Angels Calling: Spiritual Messages and You

When was the last time one of your angels spoke to you? You may not know this yet, but angels are continually sending messages to us. The secret to hearing them is knowing how, and where, to listen and observe. There’s no “secret frequency,” like a radio show between stations…instead, the secret lies in our ability to tune in spiritually.

          Angels, who are beings of Spirit, send messages to us in subtle ways. Have you ever heard your favorite song when you needed cheer? Maybe you’ve observed a string of meaningful numbers on the license plate in front of you? These are perfect examples of angelic communication at work. Most of us lead busy lives and we’re not inclined to pay attention to these small details. Once we start seeing patterns in the chaos, though, we may wonder how we never saw them before.

          There have been countless stories about people who have suddenly heard a “little voice” offering advice or followed a gut feeling. Some may call this simply human intuition. However, angels are also known to communicate in this way. The messages may not always make sense at the time, or they may simply be snippets of information. Let’s say the name “Caitlin” came to you. You may not know anyone by that name…only to discover later that it’s a person you’re meant to have in your life. Perhaps you meet a Caitlin at work or school and strike up an immediate friendship. Maybe Caitlin is a manager who wishes to hire you for your dream job. That’s the power of an angelic message!

          Likewise, images and dialogue from dreams can be angels speaking to you. Dreams are the borderland between the physical world and the spiritual realms. Not everything we experience in dreams makes sense to us when we wake up. In a dream world, angels often serve as go-betweens between deceased loved ones and the living. They may also show us glimpses of a future which has not yet taken shape or a past we’ve forgotten. If you are someone who dreams vividly, consider keeping a bedside diary to find patterns in your nighttime visions.

          Not all angelic communication is vague or undefined. Once you have learned to focus spiritually, the angels’ voices will become clearer. Another way by which they speak with us is channeling, a more direct form of communication. There are different tools we can use for these purposes. Some psychics use crystals, some may prefer Tarot or Oracle cards, and still others may be ink or tea leaf readers. The common theme among these practices is to allow the angel(s) to speak through us. We are the interpreters, not the messengers. The word “angel” itself comes from the ancient Greek word for “messenger,” which should tell you a lot!

          Angels make it their mission to give us hope, light, and guidance through life. You don’t have to have any special talent to hear their voices. If you’ve never stopped to truly listen, start doing that. You will start seeing and hearing your angels as they whisper their eternal wisdom to you, whether you are asleep or awake!

Author: Mystic Shelley

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What is the Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium?

The difference between a psychic and a medium is something that can be confusing to many people. This is a question I am asked by almost every person who sits down for a reading with me and the difference between the two is very important.  It’s important to know because mediumship is involved and requires a deeper level of connection. It can also be a more intense experience and you will want to be prepared for it emotionally.

One of the most important things to note about the difference between these two ways of connecting is that one cannot happen without the other. It is also important to note that who you are connecting with is different as well because the medium isn’t connecting to guides or creator – they are connecting with a very specific person on the other side of the veil.

The first thing to understand is that you can be a psychic without being a medium. However, you CANNOT be a medium without being a psychic.

A Psychic will have all of the basic skills that you need for a reading. They will be able to provide messages about what is going on in your life, potentially they will be able to provide insight into your future and most importantly they can provide divine guidance, direction and advice from God and Creator…or whatever or whomever you connect with as your higher power or higher level of creation. A Psychic has the gifts that will allow them to see, hear, feel and know what is important for you to grow and flourish in your life. How a Psychic connects to the information can vary. Some Psychics use oracle cards or Tarot cards and some Psychics will not need any tools and will have the ability to connect using only their intuition (This is how I read. I don’t need to use cards or tools…I only use them when my client asks for them.)

A Medium is a Psychic but they also have the ability to connect with your loved ones who have passed and exist on the other side of the veil, and they will use all of their psychic gifts to be able do this.  A good medium will be able to connect to your loved ones and provide you with enough evidence that will let you know that they have connected with your loved ones. Some of the evidence that they may be able to provide is names and dates, how your loved one passed, along with shared memories and experiences that you may have had together.

A mediumship reading can be a truly beautiful experience that can bring you peace, clarity and closure after the loss of a loved one.

Author: Jody Higgins, Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics

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Your Loved Ones Are Connecting With You

My Dad loved to do diy projects around our house and I remember puttering around with him fixing things. I learned how to do things like installing a new shower with a hand held hose, hanging and mudding seams in new drywall and painting walls “the right way”…instead of just slapping the paint on in the faster more efficient way that I preferred. My personal favorite project he worked on was a plastic whale he turned into a fountain. He was so creative, and it was so cute. The water for the fountain pushed up through where the whale’s blow hole would have been and was situated in the middle of a pond in my parents’ yard.

He has been gone now for 12 long years. And ever since he passed, I can’t seem to pick up a hammer or a power tool without feeling him step up next to me energetically. And just like when he was here physically, he wants to make sure that I “do it right”. I often hear him say “don’t jimmy rig that”, “don’t half ass it” or my favorite “damn it…go get an anchor. A nail ain’t gonna hold that.” All in my dad’s voice in my head. It’s comforting to know that he still expects me to half ass most of the diy projects that I work on in my own home (LOL) but I know it doesn’t come from a place of expecting me to mess something up. Instead, I know that he is beside me…gently nudging me to do things right the first time just like he did in life when he was still here in physical form. And it comes from a place of love. Letting me know that he is here watching over me even if it is just to tease me about doing a project right the first time.

And that is how it happens. Our loved ones on the other side will connect with us in the most mundane ways in physical life because that is how you experienced them in life.

The energetic connection to your loved one can be very subtle and is usually connected to something about them that you would recognize. Some obvious ones might be smelling their perfume or cologne or cigarette smoke. But others could be less obvious. Did your Grandmother love gardening and so do you? When you are gardening pay close attention…any thoughts or memories you experience may be brought up because she is near you. One person I know was making a favorite family recipe and wondered out loud what the secret ingredient was because her mother would never share this secret and hers just didn’t taste the same. Suddenly she started smelling lemons. So, she added a touch of lemon juice to the recipe and it made the flavor in her dish just right and It turned out exactly the way her mom made it.

So, pay attention and trust yourself. Most importantly, ask your loved one to come in close to you and connect with you. They are with you and want to let you know that they are around and still connected to you.

Author: Jody Higgins,

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Your Psychic Antenna

When I teach beginning psychic intuitive development classes, I always tell my students about their energy anatomy, which includes what I call their psychic antenna. We are all born with one. In my private practice as a psychic and medium people often ask me how my psychic abilities work.  I tell them this:

We are all born with the equipment to be intuitive, to connect with our psychic knowing and senses, and to communicate with and connect with the spirit realm. The spirit realm includes spirit guides, angels, deceased loved ones and animals, the elemental and plant spirits as well as the Divine, (God, Goddess, Creator, Nature, Universal Consciousness…) and your own higher self. It is simply a matter of what degree of attention or interest one has in developing that innate ability.  You and I can both take piano lessons, and we could learn to play a few songs, or we might feel impassioned to become a professional. Some may have a more natural propensity toward further development of a particular talent than others and may find more ease with certain talents than others. The point is, anyone can learn to find and experience consciously, their own psychic antenna! It is working most of the time anyway, we just aren’t paying close attention. That is where the focus and intention come in. 

When you decide to sign up for a class to develop your intuition or psychic gifts, you will likely find that you surprise yourself with your ability. When you take the time to sit quietly focused on your inner vision, sensing, hearing, and knowing, you can get a lot of information! The trick now is to trust it. The only way to develop trust of that information you are receiving is to practice, check out feedback from external sources such as a friend you practice on, or a circumstance you “read” to get the information about. For example, you decide to “tune in” with your antenna about a particular day in the near future. Let’s take the weather. You sit down, become calm and focused on your breath and clear your chatter mind by focusing there on the breath for a minute.  Now, go in your thought to the day in the future that you want to “read” the weather for.  Allow any images, words and or feeling senses to come to your mind about the weather for that day. Write it down. Now wait until that day arrives and see how you did.  Another one I like is the friend check. Close your eyes and breathe a few calm natural breaths. Bring a friend into your mind. (Take note of the time you do this), now tune in with your antenna to where your friend is and what they are doing, how they are feeling or what they are wearing. You may get an abstract sense like a color or texture. The more you scan the more you will receive. When you get what feels like enough information, check it out with your friend. Ask them where they were or what they were doing and feeling at that time on that day. You can tell them ahead of time and get their permission if you like that you are practicing your intuition and want to take a look at them at some point in the near future. Keep it basic and general, so they don’t feel anxious or invaded! You will likely be surprised at how accurate most of your information was. This takes practice and focus while in a relaxed state. Remember, I said to be consciously aware of your information, including setting the intention to gather specific information. The truth is, we are getting information through our antenna all the time.  As you practice, you will notice your psychic antenna getting stronger and more accurate. It is like developing a muscle.

There are many good reasons to develop and use your psychic ability in your life without ever deciding to use it professionally or to even use it for other’s benefit. Reading energies and getting information can cut out a lot of unnecessary detours along your life path. Hiring the wrong person for a job for example. Making a move that really doesn’t serve your best purpose, whether small or large. Knowing whom to trust and whom not to, you get the idea.

The next time you get an opportunity to learn to connect with and consciously use your psychic anatomy, I recommend that you take a leap and give it a try! You may just find a whole new path in your life.

Author: Katherine Glass,

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Reality is Timeless

According to Albert Einstein “The dividing line between past, present and future is an illusion”. Then these 3 states, past, present, and future are “NOW”. Then how do we access these as they are NOW? The human consciousness could just be the catalyst of moving between this illusion. As space gives the perception of time, the going inward, is condensing the space/time. Do we in our brain, carry the history of man, how do we access this ancient history, that is still the NOW, being that reality is timeless?

From my experience as an aura reader, an empath, and a healer, I have found that our emotional layer is the aspect that connects past, present, and future realities into the NOW.  This is because our experiences, through our human personality, form our emotional reactions as a major influence in creating our interpretations along our life path, and these interpretations then create and form our world view and our reality as we perceive it.  It literally shapes who we are, how we feel, our reactions, and who and what we attract into that reality, and it influences the vibration that we emit out into the universe.

A good example of this is an unhealed inner child, when a situation occurring in the NOW, as an adult, can trigger the strong emotional response of the inner child.  Therefore, proving to us that this inner child is still existing in the NOW, as part of our consciousness, even as an adult. Thus, bringing the inner child across time and space, as we perceive it here, into our NOW.

When we explore the subconscious, emotional layer of the aura, and we identify an energetic lineal connection in relation to the triggered response NOW, this takes us “back” to a “time” in our life path of which we were, for example, traumatised. We can find a hidden part of ourselves as a child, that we unconsciously abandoned, to protect ourselves from the pain. And it is this very unconscious act of self-protection, that makes us all “unconscious”, and creates a Spiritual amnesia, as we unwittingly move away from our soul self or our authentic self.  

It is not a deliberate act, but one that is the only known way, as a child, when we are forced to be living an illusion. And until such time that actual soul level consciousness and healing has reached a critical mass on this planet, this will continue to happen.

It is important to remember that the unconscious self, is often insecure, and can be easily influenced by yet another “unconscious” and insecure self, and if you put millions of unconscious souls together, they take the power off one another to try to get back the feeling of personal soul power, and true connection.  This is how we as humans attempt to mimic what we have lost, (but we cannot remember what we have lost). So, while this happens, we only continue to create a mass reality which is in fact a mass illusion.

It is this illusion that we are currently living in, that drives people to look outwards for the very thing that is missing, and which is the underlying factor that creates the need for competition, drives the ego, and can even create wars.

The good news is that we can heal that part of us, and bring that part through to the NOW, into conscious awareness, to heal and find inner peace, and the true connection to our authentic self, our soul self, and the Divine.

It is through the good work of strong authentic souls who are reawakening and “remembering,” that this healing is happening.  As the people break free of illusion, the opportunity to heal is abundant, however the challenge is to be prepared to go within, to heal, rather than to go outwards, and continue the path of revenge or seeking power by hurting another person, or people.

We need to learn that anyone in pain or causing pain is caught in an illusion born from the unconsciousness of those past, present, and future. We need to learn to look at this from this viewpoint and with compassion.

And when we realize that by going within, and healing ourselves, we relinquish the illusion and can carry higher and true soul consciousness through to the next generations.  So, as they are born and incarnate here, they will remain open and conscious and will not end up with Spiritual amnesia.  They will know who they truly are, they will know their purpose, they will utilize their amazing talents and the amazing power of their connection to the divine and their connection to all of us.  And we who welcome them here, can connect with them to continue our healing on the path back to full consciousness so then we can ascend into the New Earth (of which we are here to create).

Author: ©Debra Sinclair Psychic Medium Empath Healer 2021

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Relationships: Illusional Change versus True Spiritual Growth

This article refers to the common theme of our personal and intimate relationships that we form with others.

In this time of many changes, as individuals are exploring who they truly are, the topic of relationships is an interesting one because of the diversity that we face as souls set themselves free to find their authentic selves.

Relationships are a learning ground and as well as a playground, and the most personal relationships are a major part in our school of life as an experience as a human being.  This is where the greatest growth can be achieved, however it is also where the greatest illusion of growth can also be achieved.

The best way to explain this is to look at an example of growth and an example of the illusion of growth.


This is achieved when a person who has achieved a strong sense of self awareness, enters a relationship, and therefore is open enough to identify any common patterns that emerge, it may be things such as self-sabotage, insecurity, jealousy, giving too much, or becoming controlling.  There are many examples of this.

The key is to look at the self, look at your own responses and reactions, and to identify whether this behaviour is a common thread in your journey, and personal relationships.  If you identify your responses as something that you always do, then it is time to go within and to explore the very foundations of where this pattern developed.

An excellent example is that of the narcissist/empath attraction which has been identified as quite common, yet it is more than just that because there are so many variations of both empath and narcissist, and so many unique and individual life experiences, that to put a person in a box like that will not always provide the answers that they seek.

The important thing is that through going within and locating and identifying these patterns within your psyche and subconscious, you can then heal those responses, which clears out the mental, emotional and energetic  clutter to allow your light of your soul truth to shine!

When this is accomplished, you may feel that the relationship no longer fits you, or you may even see your partner as they are, and not who you want them to be, or you may see them as exactly who you really want after all!

“With True Personal and Spiritual Growth, the changes come from within you, and not from your reactions to your partner”.


Have you ever known someone who seems to change their personality, in response to whomever they are in a relationship with at the time?

Now to be fair we all know that our relationships will have an influence over us, however for an individual who has experienced true growth, you will find that they pretty much remain similar regardless of who they are with. Yes, there will be compromise, and subtle changes, but the person will have established their own boundaries, through their own self-awareness and healthy needs, and will feel a lot more secure in who they are. (If, of course, there is more growth to be had, that person will be continuing the path of seeking inner wisdom and healing).

The difference is in an illusion situation is that you “take on the energy of the other person and subconsciously adapt to that”.  This in turn takes you away from yourself, so when the relationship ends, you are left with a hollow feeling inside and then often will pursue another relationship to fill the void.

We all want to be loved, and to feel secure, however whenever you find yourself single, and you continue to feel hollow over time, then another person’s energy will always fill that void, for a while; but it is not a permanent solution. And you will find your patterns repeat themselves.

“Hollow feelings of emptiness are not the same as loneliness, hollow feelings run far deeper than just being alone, and come from a place deep within you, and your life experiences”. 

You may have seen people be boisterous in one relationship, yet quieter and demurer in another. People will say “oh that person is just what he/she needed to settle them down”.

Yes, that can be the case, but the point is, is that once boisterous but now demure person being truly authentic, or is the sense of having that void filled feeding a continuing co-dependency pattern?  And is that new personality just an act to hide the insecurities that have not been identified and an act to be something that their partner wants?

For example, you often see a person not treat another well in one relationship yet be a puppy dog to their partner in another relationship.  How many of you have treated a person so well, but not had it reciprocated, then are heart broken when you see that person go into another relationship, and they treat that person better, and seem to be happy?

The illusion is, in fact, the new dynamic being played out. For example, it may mean that your ex-partner needs a strong person that mimics a mother or father figure, who puts them in their place, so they respond to that, as they would have as a child, and their new partner needs to feel authoritative in order to feel secure, so whilst it appears to be working for them, there, in fact, has been no true growth whatsoever, it is a mere illusion.

Your personal illusion in this instance to be healed, would be to ask yourself why you keep doing this, why you keep being attracted to the same kind of person, and the illusion to be broken through is, for you to not give so much, and to look at why you do. Then you are on a true path of growth, that is far richer than an illusion of a great relationship that your ex has created in order to feel safe and not face their own soul truths.

Becoming trapped into thinking about your ex-partner’s behaviour will keep you stuck in their illusion of which they have managed to cover up by a relationship that seemingly works on the surface but, through a co-dependent dynamic, hides their insecurities.

The way through to the Soul is through balance, so you see an illusion co-dependent relationship is to see it as a set of scales; one aspect is heavier than the other, so the other must give more energy in order to prop things up and create the illusion of balance.  A healthy relationship is one where two souls have found most of the balance, within themselves first, as an individual authentic soul and therefore one soul compliments the other.  The balance of energy and power is shared, and one is not dominant over the other.

This does not mean that an authentic soul is perfect, it simply means they know who they are, and have accepted all aspects of themselves, even their shadow self, and have found love of the self and wholeness through healing and self-acceptance. And, through that awareness, no longer feel empty or hollow, even without a relationship.

We are all on a path of growth, our patterns teach us what needs attention and healing and what is lacking.  Remember, too, to look for the achievement of growth and reward yourself and smile and be happy at how far that you have come!

Author: ©Debra Sinclair Psychic Medium Empath 2021

Relationships: Ilusional Change versus True Spiritual Growth - Psychics
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Empathy and Compassion with Healthy Boundaries

The question is how do we move beyond our own ego to show compassion when we have determined new boundaries when a relationship or friendship changes?

Change comes about through our path of personal growth. When we grow beyond the learnt perception of ourselves and therefore become more truly self-aware, we become more conscious of our authentic needs and more sensitive to what is no longer working for us.

These changes affect our friendships and relationships, there is no choice in that matter. What once suited you, no longer feels right or fits who you are.

Personal growth naturally brings about a change in our perception, and is accompanied by a new level of honesty, with ourselves first and foremost. The challenge lies in how to convey this to the other party in a compassionate and kind way. Because change can also make us feel like we are going a tad bit crazy too, and it is not comfortable bringing a new truth to the forefront, especially if the other person is likely to react badly!

The answer lies within the new boundaries that we set for ourselves in relation to another person. We must be compassionate and kind to ourselves first, be easy on ourselves when we feel fed up, angry, tired, or drained by another person, because your new boundaries cause a disruption to the energetic flow.

(Please see my blog titled The Inertia of Energy).

Now, here is the thing, the other person may not have the same conscious awareness that you do. The way they perceive things and receive things, can be by unconsciously acting out to get needs met by others.  (and we all can do this, not one of us is required to be perfect on this journey of life) This “acting out” often comes in the form of showing off, exaggerating things, and talking things up, or playing the victim, emotional manipulation, intimidation, being the bashful hero, or a martyr, passive/aggressive behaviour and the list goes on. 

(All of that is “Lower Third dimensional behaviour” by the way, but that is another blog).

Your new boundaries will be reflected in your change of reaction towards that person’s behaviour. For example, if you were always available to help that person, but now you realise that it is a waste of your time, you may not make yourself so available, or even not at all.

You may have reacted by trying to fix everything, or justifying yourself, defending yourself, and once you stop that, then that causes a change in the frequency of your energetic exchange and will, over time, play out into real life.

If you were drawn into a dynamic where you believed the other person’s lies, only to finally see through them, and you change your reaction, you have also broken the long-term energetic exchange, and this is seldom comfortable.

The key is subtlety – and change of perspective. For example, it is easy once we outgrow a situation to become angry or resentful, however it is important that we look at our new perspective with compassion, for ourselves first, and then when ready to, the other person’s view as well.

Now this can be a big challenge, because as in all life transitions, our own personal issues can also appear from our subconscious to be recognised, accepted, and healed. Self-awareness will help with recognising what has come up for you.

Here is where we move beyond ego and into compassion. To begin this process; we must consciously state that compassion is what we wish to achieve. Your goal is to achieve and maintain a higher state of compassion, awareness, and balance. 

Once we commence this process the rest will take care of itself. If we have expected outcomes, then we may not always get the outcome that our ego thinks is right. However, once we move into and learn to hold within, a true higher level of compassion, not much else really matters, and any expectations, and ego all melt away.  We get to enjoy being, and feeling calm, centered, in the present moment.

Energetic boundaries are a step further and I touch on this subject in my blog titled Feeling Energy and Creating Energetic Boundaries.

Author: Debra Sinclair

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Energetic Inertia & Relationships

Inertia is defined as “a property of matter or energy by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion unless that state is changed by an external force” ….

Every interaction, action, and reaction between people over time establishes a dynamic where, for example, one is often dominant over the other. This dynamic creates an energy all its own.  This is the energy that stays set in the background and forms the very basis behind the relationship, and therefore people become so lost and stuck in such relationships. Both the dominant and the submissive become addicted or co-dependent.

“This energy is often mistaken for Soulmate energy, as it is often intense”.

The energy created from a relationship dynamic and the interactions with another person, for instance, will continue that way even after the relationship has ended. For example, if you were with a very manipulative partner and you found yourself trapped into this manipulation, you will have found the relationship in time to end up being extremely toxic, and you also will have found that you lost a large part of yourself in this. 

Recovery from this type of scenario can take a long time, however as more and more of us become aware of the fact that we are all energy, we will all then see when our energy has been diminished or stolen, by another person in order to prop themself up, and so we can all learn how to shorten our recovery time and accelerate our Spiritual and personal growth, to move on to happier things.

The manipulator will feel energised from having controlled you, and even though you may have broken free from them, it is important to understand that you must now consciously begin the healing process to grow beyond, not only this relationship, but to also grow beyond this energetic dynamic and raise your vibration. 

The reason I mention that it must be a conscious effort, is because we must then increase our awareness and our understanding of the pitfalls of that relationship, how you got drawn into it, how your past experiences and upbringing is what created a similar energetic dynamic, and this energy is what attracted you to this person in the first instance.  Also important is how you felt in the first attraction, and how that attraction became a mere illusion. We then must also look for the answers and solutions of how to grow beyond such a dynamic.

This process begins with our own self-awareness, looking at ourselves, to critique ourselves and be very honest with ourselves and our contribution to such a relationship.  Once we identify and then take responsibility for our side of things then we can look at ways of which to grow and change and move to a higher path.

“It is so important to keep bringing conscious awareness back to the self when in healing and growth mode, it is too easy to keep casting our awareness back to the other person, if we keep reverting our awareness back to them, we remain stuck”.

The more sensitive that you are the more you will feel this energy and, unless very aware, it can be very confusing. Your logical mind tells you that you have moved on, yet you still feel drawn back to this person, which makes no sense as you know that the person is not good for you.

This is because the inertia of the energy is still behaving in the same pattern. Like waves on a beach, it withdraws back and then moves forth again trying to make an imprint on your energy.

So, the question is, how do we stop this energy from doing this? The self-awareness tool is the secret to this. You consciously choose to change your reaction to that energy. The energy is attracted to your vibration formed in the old dynamic so therefore being aware and making a conscious choice to do anything other than the way you would have previously reacted, causes a distortion in the energetic flow.

There is not a requirement to be perfect, you need to feel what you need to; however, the secret is your intention to advance your level of consciousness in the bigger picture. Intention is formed by being completely honest with yourself and your willingness to change and grow.

You must also be tenacious and persistent. You have learnt this pattern in your life, and this has now come to conscious awareness through your experience with the other person, but you must also realise that energy can also be persistent, especially if this is a lifelong pattern, so you may feel as though you have an inner and outer battle raging at times. Just when you think you are free of it; it will come back to test your resolve.

Much like a virus needing a host, the energy too needs hosts and if this is not present, in time it will fall away.  Your ex-partner will feel a disconnect, once this energy is forced to withdraw from yours and, unless he/she is ready to grow, they will simply repeat their pattern and find a new person to create that energy to feed off. You, however, by freeing yourself of that energetic dynamic means, you step into the realms of opportunity to consciously create the future that you desire.

Author: Debs Sinclair, Psychic Medium Clairvoyant 2021

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Crossing Over, From This World into the Spirit World

Crossing through the veil from this world to the next is one of the most misunderstood, controversial, and asked about phenomena that we, as humans, experience.

Those who have experienced Near-Death Experiences, what we commonly refer to as NDE’s, have stories, often very similar, where they say they have crossed through the veil then been called back to their bodies here on Earth.

Lisa Williams, world renowned Psychic Medium and Author, says, in her book, The Survival of the Soul, “Remarkably, and with few exceptions, people report experiences that closely match descriptions given by others who have also had NDE’s.”

Every Soul will make this transition at some time from this life into the Afterlife. Your Soul is powerful, and it knows what to do. It is also timeless and endless. It cannot be destroyed or lost. Your Soul is pure energy, and it oversees everything about both your living and your dying. As soon as your Soul leaves your body, it knows what to do.

Before you come to Earth, there is a plan for you at a Soul level, and this plan includes exit points.

Your Soul is attached to your physical body through a silver cord that provides an energetic connection. This is how it has been most experienced and described by those who have had out of body experiences, near death experiences, and astral travel experiences.

When you leave your body to cross over, the cord snaps, and you are released from your body. At this point, you can choose to move toward the veil in the direction of the White Light. Again, many describe this same experience when they have had a near-death experience and come back. Because it is a choice, some choose not to take this direction and end up in a place that is neither Earth nor the Afterlife, but a vortex of sorts. Usually, this is because they feel they have unfinished business with their time on Earth. These Souls become what we think of as “Ghosts.”

Those who move into the White Light are supported all the way by their Spirit Guides.

The Spirit World exists in another dimension and time. Those in the Spirit World can come very close to us when we connect with them, and, at the same time, they are actually in a different dimension of higher-vibrational frequency.

Your journey into the Spirit World begins with you traveling through a tunnel. It is not a dark tunnel; it is a tunnel of Light that would be blinding to your human eyes. You continue through the tunnel, pulled as if by a magnet closer and closer to the White Light.

You will be aware of loved ones around you and will be able to see them and touch them once you are out the other side of the tunnel.

One purpose of the White Light is to provide healing and clear the emotions of your passing. It is the first stage of healing preparing you for what is to come. More healing happens once you reach the Afterlife.

You don’t remember what it was like before you came to Earth or other times you have made this transition out of your body and into the Afterlife, but your Soul knows, and it will guide you safely. People experience fear before they die sometimes, but that fear disappears at the time of your crossing and is replaced with awareness.

Lisa Williams says, “It’s just like riding a bike, you never forget.” Remember, also, that you are returning, when you cross over, to a place you came from. Because of this, it will feel familiar to you.

Author: Michelle Barr

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Ancestral Clearing and Healing

Do you understand how deeply your Ancestors care about your life and are invested in your time on Earth?

Your Ancestors are just some of the non-physical support available to you, and it is important to understand how you can best work with them and allow them to support you.

I first started working with my Ancestors and my Ancestral Lineage when I was a Therapist. My specialty was Generational Dysfunction. I continued with this interest and passion when I moved out of therapy and into working as a Psychic, Medium, and Healer.

Your Ancestors’ ability to support you and help you through this life is profound. They can guide you and teach you in very practical and powerful ways. Imagine what strengths, gifts, talents, and traits flow through your Ancestral Lineage and through your bloodline. When you tap into this and allow yourself to receive these, you are able to be more of who you are.

Your Ancestral Line is a part of your Personal Power that runs through you and gives you the capabilities you need to be here and do the work you are here to do, the work you are made to do. The land your Ancestors stood on holds power for you, as well.

Become aware of this support and the calling within you to carry your lineage forward. When you agree to do this, you carry the Power of your entire line and can heal backward and forward 7 generations. Think of that! You can positively and profoundly affect and impact 14 generations in your bloodline.

You gain so much Power when you learn how to draw energy from your Ancestral Lineage. Many people have shut off all access to this, because of the clearing and healing that has not been done and the issues that remain unresolved and create continued pain and wounding.

When you learn how to work with your Ancestors through first Clearing and Healing and then through Reclamation and Assimilation, your world absolutely transforms.

Every generation is called to carry forward the Evolutionary trajectory of their Ancestral Heritage. It becomes their duty to make the best use of their Ancestral Blessings as they look to the future while healing what no longer serves them from the past. This healing addresses generational dysfunction, trauma, wounds, behaviors, limiting beliefs, resistance, toxic energetic patterns, and ways of being, doing, and having.

Understand that, as a Soul, you selected a specific family lineage. This lineage was chosen to provide tremendous opportunity for Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment. When you are able to break free from the limiting patterns of the past, it will allow your Ancestors to break free from their bonds, also.

You are able to connect with your Ancestors, heal what needs to be healed, reveal what needs to be revealed, and honor them with your own personal Spiritual practices. You can allow the Ancestral abilities and knowledge to flow through you when you clear the blocks you have put in place as a way to protect yourself.

This is a powerful step for you in moving forward, making peace with your past and paving a way for your better life and a better future for you and all those who come after you.

Author: Michelle Barr

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