A Different Kind of Holiday

My family celebrates Christmas, meaning the traditional exchanging of gifts on December 25th.  I found an article written about a family that was foregoing all the purchasing, wrapping and exchanging of more STUFF. It really resonated with me. So, I reached out to my family; two grown boys and my husband, suggesting that we try this. I got a very enthusiastic yes! I’m just tired. Tired of the holidays bringing so much unnecessary stress and exhaustion. The race against time to overspend, grab stuff for people that they don’t need just because I can’t leave them off my gift list.  I may sound like a scrooge but stay with me for a moment.  

When I sent my thoughts to my older son, his response was this: 

“I think one thing that makes our Christmas time so special is the moment of waking up, coming downstairs and expecting a surprise. Then, focusing one by one on each of us as we individually open gifts. These moments of attention towards each one of us is so special! How often do we sit in a room and pay full attention to the actions of one single person as they indulge in an act of joy (opening a gift)? I think it’s possible to create this similar experience in ways which eliminate store-bought, unethical/unsustainable gifts, but include the surprise, attention and presence. The gift of your time, digital goods (online classes for example), tickets for experiences (like music, travel, etc.) are some ideas.”  

 After I had made this suggestion to my family, I started to panic and backpedal a bit for fear it wouldn’t “feel” like Christmas.  I read again my son’s ideas and perspective and I began to feel excited. The point is not to NOT give a gift to your loved one at the holidays, but more to be true to what’s real for you. For me, I don’t need any more stuff that’s for sure.  I think many of us could admit that every year we go through scramble and stress to hurry and buy something we think that person would want. I believe the relationships and the gesture of thought behind the gift giving is far more valuable and meaningful. Consider spending time with someone as your gift. Write a heartfelt card to them. Offer to help a loved one who may need some of your time with a project that they may fear to ask for.  

The world is changing, and not all of it is for the better. The environment needs our awareness now more than ever before. We are busy and distracted by the electronic cyber world that is now the fabric of our daily lives. The holiday season is an opportunity to make connection with the people we have and care about in our lives. Consider a gift that will help the person your giving to feel more connected with you, and with themselves. Slow down to be conscious of the person your giving to, and what you want to convey to them by giving them a gift. I believe if we all do this, our light will shine brighter because we are happy, relaxed and present with our presents.  

Author: Katherine Glass

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Fall is the Perfect Time of Year for New Year’s Resolutions

Why would you make a new year’s resolution in the fall season? Samantha Hall explains in her most recent post.

Fall is generally the time we look back at how far we missed the mark on our New Year’s Resolutions, but it shouldn’t be, and I’ll tell you why. Making changes in our lives is typically something we think about in January. Resolutions to overhaul our lives come as the new year dawns and, just a few short months later, we drop the ball.  Why is that? Well, simply put, it’s just too much change too fast. That much change can be overwhelming. So how do we avoid that inevitable resolution failure?  The answer is easy. Start slow, start simple, and above all, start now.

NOW, as the seasons change from summer to fall, is the perfect time to start building your personal change.  Don’t wait until January and burden yourself with a gigantic list of immediate personal changes that will be so overwhelming that you’ll drop them in a week. Start slow, ease into it. Don’t leap into change, wade in.  Take some time right now to look at what you’d like to see change in your life during the course of the next year. Write it all down. Be honest with yourself about why you want to make those changes.  We are often most successful with our changes when we really want to make them, rather than making changes just because society says we should.

Over the next three months pick and choose which habit changes you’d like to ease into first. Want to go vegetarian but feel like it will be too daunting? Then don’t quit meat cold turkey (pun intended), do it slowly. Incorporate more veggies than meat until you finally transition over to full vegetarian. Want to work out more but have every excuse why you can’t? Then don’t stress yourself out with a gym membership you won’t use. Find 10 minutes a day to do the most pleasant and useful exercises for you, AT HOME.  Then add a few more minutes and a few more exercises until you are finally comfortable with your routine and not sore and miserable.  Want to meditate more but can’t find the time? You don’t need an hour a day, just grab a notebook and jot thoughts down as they come to you on your lunch break or with your morning coffee. Soon you’ll realize that those few sentences are just as powerful as a full-blown hour of personal introspection.

Start slow, start simple, don’t make gigantic changes that will stress you out, zap your energy and make you feel like a spiritual failure. Ease into changes slowly over the next three months and when January 1st rolls around you’ll have already had a great head start on your New Year’s commitment to great energy and personal change. And maybe, just maybe, by the end of the coming year, you’ll finally be able to say… “I actually stuck to all of my New Year’s resolutions!”

Author – Samantha Hall

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A Great Starting Place to Simplify Your Life

Simplifying your life goes a long way to reducing stress, but where do you start?  Let’s start with hidden stressors. Believe it or not, one of the biggest hidden stressors is your closet (your wardrobe) and I’ll tell you why.

An overstuffed closet, drawers bursting at the seams or jewelry boxes with tangled necklaces and mismatched earrings are pure stress in the making.  First of all, it’s difficult to find what you want, not to mention you might not even know what you have in there anymore. An overstuffed closet/drawers also makes doing laundry and putting it away an added stress when there’s no space. And what about ironing?  Are your clothes so stuffed in your closet that, when you do select an outfit, it now must be ironed before you can even wear it?  And who has time to scavenger hunt for the other earring or detangle a necklace when getting ready in the morning? See what I mean – hidden stress. So, what do you do?

Let it go! Go through each and every piece of clothing you own and ask yourself some very simple but important questions. Do I wear it? How long has it been since I’ve worn it?  Am I keeping this because it takes me back to a happy time 20 pounds ago?  Will I ever wear it again? Etc., etc.

Many people have difficulty letting go of clothing due to financial appraisal. They think, “No, this doesn’t fit, but if it ever does, it would cost me more to replace it than to just keep it.”  Good point, but let’s be honest. If it’s a matter of fitting into something, what are the odds that you’ll want to go back to your old wardrobe rather than purchasing new items to fit the new, more svelte you? 

Let it go! If your items are still in good enough shape, consider consigning them. A little cash back can lessen the blow of letting go.  And things that aren’t in good enough shape to consign, can always be a tax deduction to a 501(c) charity.

Pair your closet down to what you REALLY wear that is congruent with your lifestyle now.  No longer work in an office?  Then why all the dress clothes?  How long has it been since you attended a formal event?  Do you really need 8 formal dresses when one Little Black Dress would do?

Really assess your lifestyle NOW and then let go of things that simply don’t fit into this chapter of your life. Having trouble letting go? Then do it in rounds. Let go of a few things, then pair down more in round two in a week or so.  A neater, more efficient closet will help reduce that ‘what to wear today’ stress which, when paired with other simplification techniques, will lead to overall increased energy, happiness and personal peace.

Author: Samantha Hall

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Make Every Morning Feel Like Saturday Morning

Ahhh, Saturday morning. A day where you don’t have to be up with that siren of an alarm, a day where you can take your time, enjoy a cup of coffee, and slow the hectic pace a little. Oh, how we look forward to our day off where, for just a few minutes, nobody needs us, we aren’t running for the school bus or trying to beat morning traffic. Wouldn’t it be nice if every morning could feel just a little more like a Saturday morning? Well, it can, and it should! Here’s why and how.

If you are stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed, one of the worst things you can do is hit that snooze button and then hit the ground running. I know, I know, you need every minute of sleep, but hear me out. If you practice this technique, you’ll be setting yourself up for a calmer, relaxed and energy filled day…good energy, not desperate double espresso fueled energy.  This less stressed start off can lead to better more restful sleep, which will make rising early easier. See what happened there? A double pay off!

Starting your day in a rush is nothing short of an all-around spiritual energy killer. That extra rushed stress can increase cortisol levels in the body which can cause a myriad of physical and emotional symptoms that you certainly don’t want. High cortisol levels can lead to weight gain, adrenal fatigue, and more. And it may not seem like much to hit the ground at a sprint each morning, but it adds up and starts your day off in a stressed state of mind. But, if we take some time to train ourselves to make each morning a little more like Saturday mornings, we start to see a difference in our stress levels, our personal energy, and our attitude. The hardest part is getting started, but once you start, you’ll never go back.

I get it, I really do, you need your rest, but I promise that early rising will pay off the first day AND it’ll only get better from there on out. Start by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier and work up to the amount of time you need to make each morning slow and relaxed.  Commit that time to having a cup of coffee, tea or your favorite smoothie or beverage. Sit in your favorite spot, enjoy the sunrise, do whatever it is you feel like doing that is not rushed. Just enjoy. Those few minutes to yourself will go a long way to starting your day on the best energetic foot possible.

Each week or day (your preference) get up a little earlier. Use that time to do a little yoga, spend a little more time on your morning hygiene routine, take a few minutes to jot down some goals or thoughts. This is YOU time, use it for yourself, THEN get the kids up or get yourself ready for work.

As you start to experience the slower, more relaxed morning pace, you won’t want to go back to that morning rush chaos.  After all, that morning chaos was what was causing the problem in the first place!

Author: Samantha Hall is a full time psychic, medium and spiritual mentor. Transplanted from her roots in Arizona, Samantha now makes her home in Northwest Georgia. Part philosopher, part psychic, student of quantum sciences and consciousness, Samantha is always searching for answers to what make humans so uniquely human.

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Chakras, Energy and Relationships

Energetically we are built with 12 chakras. Our physical body is constructed around seven chakras. These seven chakras are our core essence. Then there are two chakras above our heads, one chakra below our feet, a chakra in each palm of our hands and soles of our feet. Each of these chakras is connected to a life-line, or Hara line that reaches from the Akashic field of energy to deep into the earth. Finally, an energy system, called the 12th chakra, connects the meridian points of your body to your auric field, what I call your energy bubble or the energy sphere that surrounds you.

The 12th chakra extends all the way to your energetic edge or bubble. There are filters on the edge of the energy bubble allowing information through to the 12th chakra which then carries the information to the physical body and the chakras. This energy passes through etheric layers before reaching the core self. It is made up of a mental layer, emotional layer and physical layer, with the physical layer being the closest to your body.

The seven chakras make up the core of your energetic self. This core is the energy that runs your “ship.” It is unique to you, it is precious to you. If the core melts down, the ship (your body and consciousness) is going with it.

In a healthy relationship we blend our energies with another, we give and take energies in the form of communication. We do this through our energy bubble and our 12th chakra.  This information flows to our core.  The person’s personal core energy stays with them and yours with you. You are connected, but you are not draining vital force energies.

You are meant to interact through your energy bubble and the 12th chakra that surrounds you. If there is a break, breech, or tear in your core energetic system you may begin to exchange and “bleed” your vital forces. When that happens you become vulnerable to negative outside influences and can be affected in many subtle and out-of-balanced ways in relationships before you even realize it.

Breaks can come from trauma and unresolved issues in our lives. Other people can make tears in our energy system.  They can throw energetic tentacles into our energetic system to drain or control us. We can also unconsciously do the same to others.  When we are in a relationship or beginning a relationship, these out-of-balance energies affect us and they affect the way we interact with another person.

  • You loose track of who you are.
  • You may loose personal power to the relationship.
  • You may make choices that are not in your best interest for your highest good.
  • You become addicted to the relationship.
  • Your personal perceptions become skewed.
  • You engage with the wrong person for you BECAUSE your energy is out of balance.
  • You feel depleted.
  • You are attracted to people who are not good for you.

You can change that pattern through personal work and with an energy healer.

Understanding yourself energetically is immensely helpful at the early phases of a relationship. “Who am I?” resonates with your solar plexus chakra – the energy center between your ribcage and your navel. “Who am I sexually?” resonates with your sacral chakra – energy center just below your navel. You broadcast (unconsciously) from these centers to magnetize/attract partners to you. What if these energy centers are broken and not functioning to their highest best? Who would you be attracting then?

When you find yourself out of your personal power, pull back. Open your Akashic records and connect with your Angels and guides. Make your intention to be in the healing mode in Akashic Field of Energy. Begin the session.  Imagine you are sitting in a bubble of your own energy. Imagine the bubble contains your core essence, Imagine expanding that bubble beyond your body. How does it feel? Now imagine pulling the bubble in close to your body.  Do you sense any subtle pulls or tugs physically or emotionally? That is a cord.

Disengage any core chakras that are involved in the relationship. Imagine disconnecting from the force that is pulling at you.  Ask your higher guidance to assist you. Then, ask your spiritual team to build a layer of protection and healing around you and your core essence. Ask your spiritual team for assistance on how to engage in a balanced exchange from your 12th chakra and energy bubble.

Now you can re-engage with the relationship with your 12th chakra. Imagine pulling your core essence close to your physical body.  Imagine a separate, flexible bubble surrounding you. This is your 12th chakra.  Allow this separate bubble to now engage in this relationship. This will help you get some distance.

Invite your sacred witness self to observe the relationship. This quiet observation will help you clearly discern what is going on. Observe the difference in your viewpoint of this relationship when you engage your energy differently.

Love deeply, love well and stay balanced!

Author: Nancy Smith

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The Art of Loving Self-Talk

From the moment we are born, love and nurturing are the elements we need to thrive in life. Our Spirit thrives and grows in this healing, nurturing environment as well. We tend to look at the world outside of our self, our parents, family, friends, romantic relationships to fulfill this need. When our need isn’t met, when all else fails, the only way out is to go IN.

We need to – have to – love and nurture our Self. When we are actively loving ourselves, the outside world improves magnificently.

The conversations we have with ourselves and the actions we take through our daily activities are true messages to ourselves. Whether we are consciously aware of our messages to ourselves or not, everything we say or do is heard internally and taken seriously.

Who is listening? The answer is that our unconscious self, who contains our inner team of children, our inner problem solvers, protectors and critics, are all listening to us and learning from what we do.  Your inner team is taking into account your conscious reactions, decisions, attitudes and actions. What we say and do consciously is what they believe and “know to be true.” If we want to change what they, our inner team of helpers, know to be true, it is important to listen and monitor our self-talk, observe our reactions, and choose wisely what actions we take.

Where we point our conscious “shoes” is exactly where our inner team goes.

Carol Tuttle, a renowned expert on children and spiritual development, says “The messages your children hear from you today will influence the beliefs they hold about themselves as adults.” Now that you ARE an adult, guess what, you are still sending messages to your inner child.

Who are your inner children?  Carol writes there are 4 types of children. Fun-Loving, Sensitive, Determined, and Serious. Each child type needs specific nurturing messages. A determined child is hands on and needs to hear, “It’s ok to move, touch and explore. A serious child needs to hear, “It’s ok for you to observe and think first before jumping in.”  A sensitive child needs to hear, “Trust your emotions and Intuition.” A fun-loving child could really use hearing, “It’s ok for you to make noise and laugh and play.” EVERY Child needs to hear “You can be you and I will always love you.”

Do you remember what your nature was as a child? Take some time to look back and observe yourself as a child.  What was your nature? Shy? Outgoing? Magical? What kind of encouragement worked best for you? What didn’t work at all? Imagine what you would have benefitted from hearing as a child. Write some message ideas down and see if they resonate.

If you didn’t hear empowering messages as a child from your parents, it’s ok, not all is lost! You are your own parent now. YOU are in charge. Create some messages that are just right for your inner child. You can find all kinds of ways to send those messages to your inner child. Children learn through hearing, touching and sensing. Be creative on what you are saying and how you are sending your messages to your inner child.

Create a receptive relationship with your inner you! Play music, your favorite music and sit quietly to listen and FEEL yourself as you listen. Draw and color with pencils, markers, paints and let yourself express freely, in whatever way resonates with you. Learn who your essence is as you play. Walk, run and jump. Skip rope. Be curious about everything around you. Observe and get to know what resonates and what doesn’t. Sit quietly in meditation with the intent to simply feel and listen to you, your own heart.

Remember to tell that inner little self, “I will always love you,” and then show your inner child that same love though actions and attitude.

Your Spirit and Soul will blossom and thrive, your creativity will expand as you truly and compassionately love and care for yourself!

Author: Nancy Smith

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Are You Open to Receive?

One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned in my life has been to receive. While this can be easy for some, for others it doesn’t come as naturally. As a child growing up, receiving wasn’t safe. I grew up in a household where love may be given at times, but then it could equally be taken away in an instant. I also had so many struggles with my family being abusive and my mom being an addict that, to me, life was hard and that’s all it would ever be.

Every part of my being and body believed this and, because of what I believed, everything in my life was continuously difficult and situations were constantly dramatic and chaotic. It was like I was tuned to a frequency of not receiving, with an addition of life being hard. Something that always stuck with me was my mother giving me gifts after she abused me. She would consistently do this and I always associated gifts with abuse, leaving me with the mindset: if someone gives you something they are going to abuse you.

About 9 years ago, when I started my spiritual journey and doing my professional spiritual work, everything did change for me. I realized that I didn’t want to be tuned into these frequencies of life being hard as well as being scared to receive. I saw people manifesting things in their lives and I was fascinated by what they were doing. After working with some spiritual mentors to heal my past and open myself up to this new life and way of living, I was shocked to realize that abundance is available to all of us.

The first time that I ever manifested anything I was blown away. I had manifested around $10,000.00 to come in as fast as possible. It did come in right away! I looked in my mail and there it was, exactly the amount I was asking for and I was pre-approved for a loan. I’d never even seen a letter or an offer like this at the time. I was so excited and amazed that it actually worked. My next manifestation was asking the universe and the divine to help me start my own spiritual business and to assist me in attracting clients. During that time, I was working in the medical field and all of a sudden I started having requests from my coworkers to work with me for readings and healing sessions too. So, I would work with them right at my kitchen table – at home. The month I decided to leave my medical career, a Psychic Australian company hired me and I had access to hundreds of clients instantly. Again the universe and the divine had my back and things that I was asking for were happening! I was shocked and delighted.

The key to everything was that I decided I didn’t want to live in the frequency that I grew up in anymore. I had to let go of my past and see the gifts in it. I had to learn to love myself and know that even though my family hurt my self esteem so badly, I could love myself and create my own self esteem. Although my family didn’t have my back, the universe and the divine did. I’ve learned to have a powerful “ask and receive” relationship with the universe and the divine. The more I received, the more I saw that I wasn’t going to get hurt and that bad things weren’t going to happen. There were no more abuse ties with money. Now, to this day, when I wake up in the morning I ask the universe, “What gifts can I receive today?” I ask what would it take for me to feel amazing, happy, and love the clients that I work with. I don’t answer these questions, but I do let the universe and the divine answer them for me. The answer is incredible and the amount of joy that I have in my life is incredible. I also keep getting surprised because it gets better and better. The beauty about this is that I can help my clients to do the same.

Photo of Tiffany Powers, our January BAP Featured Blogger
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2019 Psychic of the Year Award Winner

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics proudly announces Katherine Glass as our 2019 Psychic of the Year Award winner! Woot! Katherine is one of our longest standing members. She has been the recipient of several honors over the years and was even named BAP’s Psychic of the Year back in 2013. She is being awarded the honor again this year due to her consistency in embodying a true Best American Psychic. Katherine has not faltered in her support of our company, its objectives and her commitment to being an A-list lightworker.

Katherine continually receives wonderful feedback from her clients, is a supportive member of our team, and an upstanding member of the psychic community. This year, in particular, Katherine has devoted a great deal of time and energy to her support of BAP by offering her expertise as a recurring guest on Metaphysical Minds, being a BAP Featured Blogger, offering tips and tricks for our Instagram followers and more!

Katherine is active in the media world, as she guests on radio, internet TV, and Livestreams. She regularly teaches, as well as demonstrates at her Healing Essence Center in Concord, Massachusetts. She offers live reading events in different areas of the US, including charitable events. She has been known to offer a few retreats as well. In addition, although she has been immersed in this field of work for over 20+ years, Katherine never stops educating herself and improving her craft. The client testimonial below is an example of how all her dedication pays off:

“Gifted doesn’t even begin to cover the extent of Kathryn’s (Katherine’s) abilities. She named so many of my loved ones in spirit that I couldn’t keep up with them. She even talked by name about my daughter who is still living, whose name is incredibly rare. The advice given by my guides and by those helping me from the other side was spot on and we had an incredible act of synchronicity occur after the reading. Kathryn (Katherine) went above and beyond to help me and to get the message to me after the fact. She is such a blessing to the world.”

Katherine reads for clients from around the world, which truly makes her a blessing to the world. ???? She is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Coach, and Energy Healer. She teaches psychic development courses. Clients can schedule an in-person reading with her or book a session or through her website. If you’d like to catch an event with her, be sure to watch her page for updates.

We, at BAP, are thrilled to have Katherine on our team and as part of our BAP family. We are excited to offer her this award!

Links for Katherine:

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2019 Fabulous Feedback Award Winner

Mari Cartagenova receives positive feedback from her clients and lots of it! For this reason, we at Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics bestow the honor of 2019 Fabulous Feedback Award Winner to Mari. Mari is known for jumping directly into her readings and making her clients feel at ease. She has been described as “truly authentic.” In their feedback submission, her clients often mention her positive energy. We have noted how many folks she has helped with her work. She brings a great sense of peace and closure to her clients. She has made true believers out of skeptics, amazed clients with accurate details, and provided concrete, beneficial guidance to those seeking direction.

Mari has the all-around skill set of psychic medium, card reader, channeler, healer and more. She also particularly adept at animal communication. All one has to do is take a peek at her website testimonials to read of the amazing connections she has made with crossed over and missing pets. She has had significant success with locating missing animals.

Additionally, Mari is a co-host to the radio program “Lightworkers Unite”, along with New Hampshire Medium June Elaine Evans. She has been featured on the TV show “The Medium Next Door” and in the Boston Voyager Magazine.

Mari reads for anyone that can reach her via the internet, but also provides in-person readings in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. She is an Immediate Reader on our site and schedules several events throughout the year. Be sure to check her profile and/or follow her social accounts for updated information.

We are happy to be able to offer this award to Mari and delighted to have her as a member of our team.

Links for Mari:   


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2019 Awesome Accolades Award Winner

The 2019 Recipient of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics Awesome Accolades Award is Samantha Hall. BAP is proud to say that Samantha has been with us for some time now. Samantha is a breath of fresh, honest air! She is an integral part of our team, offering support when needed and participating in group and company activities on a regular basis.

At Best American Psychics we are a team of lightworkers, normal humans that have been called to use our natural gifts to help mankind. We have answered the call and invested time, energy, funds and more to develop our gifts and skills to do this work. However, we still face the same issues, obstacles, and life events as everyone else.  We strive our best to journey through this incarnation helping others and bringing the light.

We think Samantha Hall does this in a way that warrants our Awesome Accolades Award. Samantha has invested countless hours educating herself and delving into the mysteries of her field of expertise. She is continually working on herself personally and professionally to offer the best services to her clients. She is always pleasant and willing to offer an assisting hand to her colleagues as well as her clients. She is involved in “giving back” through charitable donations and raising money for charitable causes.

She is a guiding light and educator and has been a recurring expert guest on Metaphysical Minds as well as a BAP Featured Blogger.

Samantha is a psychic medium and animal communicator. Her background includes a B.S. Degree in Human Services from Troy State University, a 6-year stint in the U.S. Army as a Psychiatric Technician (counselor) and Combat Medic, numerous Psychic Development and Healer courses such as Reiki, Yuen Method, Animal Reiki and the Anastasi System of Psychic Development, she is also a Certified Herbalist and ordained minister. You can find her on our Immediate Readings page or you can book an in-person or phone session with her.

We are proud to have “The Sensible Psychic” – Samantha Hall as a member of our esteemed directory!

Links for Samantha:

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