Spiritual Encounters at the Winchester Mystery House!

Are haunted houses real? I’ve often said that anywhere you are, the Spirit world is always just an arms length away – provided you’re open to receiving the signs. However, there are some places where the supernatural energy is so powerful that ghostly sightings and strange occurrences are commonplace.

Ghosts haunt places because they are attracted to the energy there. They might have strong memories – good or bad – associated with a place, or have unfinished business that they feel compelled to “complete” before they move on. They also might be attracted to the vibrations coming from a particular area – fear attracts ghosts like a magnet, so renowned haunted houses, graveyards and the like actually attract more spirits!
In a couple of days, I’ll be heading to one of the most famous haunted houses in America – The Winchester Mystery House. You’re probably familiar with the story of Sarah Winchester. Heir to the Winchester rifle fortune, after the death of her husband and daughter, Sarah kept a large crew of workers busy adding to the mansion for 38 years. Why so much costly and sometimes illogical remodeling? According to local lore, her compulsive need to keep adding to the structure was because ghosts told her to do so. Some say she was haunted by the souls of those killed by the Winchester rifles that had made her family so prosperous.

Over the years, many psychics and paranormal investigators have come to the Winchester Mystery House in hopes of contacting the spirit of Mrs. Winchester. Some of the most famous psychics of the modern era have held séances in the house – but have been unable to connect with Mrs. Winchester herself. But although the lady of the house appears to have crossed over successfully – to this day there are frequent unexplained sights, sounds and energetic shifts reported by staff and visitors. Odd voices, mirrors reflecting images from another dimension, specters of workmen and household servants appearing and disappearing have all been reported and keep the mysterious reputation of Winchester alive.

But who better to unlock the mysteries of the infamous Winchester house than the original “ghost whisperer?” On Tuesday May 17th at 11:00 am pacific, I’ll be broadcasting my Hay House Radio Show live from the grand ballroom! Call in and together we’ll bring through messages from beyond. After that, I’ll be leading a small group through the hunted halls, finishing up with a séance where I’ll connect with the souls that linger in the mansion – and maybe Mrs. Winchester herself!

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