2020 BAP Social Activism Award Winner

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics’ 2020 Social Activism Award winner is Nancy Smith. Nancy is an accomplished psychic medium, teacher, akashic record reader and spirit artist. Nancy is a Featured Blogger for BAP and has been a regular guest on Metaphysical Minds. She also volunteered her time and expertise to our 10th Anniversary event. She gives this time of herself free of charge.  In addition, Nancy helps others that are exploring their gifts and seeking training in this field by offering classes and practice at a very discounted rate. She has her own internet radio show (Angelscapes with Nancy Smith) where she offers her expertise on topics with the bonus of free readings to the public.

Nancy has joined forces with other members of the BAP team to promote this work and demonstrate the continuity of life. She is a generous team player and all-around lovely individual.

Her mediumship brings a great sense of healing to her clients. In particular, her spirit artist gifts are an added bonus and just another form of evidence for those struggling with loss. Sometimes it is difficult for us to believe that there is a true connection to the other side and that our loved ones are still with us. Nancy’s drawings help this process along, and therefore bring closure and healing to those stuck in grief.

Her skills as a writer also help with healing and spreading the light. You can find her books here:

Nancy has been with BAP since 2015 and earned the respect of her clients and colleagues. She has been awarded both our Psychic of the Week and Psychic of the Month honors.

We feel she gives of herself on a regular basis in the name of this work. She is committed to educating others and helping them heal. She schedules many events and works hard at bringing her gifts to the public. It is for these reasons we feel she deserves this award and are proud to call her a Best American Psychic.

You can find Nancy on our Immediate Readings page, on her radio program, and you can book a session with her through her profile page on the site. All her links are below.

Links for Nancy Smith:  

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2020 Paradigm Shift

As we embark on this journey into 2020 and beyond, we have collectively come through a major paradigm shift for humanity. We may not see the effects of this shift concretely as of yet. However, those events will all begin to unfold on not only the world stage, but in our individual lives as well. We will all start to notice that both internal and external transformations are occurring on a huge level, as outdated beliefs, past conditioning, old patterns and oppressive and limiting structures disintegrate and fall apart. The significant conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn that we have been feeling and experiencing through 2019, was exact on January 12, 2020. This will eventually cause us all to look at our lives from a different viewpoint. It will become very clear, if it has not already, what is no longer working for us. Those things which no longer bring us joy or that are not for our highest evolution of spirit will fall away. If we don’t allow them to fall away with grace, the Universe will step in and crush them. Because what was, no longer is, and can no longer be in this energy.

This also has an impact on a global scale, specifically with the old order, the patriarchal system that no longer works for humanity, and Mother Earth. The time has come for us to be responsible for our planet. This will begin to take the forefront and in the coming months and years and will change the way we coexist with each other and Mother Nature. The old way of doing things and existing on Earth can no longer exist in the higher vibrations that we as a planet are entering.

If this paradigm shift has not become completely clear to you already, look at your life and the elements, people, situations, locations, and ask yourself: How do all of these things make me feel on a soul level? If there are things that still exist in your world that not only don’t bring you joy, but make you feel depleted or less than, then it is clearly time to move away from those elements. This can sometimes feel like loss, but in the biggest picture there is no other way. The greatest loss would occur if we stayed in the same old patterns and dynamics that no longer work in this new energy field. If we try to force the old to remain, we will surely experience a much greater loss than embracing the newer high vibrational experiences that we all came here for in this lifetime.

As I mentioned in my last BLOG post, this energy is also ripe for manifestation. This Saturn and Pluto conjunction heightens karmic attraction. So, whatever we have been focusing on and putting out to the Universe, is going to be returned in great magnitude. So, it is critical to focus on what is positive, healing and of the highest vibration in this new energy. Those that have already embraced this dynamic shift will see their lives abound with blessings and an ability to manifest all the abundance we can imagine. Therefore, welcome this transformational energy with an open heart, with courage and an understanding in faith that it is all for the highest good of not only humanity but for each and every one of us on this planet.

Author: Goddess Gillian

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2020 Fabulous Feedback Award Winner

Since the day she became a member of our team (in 2013), Sally Rice has received wonderful feedback from her clients for her readings. This past year, more and more glowing feedback has rolled in, proving what a professional she truly is. We, at Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics, of course, have longed believed in Sally and her gifts. This year we honor her with our 2020 Fabulous Feedback Award. Sally is a highly experienced reader and possesses many talents and skills. She has a way of deeply connecting with any individual and, most certainly, her clients. She is described as an accurate psychic reader and medium, but her clients consistently remark about how having a reading with Sally leaves them feeling. They feel a deep spiritual connection and a sense of peace after their readings. Sally, and her work with spirit, really helps her clients to look within and move forward on their paths. This is the way she brings light into the world and we are proud to have her on our team. Here is one such example as an excerpt from submitted feedback:

“Hi Sally. First of all, I want to thank you so much for my session with you a few weeks ago- I cannot tell you the strength peace and understanding it has given me to get through the death of my son. I have listened to every word you said and it’s amazing how I went from deep deep sorrow to a crazy sense of peace and connection – it all started with that connection to you.”

Sally’s skills and gifts include Certified Psychic Medium; Remote Viewer; Clairvoyant; Medical Empath and channel for spirit guides, angels, and ancestors. She also works with law enforcement on missing persons cases, unsolved crimes, and those in crisis. Additionally, Sally is a published author.

Sally can read for anyone, regardless of their location, via the internet. She is an Immediate Reader on our site. Be sure to check her profile and/or follow her social accounts for updated information.

We are pleased to be able to offer this award to Sally!

Links for Sally:   


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2020 Awesome Accolades Award Winner

The 2020 Recipient of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics Awesome Accolades Award is Tiffany Powers. Only a few days after joining our team, Tiffany was asked to participate in a fun marketing scheme and she jumped right in, quite willingly. This proved how she was keen to be a team player. Since then, she has repeatedly shown her support for BAP and its other members. Tiffany has grown in her practice and in her other business ventures. She works with clients in a variety of ways and they have become quite loyal to her as an advisor and coach, with good reason. She is dedicated healer, psychic, and lightworker. Her clients seek her out for intuitive business coaching, clearing, healing, and good old-fashioned psychic advice. Tiffany has served as an expert guest several times on Metaphysical Minds. She also produces her own radio shows. Sometimes she provides free readings on these shows. She was a major contributor to Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics’ 10 Year Anniversary Roundtable event as well.

Tiffany is a solid teacher and guide, and shares her knowledge with others, including her students. In this way, she keeps the lightworker glow alive and well.

Her path in life has not always been an easy one, giving her more empathy and understanding for her clients and the trials they face. This has been a great comfort to those that have submitted feedback on Tiffany.

In addition to the gifts and services already mentioned, Tiffany also offers Love/Health Coaching, Psychic/Intuitive Work, Remote Viewing, Clearing Blocks, Animal Communication, Home Blessings, Connecting You With Your Spirit Guides/Angels, Past Life Readings, Mediumship for People and Animals, and Thetahealing.

Tiffany reads for clients from all over the world. Be sure to check out her profile or links below to find out how to reach her for your next session.

Congrats to Tiffany from all of the team here at BAP!

Links for Tiffany:

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2020 Laser Vision

As we sit on the threshold of not only a new year, but a new decade, and more importantly, a paradigm shift for humanity, we must consider how we will maneuver in this new world dynamic. What do we want to contribute to humanity, and what do we want to manifest over the next several decades?

My name is Goddess Gillian and I have been a clairvoyant and clairaudient for most of my life. In addition, I have been actively focused on expanding my consciousness and my psychic abilities intensely over the last decade or more.

The last decade, and the last several years specifically, have been challenging in some aspect for every human on the planet. This global intensity helped me focus on training my mind to stay positive, in a state of gratitude and manifestation, even in the face of massive challenges. The lessons have been profound. During this time, it became clear to me that the reason that life on Earth has been so challenging and intense is because the planet and its inhabitants have been experiencing the growing pains that happen just prior to a paradigm shift.

What I’ve been seeing and feeling in my meditations, and readings, is that a massive energetic transformation is imminent for the entire human population. The last two years have been beyond what most humans have experienced in their lifetimes in terms of challenges and feeling thwarted. I’ve seen this across-the-board with my clients and have experienced it myself. But psychically, what I’m seeing now when looking at 2020 and beyond, is what appears to be a beautiful golden landscape that’s ripe for Manifestation! The energy of 2020 is like having laser vision after being in the dark for a very long time.

Validating this is the fact that the planet has actually moved into a place in the galaxy that has much more light. The light waves hitting the planet now are more than the human race has experienced in tens of thousands of years. This is causing shifts in the planet as a whole energetically and we, as its inhabitants, are transforming our DNA, and coming into a state of expansion of consciousness and spiritual growth and awareness.

2020 is a significant demarcation of this new energy hitting the planet and the vibrational change that it will bring. So, as you embark on this new year, new decade, and new type of energy, think about what you want to manifest Your life and the lives of your children and your children’s children. This is a turning point for humankind.

In this beautiful golden landscape of 2020 that is ripe for manifesting, are you going to throw out seeds of abundance, joy, financial success, amazing health, true love…Or are you or are you going to throw out seeds of fear, anxiety, and longing?? In this new energetic landscape, the seeds you throw out with your thoughts, words, and actions, will manifest faster and more expansive than anything you’ve ever experienced in your lifetime.

People that have really been wallowing in self-pity, blame, and playing the victim role will likely suffer exponentially in this new energy, as they will manifest more of the same on a grand scale. Therefore, it’s critical to focus on what is positive, and what is abundant, and what brings you joy. Those things will manifest into the most abundant time that you’ve ever experienced in your life and will trickle down to generations to come!

Knowing this, all light workers are being called forth at this time to focus on positivity in order to assist in the ascension of humanity into this higher vibration and frequency. The laser beam energy of 2020 will allow us to focus our minds to beam out positivity to the collective. This will help humanity take a quantum leap into our highest manifestation as Light Beings.


Author: Goddess Gillian

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The Holidays, Grief and The Collective Consciousness

There is something called the collective consciousness. Wikipedia defines it thus: Collective consciousness, collective conscience, or collective conscious (French: conscience collective) is the set of shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society.[1] In general, it does not refer to the specifically moral conscience, but to a shared understanding of social norms.  

When the holidays roll around, it can be very difficult to follow our individual hearts and minds when it comes to how we really feel we want to be and act vs the almost overwhelming pull to join the bandwagon “just because…” Just because…what exactly? Tradition? Our upbringing? Expectation? Or the collective consciousness?  For people who are grieving loss, dealing with a depression perhaps, ill, exhausted, or just simply wanting a break from the demand of the winter holiday season and all that seems to automatically go along with it, it can be downright dreadful.  

I know for me personally, with one child launched in the world, and the other on the precipice this year, and most of our parents passed, Christmas (our holiday) and New Year and all that comes with it feels very different for our family now. I also, by my nature, can wax very nostalgic and sentimental, so I could really go down a rabbit hole grieving what was, and is no more etc. Then the thought of all the decorating, hosting of friends, shopping, rushing around makes me want to dive under the covers until January 2! Sound familiar? But…. then there’s the part of me, the child within who adores the lights, the wonderment, the heart expanding feeling in the air of the spirit of the season; kindness, thoughtfulness, merriment, and music. So, here’s what I am suggesting for those who are relating to this article so far…do what FEELS RIGHT FOR YOU! Decorate or don’t. Give gifts, or don’t. Make special plans, prepare certain foods, entertain, OR DON’T. I encourage you to be aware of what feels real and true in your heart. What feels right in your body, your energy level. Then stop, and really ask yourself, why am I doing this? Or not doing that? Do I feel I am SUPPOSED to because it’s what we do in December and January? (The collective consciousness) …or because other people are expecting me to? What would it feel like to not decorate? Or perhaps just a whisper of decoration this time? What is true, and authentic in my motivation this holiday season? I am offering the idea of giving yourself PERMISSON to pause, reflect, and then decide to act or not, or any shade between the two! You are not lazy, wrong, weird, selfish, lost or my favorite; a Scrooge if you a). don’t partake, or b). partake somewhat in the holiday traditions. When you are authentic and connected with yourself, and not on auto pilot, you may find you wish to do small warm and lovely things for yourself, your home and others. Light a candle and weep for your missed loved ones. Soothe your soul with a piece of music you love and hot bath. Call a friend you genuinely want to connect with. GO out into the cold crisp wintry air and breathe in deeply, perhaps with gratitude for the small easy things of life.  Simplify.  

Give yourself the gift of truth this year. Your own truth. And see how brightly your own inner light can shine.  

Author: Katherine Glass

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A Different Kind of Holiday

My family celebrates Christmas, meaning the traditional exchanging of gifts on December 25th.  I found an article written about a family that was foregoing all the purchasing, wrapping and exchanging of more STUFF. It really resonated with me. So, I reached out to my family; two grown boys and my husband, suggesting that we try this. I got a very enthusiastic yes! I’m just tired. Tired of the holidays bringing so much unnecessary stress and exhaustion. The race against time to overspend, grab stuff for people that they don’t need just because I can’t leave them off my gift list.  I may sound like a scrooge but stay with me for a moment.  

When I sent my thoughts to my older son, his response was this: 

“I think one thing that makes our Christmas time so special is the moment of waking up, coming downstairs and expecting a surprise. Then, focusing one by one on each of us as we individually open gifts. These moments of attention towards each one of us is so special! How often do we sit in a room and pay full attention to the actions of one single person as they indulge in an act of joy (opening a gift)? I think it’s possible to create this similar experience in ways which eliminate store-bought, unethical/unsustainable gifts, but include the surprise, attention and presence. The gift of your time, digital goods (online classes for example), tickets for experiences (like music, travel, etc.) are some ideas.”  

 After I had made this suggestion to my family, I started to panic and backpedal a bit for fear it wouldn’t “feel” like Christmas.  I read again my son’s ideas and perspective and I began to feel excited. The point is not to NOT give a gift to your loved one at the holidays, but more to be true to what’s real for you. For me, I don’t need any more stuff that’s for sure.  I think many of us could admit that every year we go through scramble and stress to hurry and buy something we think that person would want. I believe the relationships and the gesture of thought behind the gift giving is far more valuable and meaningful. Consider spending time with someone as your gift. Write a heartfelt card to them. Offer to help a loved one who may need some of your time with a project that they may fear to ask for.  

The world is changing, and not all of it is for the better. The environment needs our awareness now more than ever before. We are busy and distracted by the electronic cyber world that is now the fabric of our daily lives. The holiday season is an opportunity to make connection with the people we have and care about in our lives. Consider a gift that will help the person your giving to feel more connected with you, and with themselves. Slow down to be conscious of the person your giving to, and what you want to convey to them by giving them a gift. I believe if we all do this, our light will shine brighter because we are happy, relaxed and present with our presents.  

Author: Katherine Glass

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Invoking the Presence of the Archangels of the Four Winds: Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel: his name means The Light of God and he is with a group of Angels called illuminated Seraphim. He is of the Nine Choirs of Angels, the Seraphims stand closest to God.

He is responsible for the North Direction and he holds back the south wind of noon hour.

Most Angels are not associated with genders and throughout history, Uriel has always been depicted as having Masculine Energy. He is associated with power, wisdom, lightning and electricity.

How I came to know Archangel Uriel – 

Archangel Uriel has helped me in many ways; sometimes voluntarily and without me asking. He has come through a few times especially when I have experienced overwhelming anxiety. He brings me peace and light in my heart and dissolves fear and directs me to activities that would keep me grounded. 

He has also bestowed wisdom during healing sessions with my clients, he is associated with the colors red and amber which is the life force energy associated with the root chakra. He helps transform low energy vibration into a much higher vibration.

When the angels come to me to help bring healing to my clients, I can feel their presence and I can feel them ‘in action’.

The Angels respond to our prayers and requests when we come to them with an open heart, when we are humble and honest.

The temperature of the room usually changes and this is the sign they bring me to let me know that they are present.

Here is my Special Prayer to invoke the presence of Archangel Uriel:

Archangel Uriel,

Fill me with Light, open my heart and fill it with Divine Light

Please help me to shine brighter and to rise above lower vibration of fear

Help me to stand within my truth, and to stand within Divine Light and Love

Let me shine my Light brighter to help raise the vibration of others

Thank you for standing in this presence.

And so it is.

Archangel Uriel is a master at transforming low energy vibrations to higher frequencies, with each negative emotion that we face, there is always a spiritual lesson that we need to learn. Archangel Uriel can guide us through the most perfect solutions to problems we face. Call on Uriel when you feel anxious, when you feel abandoned, fearful or rejected – he will come to lift up your energy.

Connect with Archangel Uriel in meditation through:

The metal Copper – Amber – Citrine – Hematite – Obsidian – Tigers Eye

Essential Oils:

Carnation – Hyacinth – Lavender – Rose – Sandalwood

Essential oils to stimulate the base chakra and to invoke inner peace:

Frankincense – Ravensara – Thyme – Yarrow

The 6th Ray of Light and the Ruby Ray – The Golden Ruby Flame and Archangel Uriel – 

The invocations to the Ruby Flame is done on Fridays. 

“Beloved Presence of God, I AM in my self, I love Thee and worship Thee. Come out and radiate Thy Golden Flame in me and through me, so that it blesses every cell of my body and all the powers of Nature that are serving me so beautifully! 

Let me be a Blessing Presence so that anybody who only touches the edge of my aura can feel Thy Love, Thy Peace and Thy Perfection! I AM the Presence of Blessing, I bless everybody and everything! 

Our needs in energy, attention and serving are obstacles to spiritual progress for so long until we learn to consciously calm down the energies of our world, so that we can be given new power and new faith of our I AM Presence and of other Divine Beings.

If we fail to constantly maintain the inner and outer peace, no matter how perfectly we act, we shall ultimately have only ashes – so long as in our consciousness there are so-called “seven mortal sins”: lust or passion, revolt or anger, greed or envy, sloth or indifference, pride or arrogance, or any one of their shades. Peace is not a passive quality, peace is the most concentrated activity of strength! 

How much strength and mastery over ourselves we need to preserve our own peace, to be absolutely balanced and Masters over every situation, regardless of the obstacles in our family life, knowledge and service. Fill me with Thy strength making me a Master here and now! I thank Thee. ” Olga Rezo

To deepen our connection with Archangel Uriel even more, here is his Attunement Key. Print this key and place it in your sacred space or your healing table to invoke the presence of Archangel Uriel and ask him to restore peace in your heart.

Courtesy of Doctors with Reiki

Author: Katherine Dacanay

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Invoking the Presence of the Archangels of the Four Winds: Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael – Guardian of the East, Element of Air

Healer of the Angelic Realm, His name means “God Heals”

He is associated with the Heart Chakra

Archangel Raphael has come to me during meditation and while doing a healing session for clients. He isn’t shy at all, he likes to laugh. I know when the feelings start building up, when he is about to come around and when the temperature in a room changes to warm and I get this tingling sensation on the sides of my cheeks and my ears. 

His essence can be felt even weeks after I’ve given a client a healing session.

He heals all that concerns life in this physical realm and he heals the path of a Soul.  I understood what this meant when I was shown all about Soul Contracts. Soul Contracts are agreements that we made with the Divine before we decided to come back on this Earth Plane. It is true that Earth is a school where we learn valuable lessons to help heal our Karmic paths and also to help heal and raise the vibrations of the earth. Archangel Raphael helps facilitate, in all of earth’s inhabitants, healing, and the earth itself.

The food we eat is our greatest source of medicine and often he inspires people in agriculture and farming fields, as well as activists, to pursue safer ways to farm or grow fruits and vegetables. 

He inspires to always push for better ways to preserve nutrients of foods through the soil – by keeping it healthy through clean water systems.

He often advises that we choose to eat high vibrational foods and what he means by this is eating foods that are organically grown and foods that have deep or bright colors.

Our Whole Well Being is his concern, for us to live a fulfilled life during our stay here on earth, because he is aware that we have a lot to accomplish while we are here.

Raphael’s vibration is free flowing, light, and easy but magnetic and high pitched – he also heals through sound and music. He is associated with the musical note E as he naturally brings inspiration to musicians and composers to bring beautiful healing music for the world and the higher realms.

Archangel Raphael brings forth Harmony and Heart Healing and we can deepen our connection with him through these essential oils and crystal suggestions:

Essential Oils: Clary Sage, Rose Absolute, Bergamot

Crystals – Emerald, Malachite, Moldavite, Aventurine

Just like all the Archangels, Archangel Raphael has his own Healing Key and this key is to help you deepen your connection with Archangel Raphael:

Start drawing the corkscrew symbol 1st and then draw the line (top to bottom) 2nd, draw the lightning rod 3rd and the three lines that go from right and over to the left. Move your dominant hand slowly across the Key from right to left.

These Keys can be placed on your healing table under its sheets, or on your bed and under your sheets or anywhere you’re tuned to placing a drawing of this key to bring healing into a space.

Archangel Raphael Attunement key courtesy of Doctors with Reiki Raphael’s Key 

Author: Katherine Dacanay

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Invoking the Presence of the Archangels of the Four Winds: Archangel Gabriel

The word Angel literally means ‘messenger’; it is not a surprise that a holiday tradition carries on with the images of Angels playing a big part. Angels are supernatural beings created by God for the purpose of serving and carrying out his will.

A special Angel played a prominent role during the Holidays. An Angel appeared to the Blessed Virgin Mary to announce that she is to conceive the child of God, and an Angel appeared to shepherds to announce the birth of Christ and soon after an army of angels appeared and said to the shepherds praising God –

“And after these things I saw four Angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree” Revelation 7:1

Archangel Gabriel – Her name means God is my Strength – is the Messenger and Angel of revelation who inspires people to bring out their creativity.

She helps many overcome fears with public speaking; she helps many overcome the lack of confidence. Her name means God is my strength. She is the Angel messenger who appeared to Mary and told her that she would bear the Son of God.

Her other roles include guiding would be parents through the process of adoption or through one’s pregnancy. She guides would be parents to create a blissful atmosphere for the arrival of their new born baby.

She would often bring people messages through Dreams, especially when people are open to learning a new skill. Our minds are quiet as we sleep and receiving spiritual guidance often takes place in the dream state.

Ask for Gabriel for guidance about an important decision that you have to make, ask her to help you solve a challenging problem. Open yourself to receiving your special message.

She is known as the Angel of Water, as one of her specialties is to communicate with the sense of clarity. She rules Monday, she assists would be parents in the delivery of their brand new baby being born on Monday.

Here is more about our special Angel Gabriel:

She rules the West

Symbol is the Diamond

Color – Pure White Ray

Crown Chakra – Invite Gabriel’s Light to open and manifest reverence and humility to all our thoughts.  

Mantra – I hear and Speak my truth

Essential oils to connect with Archangel Gabriel:

Angelica seed  – Anise Star –  Basil – Bay – Benzoin  – Cinnamon – Clary Sage –  Coriander – Dill seed – Elemi  – Immortelle – Lemon Verbena – Linden Blossom  – Melissa – Mimosa – Myrrh – Narcissus – Neroli  – Ravensara – Rose – Spearmint

Crystals to connect with Archangel Gabriel:

Moonstone, Selenite, Aquamarine

A wonderful resource…

As someone who works in the Healing Field, I always find it beneficial to share the resources I have gathered from my Teachers. All of what I currently know and apply were brought to me by great teachers. I was drawn to sharing a resource that has been very beneficial most especially in my healing sessions as I use these powerful keys to prepare and hold the space for clients. 

Archangel Attunement Healing Keys:

The Archangel Healing Keys are a gift to us from Spirit. They are something we may use on ourselves to increase our growth as souls, and to strengthen us in Spirit and in Light.

To use them, simply draw them anywhere on your body with a finger, a crystal, or a pen, and immediately after, just in the air above the same location to anchor it into your aura.

Only once, the key works, and there is no need to repeat it unless you feel it would be helpful to you to do so.

Look at an attunement key as you open the door, and a grid as saying, ‘Come in’

In other words, there are different levels of being able to work with Spirit, and this is how you can request what you wish…for your intentions.

This key is free for everyone to connect with; this healing key was a download message by a physician/ Reiki Master who works closely with the Angels.

Here is a way to strengthen your bond with Archangel Gabriel; her Healing Attunement Key:

Taken from Doctor’s with Reiki

Here is a short Prayer to connect with Archangel Gabriel:

Dear Archangel Gabriel,

I ask that you clear away doubt and bring me the wisdom I need to make better decisions and help bring that confidence in me to act on those decisions.

Thank you for showing me all the choices to make my life easier, I ask that you guide me to God’s divine plan. I thank you for guiding me through my next steps.


Author: Katherine Dacanay

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