does this happen? How do we respond to it? How can we keep from feeling duped?

Here are some thoughts on the matter from Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics member: Psychic Medium Bob Kenney:

“Spirit often speaks about how to create the life you want by having faith that it is already the life you now have. By feeling and thinking this way, you manifest in the physical world the things you desire. During this process, one sometimes experiences “false starts” where one feels they are close to their goal and then the goal slips through their hands. Should you experience a “false start”, please look at it as an indication that you are on the right track and will soon reach your goal instead of “this does not work”. Faith is the key to how prayers are answered.

Spirit councils me that having faith that one will succeed in a goal or objective is a least as important as all the effort applied toward it. My experiences have shown this statement to be valuable.”

We think these words from Bob go a long way in clearing up this confusion. For more insightful tips and musings from Bob Kenney, be sure to visit his facebook page, where he shares wisdom from his guides and spirit. Visit his profile to find his social links and also to learn more about how to book a reading with this award winning advisor.Bob Kenney

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