WK 2: Love on Hand – A Month of Love Tailored to YOU

Love On Hand – A Month of Love Tailored to YOU

The Plan to expand with Heart – Continued from last Week.  Read Week One here:

Time to get the three step action plan in place to dial up your magnetic factor for more abundant options to play with in manifesting.  Fear prefers a limited and familiar path, which is why we slowly add a few key things to ease into space in a less frightening way.  Let’s take on Step One this week. 

Step One is called Deep Interest.  This is the place that wasn’t possible in your childhood.  When feelings came up, there was no empathetic adult around to help you feel and shape them in a way that was uniquely yours.  It’s likely you were told not to feel it or told how you should feel.  ‘Shoulds’ are often the secret gatekeeper in an Earth Heart’s mind.  In time you can live in a ‘no shoulding on yourself’ zone.  It just takes practicing these three steps.

When something or somebody triggers you and anxiety or fear come up, take a deep interest in what frightens you.  Fear casts a long shadow.  Deep interest and investigation turns on the overhead light and the shadow shrinks.  Add compassion for the frozen four year old in your brain who wasn’t taught it was safe to be afraid.  Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn are normal reactions. You likely modeled a similar response to one of your parents, which is the current limit to all that power within you.  These steps can change that.

Just that kind and loving thought for the part of you reacting is a wonderful response.  We will get to more of that in Step Three.  For now stay curious about you.  To help I am going to share a very important secret your fear brain doesn’t want you to know.  You are underestimating yourself and overestimating any threat.  This way you are always over prepared for danger.

But your fear brain lies to you.  You are a formidable match for any challenge.  After all, you are the manifesting magician!  When you stop the automatic response and get curious about what the original fear is behind the reaction, a rich vault of power swings open.  Once you do that, it’s impossible to keep the truth hidden.  Holes appear in your story about what’s happening.  I’ll lay you serious odds your assessment of any threats was more appropriate at four years old than it is now.

When other people are angry, upset, or demanding, my Earth Hearts tend to shut down and withdraw.   That solitary line in the center of your hand is like an anemone when touched.  It closes up fast.  You don’t do conflict easily or feel like you do it well because you feel outmatched.  That’s just your fear brain underestimating you and overestimating the threat.  You see others as the enemy.  All of your unexpressed emotion goes into the story about what’s happening to you.

If you catch yourself doing that, get curious.  I’ve seen impressive results with a little practice, once your Earth Heart know how to take care of themselves.  They are unbeatable in conflict and a real benefit to those around them once they learn a few tips like these.  Time to doubt your doubts, push back on them underestimating you.  Really dig into that story that has you triggered by what someone does or says. 

Where else in the past did you feel this way when you get triggered? What’s the earliest memory of it? Past events may be lumped into the present potential threat, like dominos tipping forward.  Breathe, and be deeply interested in all of the feelings and thoughts that go into your story. Take it apart and soothe yourself while you do.  Good.  Practice quality attention on all the layers you feel.

We will dive into what to do with what you find next week.  For this week, stay curious and be deeply interested in YOU.

Next Week Step Two – Listening to Hear gives you a new way of interacting with your fear brain to retrain it one difficult moment at a time.

Want more support, check out what’s available here

Author: Lisa Greenfield

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Love On Hand – A Month of Love Tailored to YOU

Your Heart Line is the top line on your hand for a reason.  It reveals how big the electromagnetic field is around you.  We all have it, some just magnetize in more than others.  You see the heart has 100 times the electric charge of our brain and 5,000 times the magnetic power.  So the bigger your heart line, the more magnetic you are.  Let’s explore how you can start with heart to dial up your magnetism, just by being more You for the month of Love!

Free To Love Me – Earth Heart & Love In Action

We begin our exploration of Heart Lines with the Earth Heart, those who manifest love best with the body.  It’s the one place we all share.  All the other heart lines extend out of this placement.  When you’ve been through trauma, the blood flow pulls back to your core and Heart Lines actually fade out in the other three placements.  Your Heart Line temporarily appears the darkest in the Earth Heart region.  It is the place where we all meet – our bodies.

Now for that starting point for each of us, the Earth Heart Line.  Those shorter, straighter lines end under the middle finger Saturn for a reason.  Saturn loves to teach us how to take limits, restrictions and outside authority and use them like clay.  Time to become the sculptor. You use imagination to give things form and function.  Earth Hearts are love in action!

But here’s the sneaky part.  Our fear brain goes to work limiting our greatest strengths.  It’s because strength expands us into the unknown and the fear brain likes to survive.  If it isn’t sure how to survive, it limits your superpowers.  Fear likes status quo plus about an inch of new territory at a time.  Even then it prefers the inch that has clearly identified results.

When you know you are a crack manifestor and you also know your fear brain likes to keep you in safe space, how then do you magnetize in more love?  Great question, let’s find out.

What’s key to understand is that Earth Heart Lines had the least sense of safety when it comes to your emotions.  That isn’t to blame your parents or any caretakers, sometimes circumstances themselves weren’t ideal.  I see this in the children of military personnel or parents who had to struggle to survive.  Emotional needs took a back seat to survival needs. 

Once you know this then you can adjust how you operate now and, over time, the line will show you how well you do.  We are going to keep it simple.  This way it’s easier to maintain and do consistently.  Because once your Earth Hearts get into a rhythm you are almost unstoppable.

So let’s get the three step action plan in place these next three weeks to dial up your magnetic factor for more abundant options to play with in manifesting.  Fear prefers a limited and familiar path, which is why we slowly add a few key things to ease into space in a less frightening way. 

The Plan to Expand with Heart

Week 2 – Step One – How to practice Deep Interest to give your fear brain much needed healing space.  It’s free, legal and you can do it anywhere.

Week 3 Step Two – Listening to Hear gives you a new way of interacting with your fear brain to retrain it one difficult moment at a time.

Week 4 Step Three – Feeling With – gives you the way to build new intimacy skills right where you are at now. You can practice all the time and break old limits to love like a superhero.

Join a Gift Call with Lisa Greenfield 2/10 and watch her on Metaphysical Minds on 2/5 at 12:00 Noon EST for more insight into how you can dial up your love attractor factor this month.  Make sure you tap into all the love you have available to you while you magnetize in more!

Author: Lisa Greenfield

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2020 Psychic of the Year Award Winner

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics proudly announces Marc Lainhart as our 2020 Psychic of the Year Award winner! Marc joined our team in 2014 and has grown every year since. We feel he takes his work seriously and truly desires to make the difference in the world that we look for from our lightworkers. In 2015, we saw the effort that Marc invests, and awarded him with our Awesome Accolades Award. He has since delved deeply into much, much more training and development. Marc has grown his business, his spiritual following, and his radio show in that time period. His clients are very satisfied with the services they receive from Marc and his gifts and skill set.

Marc has proven himself in the psychic community as a true professional and has shown support and assistance to his fellow lightworkers and BAP. When asked, he participates in events, shows, and specials whenever he can make it work with his busy schedule. His schedule is full of offerings for the public and students. Marc offers mediumship events, forest hikes, spiritual prospecting, radio shows, a very active Facebook group, and more! He has also been generous in donating to charitable causes for our company.

We feel Marc exhibits a special exuberance and dedication to this work. It takes a concentrated effort to show up every week for shows and events. He has proven that he doesn’t want to let his following down, by airing from wherever he finds himself in travel for training, events, or even recreation. His clients feel strongly about this as well, as you can see from this recent review:

Marc is an incredible psychic, medium and person, who is easy to work with. He can connect with you over the phone or through video. I had two readings with Marc. He was very empathetic, and very positive about having me seeing bad events in a new, positive light. He provided me with real examples/evidence that could not be made up, including specific names that could not be searched for online. We also talked through my thoughts that I was experiencing which I’ve shared with no one. In many ways, Marc is a spiritual “therapist” that can help guide you through challenging times you are experiencing or will face. He provided me with suggestions for things I should be doing in my day-to-day life as well as helpful books/articles that I should read for my situation. I worked with Marc twice, and both times, he went over on time, free of charge, because of how our conversation went. This shows me that he is not just monetizing this business, and he truly cares about the well-beings of those who he helps. Most importantly, he doesn’t provide you with information to prove that he’s trying to “get it right” but he helps you to “help you” based on what energy he is connecting with. He has strong integrity for this work, and it shows. I believe I am in a healthier mindset because of Marc and I wholeheartedly refer him to you. Five stars for sure.  – Maari F

As the above review hints, Marc reads for clients from around the world. He is a Spiritual Psychic-Medium, Metaphysical Teacher, Holistic Healer, Inspirational Thought Leader, Certified Healthcare Provider, Writer, and Radio Show Host. He reads on the Immediate Readings page or you can also book a session with him through his profile page on our site.

Our company is excited to offer this award to Marc Lainhart, who always “Dares to Dream, Dares to Explore, Dares to LIVE!”  – The Intuitive Prospector

Links for Marc:  
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2020 BAP Social Activism Award Winner

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics’ 2020 Social Activism Award winner is Nancy Smith. Nancy is an accomplished psychic medium, teacher, akashic record reader and spirit artist. Nancy is a Featured Blogger for BAP and has been a regular guest on Metaphysical Minds. She also volunteered her time and expertise to our 10th Anniversary event. She gives this time of herself free of charge.  In addition, Nancy helps others that are exploring their gifts and seeking training in this field by offering classes and practice at a very discounted rate. She has her own internet radio show (Angelscapes with Nancy Smith) where she offers her expertise on topics with the bonus of free readings to the public.

Nancy has joined forces with other members of the BAP team to promote this work and demonstrate the continuity of life. She is a generous team player and all-around lovely individual.

Her mediumship brings a great sense of healing to her clients. In particular, her spirit artist gifts are an added bonus and just another form of evidence for those struggling with loss. Sometimes it is difficult for us to believe that there is a true connection to the other side and that our loved ones are still with us. Nancy’s drawings help this process along, and therefore bring closure and healing to those stuck in grief.

Her skills as a writer also help with healing and spreading the light. You can find her books here:

Nancy has been with BAP since 2015 and earned the respect of her clients and colleagues. She has been awarded both our Psychic of the Week and Psychic of the Month honors.

We feel she gives of herself on a regular basis in the name of this work. She is committed to educating others and helping them heal. She schedules many events and works hard at bringing her gifts to the public. It is for these reasons we feel she deserves this award and are proud to call her a Best American Psychic.

You can find Nancy on our Immediate Readings page, on her radio program, and you can book a session with her through her profile page on the site. All her links are below.

Links for Nancy Smith:  

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2020 Awesome Accolades Award Winner

The 2020 Recipient of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics Awesome Accolades Award is Tiffany Powers. Only a few days after joining our team, Tiffany was asked to participate in a fun marketing scheme and she jumped right in, quite willingly. This proved how she was keen to be a team player. Since then, she has repeatedly shown her support for BAP and its other members. Tiffany has grown in her practice and in her other business ventures. She works with clients in a variety of ways and they have become quite loyal to her as an advisor and coach, with good reason. She is dedicated healer, psychic, and lightworker. Her clients seek her out for intuitive business coaching, clearing, healing, and good old-fashioned psychic advice. Tiffany has served as an expert guest several times on Metaphysical Minds. She also produces her own radio shows. Sometimes she provides free readings on these shows. She was a major contributor to Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics’ 10 Year Anniversary Roundtable event as well.

Tiffany is a solid teacher and guide, and shares her knowledge with others, including her students. In this way, she keeps the lightworker glow alive and well.

Her path in life has not always been an easy one, giving her more empathy and understanding for her clients and the trials they face. This has been a great comfort to those that have submitted feedback on Tiffany.

In addition to the gifts and services already mentioned, Tiffany also offers Love/Health Coaching, Psychic/Intuitive Work, Remote Viewing, Clearing Blocks, Animal Communication, Home Blessings, Connecting You With Your Spirit Guides/Angels, Past Life Readings, Mediumship for People and Animals, and Thetahealing.

Tiffany reads for clients from all over the world. Be sure to check out her profile or links below to find out how to reach her for your next session.

Congrats to Tiffany from all of the team here at BAP!

Links for Tiffany:

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2020 Laser Vision

As we sit on the threshold of not only a new year, but a new decade, and more importantly, a paradigm shift for humanity, we must consider how we will maneuver in this new world dynamic. What do we want to contribute to humanity, and what do we want to manifest over the next several decades?

My name is Goddess Gillian and I have been a clairvoyant and clairaudient for most of my life. In addition, I have been actively focused on expanding my consciousness and my psychic abilities intensely over the last decade or more.

The last decade, and the last several years specifically, have been challenging in some aspect for every human on the planet. This global intensity helped me focus on training my mind to stay positive, in a state of gratitude and manifestation, even in the face of massive challenges. The lessons have been profound. During this time, it became clear to me that the reason that life on Earth has been so challenging and intense is because the planet and its inhabitants have been experiencing the growing pains that happen just prior to a paradigm shift.

What I’ve been seeing and feeling in my meditations, and readings, is that a massive energetic transformation is imminent for the entire human population. The last two years have been beyond what most humans have experienced in their lifetimes in terms of challenges and feeling thwarted. I’ve seen this across-the-board with my clients and have experienced it myself. But psychically, what I’m seeing now when looking at 2020 and beyond, is what appears to be a beautiful golden landscape that’s ripe for Manifestation! The energy of 2020 is like having laser vision after being in the dark for a very long time.

Validating this is the fact that the planet has actually moved into a place in the galaxy that has much more light. The light waves hitting the planet now are more than the human race has experienced in tens of thousands of years. This is causing shifts in the planet as a whole energetically and we, as its inhabitants, are transforming our DNA, and coming into a state of expansion of consciousness and spiritual growth and awareness.

2020 is a significant demarcation of this new energy hitting the planet and the vibrational change that it will bring. So, as you embark on this new year, new decade, and new type of energy, think about what you want to manifest Your life and the lives of your children and your children’s children. This is a turning point for humankind.

In this beautiful golden landscape of 2020 that is ripe for manifesting, are you going to throw out seeds of abundance, joy, financial success, amazing health, true love…Or are you or are you going to throw out seeds of fear, anxiety, and longing?? In this new energetic landscape, the seeds you throw out with your thoughts, words, and actions, will manifest faster and more expansive than anything you’ve ever experienced in your lifetime.

People that have really been wallowing in self-pity, blame, and playing the victim role will likely suffer exponentially in this new energy, as they will manifest more of the same on a grand scale. Therefore, it’s critical to focus on what is positive, and what is abundant, and what brings you joy. Those things will manifest into the most abundant time that you’ve ever experienced in your life and will trickle down to generations to come!

Knowing this, all light workers are being called forth at this time to focus on positivity in order to assist in the ascension of humanity into this higher vibration and frequency. The laser beam energy of 2020 will allow us to focus our minds to beam out positivity to the collective. This will help humanity take a quantum leap into our highest manifestation as Light Beings.


Author: Goddess Gillian

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A Great Starting Place to Simplify Your Life

Simplifying your life goes a long way to reducing stress, but where do you start?  Let’s start with hidden stressors. Believe it or not, one of the biggest hidden stressors is your closet (your wardrobe) and I’ll tell you why.

An overstuffed closet, drawers bursting at the seams or jewelry boxes with tangled necklaces and mismatched earrings are pure stress in the making.  First of all, it’s difficult to find what you want, not to mention you might not even know what you have in there anymore. An overstuffed closet/drawers also makes doing laundry and putting it away an added stress when there’s no space. And what about ironing?  Are your clothes so stuffed in your closet that, when you do select an outfit, it now must be ironed before you can even wear it?  And who has time to scavenger hunt for the other earring or detangle a necklace when getting ready in the morning? See what I mean – hidden stress. So, what do you do?

Let it go! Go through each and every piece of clothing you own and ask yourself some very simple but important questions. Do I wear it? How long has it been since I’ve worn it?  Am I keeping this because it takes me back to a happy time 20 pounds ago?  Will I ever wear it again? Etc., etc.

Many people have difficulty letting go of clothing due to financial appraisal. They think, “No, this doesn’t fit, but if it ever does, it would cost me more to replace it than to just keep it.”  Good point, but let’s be honest. If it’s a matter of fitting into something, what are the odds that you’ll want to go back to your old wardrobe rather than purchasing new items to fit the new, more svelte you? 

Let it go! If your items are still in good enough shape, consider consigning them. A little cash back can lessen the blow of letting go.  And things that aren’t in good enough shape to consign, can always be a tax deduction to a 501(c) charity.

Pair your closet down to what you REALLY wear that is congruent with your lifestyle now.  No longer work in an office?  Then why all the dress clothes?  How long has it been since you attended a formal event?  Do you really need 8 formal dresses when one Little Black Dress would do?

Really assess your lifestyle NOW and then let go of things that simply don’t fit into this chapter of your life. Having trouble letting go? Then do it in rounds. Let go of a few things, then pair down more in round two in a week or so.  A neater, more efficient closet will help reduce that ‘what to wear today’ stress which, when paired with other simplification techniques, will lead to overall increased energy, happiness and personal peace.

Author: Samantha Hall

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Make Every Morning Feel Like Saturday Morning

Ahhh, Saturday morning. A day where you don’t have to be up with that siren of an alarm, a day where you can take your time, enjoy a cup of coffee, and slow the hectic pace a little. Oh, how we look forward to our day off where, for just a few minutes, nobody needs us, we aren’t running for the school bus or trying to beat morning traffic. Wouldn’t it be nice if every morning could feel just a little more like a Saturday morning? Well, it can, and it should! Here’s why and how.

If you are stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed, one of the worst things you can do is hit that snooze button and then hit the ground running. I know, I know, you need every minute of sleep, but hear me out. If you practice this technique, you’ll be setting yourself up for a calmer, relaxed and energy filled day…good energy, not desperate double espresso fueled energy.  This less stressed start off can lead to better more restful sleep, which will make rising early easier. See what happened there? A double pay off!

Starting your day in a rush is nothing short of an all-around spiritual energy killer. That extra rushed stress can increase cortisol levels in the body which can cause a myriad of physical and emotional symptoms that you certainly don’t want. High cortisol levels can lead to weight gain, adrenal fatigue, and more. And it may not seem like much to hit the ground at a sprint each morning, but it adds up and starts your day off in a stressed state of mind. But, if we take some time to train ourselves to make each morning a little more like Saturday mornings, we start to see a difference in our stress levels, our personal energy, and our attitude. The hardest part is getting started, but once you start, you’ll never go back.

I get it, I really do, you need your rest, but I promise that early rising will pay off the first day AND it’ll only get better from there on out. Start by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier and work up to the amount of time you need to make each morning slow and relaxed.  Commit that time to having a cup of coffee, tea or your favorite smoothie or beverage. Sit in your favorite spot, enjoy the sunrise, do whatever it is you feel like doing that is not rushed. Just enjoy. Those few minutes to yourself will go a long way to starting your day on the best energetic foot possible.

Each week or day (your preference) get up a little earlier. Use that time to do a little yoga, spend a little more time on your morning hygiene routine, take a few minutes to jot down some goals or thoughts. This is YOU time, use it for yourself, THEN get the kids up or get yourself ready for work.

As you start to experience the slower, more relaxed morning pace, you won’t want to go back to that morning rush chaos.  After all, that morning chaos was what was causing the problem in the first place!

Author: Samantha Hall is a full time psychic, medium and spiritual mentor. Transplanted from her roots in Arizona, Samantha now makes her home in Northwest Georgia. Part philosopher, part psychic, student of quantum sciences and consciousness, Samantha is always searching for answers to what make humans so uniquely human.

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Chakras, Energy and Relationships

Energetically we are built with 12 chakras. Our physical body is constructed around seven chakras. These seven chakras are our core essence. Then there are two chakras above our heads, one chakra below our feet, a chakra in each palm of our hands and soles of our feet. Each of these chakras is connected to a life-line, or Hara line that reaches from the Akashic field of energy to deep into the earth. Finally, an energy system, called the 12th chakra, connects the meridian points of your body to your auric field, what I call your energy bubble or the energy sphere that surrounds you.

The 12th chakra extends all the way to your energetic edge or bubble. There are filters on the edge of the energy bubble allowing information through to the 12th chakra which then carries the information to the physical body and the chakras. This energy passes through etheric layers before reaching the core self. It is made up of a mental layer, emotional layer and physical layer, with the physical layer being the closest to your body.

The seven chakras make up the core of your energetic self. This core is the energy that runs your “ship.” It is unique to you, it is precious to you. If the core melts down, the ship (your body and consciousness) is going with it.

In a healthy relationship we blend our energies with another, we give and take energies in the form of communication. We do this through our energy bubble and our 12th chakra.  This information flows to our core.  The person’s personal core energy stays with them and yours with you. You are connected, but you are not draining vital force energies.

You are meant to interact through your energy bubble and the 12th chakra that surrounds you. If there is a break, breech, or tear in your core energetic system you may begin to exchange and “bleed” your vital forces. When that happens you become vulnerable to negative outside influences and can be affected in many subtle and out-of-balanced ways in relationships before you even realize it.

Breaks can come from trauma and unresolved issues in our lives. Other people can make tears in our energy system.  They can throw energetic tentacles into our energetic system to drain or control us. We can also unconsciously do the same to others.  When we are in a relationship or beginning a relationship, these out-of-balance energies affect us and they affect the way we interact with another person.

  • You loose track of who you are.
  • You may loose personal power to the relationship.
  • You may make choices that are not in your best interest for your highest good.
  • You become addicted to the relationship.
  • Your personal perceptions become skewed.
  • You engage with the wrong person for you BECAUSE your energy is out of balance.
  • You feel depleted.
  • You are attracted to people who are not good for you.

You can change that pattern through personal work and with an energy healer.

Understanding yourself energetically is immensely helpful at the early phases of a relationship. “Who am I?” resonates with your solar plexus chakra – the energy center between your ribcage and your navel. “Who am I sexually?” resonates with your sacral chakra – energy center just below your navel. You broadcast (unconsciously) from these centers to magnetize/attract partners to you. What if these energy centers are broken and not functioning to their highest best? Who would you be attracting then?

When you find yourself out of your personal power, pull back. Open your Akashic records and connect with your Angels and guides. Make your intention to be in the healing mode in Akashic Field of Energy. Begin the session.  Imagine you are sitting in a bubble of your own energy. Imagine the bubble contains your core essence, Imagine expanding that bubble beyond your body. How does it feel? Now imagine pulling the bubble in close to your body.  Do you sense any subtle pulls or tugs physically or emotionally? That is a cord.

Disengage any core chakras that are involved in the relationship. Imagine disconnecting from the force that is pulling at you.  Ask your higher guidance to assist you. Then, ask your spiritual team to build a layer of protection and healing around you and your core essence. Ask your spiritual team for assistance on how to engage in a balanced exchange from your 12th chakra and energy bubble.

Now you can re-engage with the relationship with your 12th chakra. Imagine pulling your core essence close to your physical body.  Imagine a separate, flexible bubble surrounding you. This is your 12th chakra.  Allow this separate bubble to now engage in this relationship. This will help you get some distance.

Invite your sacred witness self to observe the relationship. This quiet observation will help you clearly discern what is going on. Observe the difference in your viewpoint of this relationship when you engage your energy differently.

Love deeply, love well and stay balanced!

Author: Nancy Smith

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The Art of Loving Self-Talk

From the moment we are born, love and nurturing are the elements we need to thrive in life. Our Spirit thrives and grows in this healing, nurturing environment as well. We tend to look at the world outside of our self, our parents, family, friends, romantic relationships to fulfill this need. When our need isn’t met, when all else fails, the only way out is to go IN.

We need to – have to – love and nurture our Self. When we are actively loving ourselves, the outside world improves magnificently.

The conversations we have with ourselves and the actions we take through our daily activities are true messages to ourselves. Whether we are consciously aware of our messages to ourselves or not, everything we say or do is heard internally and taken seriously.

Who is listening? The answer is that our unconscious self, who contains our inner team of children, our inner problem solvers, protectors and critics, are all listening to us and learning from what we do.  Your inner team is taking into account your conscious reactions, decisions, attitudes and actions. What we say and do consciously is what they believe and “know to be true.” If we want to change what they, our inner team of helpers, know to be true, it is important to listen and monitor our self-talk, observe our reactions, and choose wisely what actions we take.

Where we point our conscious “shoes” is exactly where our inner team goes.

Carol Tuttle, a renowned expert on children and spiritual development, says “The messages your children hear from you today will influence the beliefs they hold about themselves as adults.” Now that you ARE an adult, guess what, you are still sending messages to your inner child.

Who are your inner children?  Carol writes there are 4 types of children. Fun-Loving, Sensitive, Determined, and Serious. Each child type needs specific nurturing messages. A determined child is hands on and needs to hear, “It’s ok to move, touch and explore. A serious child needs to hear, “It’s ok for you to observe and think first before jumping in.”  A sensitive child needs to hear, “Trust your emotions and Intuition.” A fun-loving child could really use hearing, “It’s ok for you to make noise and laugh and play.” EVERY Child needs to hear “You can be you and I will always love you.”

Do you remember what your nature was as a child? Take some time to look back and observe yourself as a child.  What was your nature? Shy? Outgoing? Magical? What kind of encouragement worked best for you? What didn’t work at all? Imagine what you would have benefitted from hearing as a child. Write some message ideas down and see if they resonate.

If you didn’t hear empowering messages as a child from your parents, it’s ok, not all is lost! You are your own parent now. YOU are in charge. Create some messages that are just right for your inner child. You can find all kinds of ways to send those messages to your inner child. Children learn through hearing, touching and sensing. Be creative on what you are saying and how you are sending your messages to your inner child.

Create a receptive relationship with your inner you! Play music, your favorite music and sit quietly to listen and FEEL yourself as you listen. Draw and color with pencils, markers, paints and let yourself express freely, in whatever way resonates with you. Learn who your essence is as you play. Walk, run and jump. Skip rope. Be curious about everything around you. Observe and get to know what resonates and what doesn’t. Sit quietly in meditation with the intent to simply feel and listen to you, your own heart.

Remember to tell that inner little self, “I will always love you,” and then show your inner child that same love though actions and attitude.

Your Spirit and Soul will blossom and thrive, your creativity will expand as you truly and compassionately love and care for yourself!

Author: Nancy Smith

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