The Spirit Warrior – Self Care

As Spiritual workers, our True Essence is our Spirit, and it needs regular nourishment, because it is the area that is often neglected.
It makes it almost critical that we do our own due diligence in making sure that we nurture and protect ourselves on a daily basis.
Our Spirit makes us human, it drives us to pursue our goals and to do our best each day in good or bad times. It also allows us to see others as they are and therefore needing empathy.

How do we keep on going, and doing this work? Here are some tips that have been proven to help.

1. Daily Journal

As you begin your day, start a daily journal to write down any dreams you may have had, any thoughts, prayers, gratitude – write down anything at all. If you have nothing to write, then write that down as well. Unblocking your thoughts early on, will keep your memory sharp and you may even get insights out of this exercise.

2. Be Still with the Breath

We spend so much time being ‘plugged-in’ to society and online that we sometimes become disconnected with our true essence. It is always good to look within and remember who you are and what you’d like to contribute to this world.

3. Exercise Regularly

It is very important to keep active not just for maintaining general physique, but to maintain good sugar levels, boost immunity, increase Endorphin levels for a balanced mood and also to have a solid foundation for self-confidence.

4. Nothing nurtures the Spirit more than Food

Choose food that connect to good memories – it doesn’t have to be an exact replica of it, but at least the essence of what you remember growing up.

Do not eat foods that have no soul – What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this? Donuts? Twinkies? These are soulless foods and there is no love there, it wasn’t lovingly prepared for you.

Prepare your food with consciousness and Intent- As you prepare your food, do it with intent and love for you and everyone else who will consume what you prepare.
Put a blast of love energy into the foods and water you drink.

Always put in that intention that the food you eat nourishes your body and it raises your vibration.

Water: Drink filtered water to regenerate your cells because your body goes through an on going cleansing process. It is important to Energize your drinking water by adding lemon juice, using crystals, or charging it with Reiki.

5. Change it up!

This is not easy, especially when you are used to having the same sequential processes each day. But don’t worry because the sky will not fall! If you like your coffee in the morning and you buy the same brand – try a different brand. If you like to use your favorite cup – use another one. This little exercise will not only help you learn to be more flexible but in time it will help you become calmer and cope with stress better.

6. Good Self-Boundaries

We work hard and Giving should never be our middle name, it is important for us to stick with what we have planned for ourselves. The advantage of working independently is that we can set our own schedules to take time off when needed. Honor the time for yourself.

‘Mantra –

SO HUM Mantra is used in conjunction with the Breath
Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and begin breathing normally
Silently repeat SO as you breath in and HUM as you breathe out
If your mind drifts, keep going and stay with the breath.

SO HUM means with The Divine

‘Tips and Recipes ~

Crystalline Water:

Always do this with intention ~
In a clean Water Pitcher or Jug
Add in cool Filtered water
Place your newly cleaned quartz crystals (as a charge), add in crystals that you know are safe to submerge into drinking water and crystals that will not chemically contaminate your pure water. Quartz Crystals are safe to use (Rose, Clear, Smokey), Carnelian, Amethyst crystals as well if available.

Chai Tea Recipe:

3 C. Almond Milk (or Whole Milk)
½ C. Filtered Water
3 Cardamom Pods (½ tsp. powder will work)
½ tsp. Cinnamon
6 Whole Black Peppercorns
¼ tsp. Turmeric
1 Black Tea Bag
Saffron (optional – 2 strands)

Add all ingredients in a pot – bring to a boil then lower heat to simmer (15 min.)
Use a strainer to catch ingredients as you pour your hot tea in your cup.

Add some sweetener and consume this with your favorite cookie or snack.

Golden Tea Recipe: Nighttime Sleep Aid

2 C. Almond Milk (Whole Milk is fine too)
1 TBSP. Turmeric Spice
1 Clove (optional)
Palm or Turbinado sugar to taste

In a Pot – bring ingredients to a boil – remove from burner and pour into cup and enjoy before bedtime.

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The Sacred Goddess – Care of the Temple Part 1

This post is dedicated to my fellow goddess spiritual workers.

We are Divine beings, and therefore we have to take care of our Temple. Our bodies are intelligent systems that consist of trillions of cells that are responsible for the formation of tissue, nerves, bones or organs. AMAZING! We are bright and naturally soft but fierce, we are strong yet limber, and we can withstand any season. There is no simple solution but to honor your body, as it is part of the energetic plan as we adapt to the change that’s prevalent around us.

Let’s Get Real –

No offense but sometimes we get sucked into people’s mama drama. There is nothing worse but to feel caught up in your client’s life story, right? It happens. Sometimes we forget to do our essentials – clearing after each client. We think it’s tedious work and we end up paying the price. Here is a simple way to clear your space before your next session and credits go to my former Teacher, Dr. Carol Nicholson.

Take a few deep breaths before your next session for this short affirmation.

I AM the Light.
The Light is in me.
The Light Moves through me.
The Light Surrounds me.
The Light Protects me.
And so it is.

Drink a glass of water and allow new energies to integrate.

Work it!

What to wear? What to wear?

Approach your wardrobe with positivity, remember that your clothing and accessories are tools as well. Put your magic into the clothing you wear. Bring ‘Sassy’ into your style ladies and gents! Men-You can rock a pink shirt for sure! You can wear anything you want and your outfit for the day can entirely change the vibe in your environment as well, think about it.

Eat –

Foods that boost and are congruent with the seasons. For example – You wouldn’t want to eat hearty stews in the summer would you? Fall and Winter Season is not a time to deprive yourselves either. When, and if feasible for you, eat foods that go with the Seasons to prepare your body for the next Season.

For instance:
Summer – Increasing your protein intake, eat foods that cool the body like fruits and vegetables (Cucumbers, Lettuce, etc.)

Fall/ Winter – Hot Stew and hearty foods rich with root vegetables.

Springtime: Mother Nature smiles in the Spring. The first springtime crops are sold when the farmer’s markets open in the springtime, including Purple cabbage, Peas, Potatoes and many colorful varieties.

Always choose Organic.

Such as herbs in place of pre-made or pre-processed spices.

Here is a tip:

Flavor your oils with your favorite herbs – Always exercise caution when working with oils.

In a saucepan pour 2 cups of Vegetable Oil and add in your favorite herb (like Rosemary).
Set the stove setting to Medium-Low to blend in the flavors.
Cool your flavored oil and pour it into a favorite glass jar. Get creative; this can be used as a base recipe to create other oils.

Here is a tip on Oils:
The best Ayurvedic oil to use for cooking is Sesame Oil because of its natural health benefits, and it is easier to digest and metabolize in the liver. Sesame is a versatile oil that can also be used in salad dressings and a variety of dishes. Second Oil suggestion is Olive Oil.


Here is a gentle nudge that your body wants her Pure Clean Water back in her system to keep our healthy weight and to keep our cells humming away and to get rid of toxins. Start your day with a warm glass of water with a squeeze of half a lemon. Warm water is very detoxifying, especially after the cleansing that happens when we sleep.

Scan Your Body:
We can scan our bodies energetically with our hands to see where a boost of positive healing energy is needed before significant damage and medical complications happen.

Sleep –

If you had a magic wand, how many hours of sleep would you want to have each night? Our bodies detoxify during sleep, and therefore sleep cannot be optional because if you are not sleeping enough – your body pays the price. Sleep is super critical in maintaining a healthy immune system; therefore, it is essential to get a good night’s sleep.

Goddess Mantra for a Beautiful Body
I AM Strong
I AM Wonderful
I AM Beautiful
I AM Powerful
I AM Lovable
I AM Fabulous
I AM All THAT and more
I Love and accept myself just as I AM

Peace and Love to you all, my fellow Goddesses.

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Whole Health for the Lightworker

Whole health for our Spiritual Work:

Our true nature is that of total peace, joy and ultimate health and, therefore, there has to be a balance between the Mind, Body and the Spirit. The truth is, we are vibrant, joyful, glistening and divine, and our sacred power is Love and our Light that shimmers within.
We are cosmic energy. We have an intuitive voice and we can illuminate ourselves to perfect health.

Do you believe this?

Let’s talk about the struggles Spirit workers have balancing their own lives and their work. We cannot move away from the truth that we have drama and noise all around us – the challenge is – how do you not allow these factors to affect you and your work.

Here’s the reality of what we may be dealing with – negative comments from people and, yes, that includes family. We hear it one way or another…

I personally try to find humor in all of what is happening around me – because people are funny!

How do I deal with negative people? I imagine them on my funny cloud surrounding them with all the colors of the rainbow and send them off. You can’t take things seriously, not even yourself! This work is serious enough…

Our Responsibility as Spirit Workers ~

We have a huge responsibility to take care of ourselves and our integrity, as well as the integrity of our work.

That means to always separate our own personal struggles and to be sure that we start off our sessions with the clarity of an intention we’ve set out for ourselves and each one of our clients.

A lesson on Boundaries –

Keep it Simple –

In your sessions, lay down your rules so that your clients are aware. – (For instance – they can’t talk over me while messages are being delivered.) Make it clear that they can ask questions after.

Being clear about your business Hours and pacing yourself. – I set limits on how many clients ‘to see’ whether it is an In-Person Session or a Phone Session to 3 bookings per day, every other day. I do Events once or twice a month.

Don’t overbook yourself thinking you can do it all. – I’ve done this, there was a time when I saw 6 or 7 clients a day, sacrificing the quality of my Readings or Healing Sessions to mediocre. Previously, I thought I would see 14 clients and I did. This was when I worked at a metaphysical bookstore. I ended up being a total Crab Pot at the end of the day ~ not fun! Missing meals made me even crabbier! But, I have learned and – never again!

I was contemplating on how things have changed since I have chosen to do this work. The energetic shifts are enormous and I feel it. Premonitions come through frequently and the downloads from Masters and Light Codes come through especially in my healing sessions – this I cannot wait to tell you about sometime.

Keeping yourself together as a Spiritual Worker:

We are definitely being called to bring our talents to the forefront and as we up-level our work, we will face more and more challenges as we help clear the path for many.

As a Medium, I am welcoming all the shifts that come my way as a sign that my work is evolving and I am excited to see what’s to come…

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Your Brain on Spirit

Change in our lives is inevitable. We are designed to learn and grow. It’s in our Soul’s DNA. Every decade we live brings in a new way of approaching life. Accumulated life experiences, developing skills, losses in our lives, inner desires speak to us, tell us to stretch. We can go numb with boredom if we don’t learn and grow. Sometimes the growth we look for looks the same, our minds reach for the same themes, something familiar only a little different.

You know you need change when:

  • you react to things in ways that aren’t really “you”.
  • When the aggravation and pain won’t stop.
  • When you are constantly angry.
  • When you feel something isn’t quite right.
  • When you see same problem and use the same solution because don’t know what else to do.

It is now time to look at what is pulling at your life. What is keeping you up at night? How are you resolving your upsets? What is pulling at you?

The challenge is:

Our spirits and souls challenge us to grow and learn constantly AND our brains constantly bring us back to what we already know and perceive. This can be a yo-yo of moving forward and staying stuck.

To expand your consciousness you must make a bridge of perception. Somehow you need to open your awareness and open your receptors to observe, learn and “train” your brain to expand what it perceives as a priority. A strong spiritual practice will do that for you.

The foundation of a healthy, flexible and aware mind is based in three things:

  • Your perceptions and beliefs, they are ingrained in you as a reaction and may not be based in truth-hence the belief: “that’s the way I always did it.”
  • Strong spiritual foundation and practice of a connection to higher power through prayer and meditation
  • Inner work with yourself, your emotions. Have the courage to see your inner shadow self and the courage to listen to your higher heart and Soul conscious self.


Perceptions are keeping you from realizing the truth of life.

Tons of information bombards us everyday, every moment, but your brain only takes in a small portion of it. 100 billion bytes of information surround you in any given moment. Your brain can only process 0.01 percent of that information. Your brain has already been trained in what to choose to perceive. A long time ago you somehow communicated conditions and preferences to your brain. You told your brain what is important to you to see, know and experience.

So back to the billions of bytes of info: Once your brain vets the information, and processes it through the personal preference guidelines, your brain then feeds you only a small portion of that information that surrounds you. This is so you don’t get overwhelmed. That is why something can be right in front of your nose and you DON’T SEE IT.

Self-awareness influences what we see and perceive. Our old Perceptions in our brains don’t show us all there is to see. Our brains pick out what info is important to us and then prioritize the information to our consciousness. The more active we are in being in tune and aware of our body language and signals, our intuitions and higher guidance, the more flexible and aware our brain and neurons will be.

Meditation adds flexibility to our minds. Meditation builds new neural pathways to the more positive parts of your brain, away from the fearful and self-focused “me”, less flexible parts of our brain. Meditation also connects you to your sub-conscious, higher power of your Soul.

Your Soul is connected to the Akashic Records containing all the information in the Universe. Your Soul has no problem perceiving this boatload of information. Your Soul knows what you need to grow and prosper. Your heart and Soul know much more that your brain knows.

Working with a practitioner who works in the Akashic Records can help you expand your self-awareness. Only Love is spoken from the Akashic field of energy. Old soul contracts and beliefs can skew your perceptions about life. With guided help you can clear your old contracts, open up your mind and heart to perceive the gifts the universe has to offer you. Those gifts are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, RIGHT NOW.

Nancy Smith of Angelscapes is a nationally known medium, spirit artist, author, teacher and illustrator. Please link here for more information on how to contact Nancy: Nancy Smith

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How to develop your Psychic Muscle

Have your ever had a strange experience you thought was a coincidence, but a nagging feeling made you feel that there may be more to the story? Those recurring feelings may actually be glimpses of your own inherent intuition, hidden deep within.

Psychic abilities can be compared to the air bubbles that surface on a still lake. If you sit and stare long enough at the water’s surface, you will eventually see slight movements occurring. These tiny movements end up producing ripples on the surface, even in the tiniest of increments. When comparing this to your sixth sense, or your intuition, think of those air bubbles. Consider them rising to the surface of the water, then think of the ripples created. The same thing happens when your innate intuition rises up within you. Sometimes, you intuition is so very subtle that you barely notice, but remember, psychic information still creates a ripple effect.

So what can you do to strengthen your psychic abilities? Just as you might sit and watch a quiet lake, you must also sit with your intuition in order to notice the tiniest of signals. Make a point each day to sit quietly, alone, and only focus on your senses. Try to absorb everything around you, feeling, smelling, touching, etc. until you have used all of your regular 5 senses. Then, after you have effectively processed your surroundings with your 5 senses, try focusing deeper to access your sixth sense.

If you see, in your mind’s eye (the third eye) an image or a color, make a mental note of it. If you have a feeling course through you, pay attention to it. Now, determine if these new sensations affect your other 5 senses in any way. For example, do you smell anything? Are you hearing a song or a familiar tune? Do you have a different taste in your mouth? Are you feeling any differently, as far as your skin or your body temperature? Every single sense is affected by the other senses, and if you can learn to take notice of how your sixth sense, or your psychic sense, sends information to your other senses, you will begin to strengthen your overall psychic awareness.

Once you have practiced this a bit, begin new challenges and make point of “reprocessing” old actions or tasks using your new awareness. See if you discover anything new while doing daily routines. Open all your senses and attempt to truly connect with everything around you in this newfound way. The goal here is to stimulate your psychic senses, in accordance and in unison with your other 5 senses. You eventually want your psychic senses to be just as strong and “natural” as your other everyday senses.

Scientific research and experiments prove that the brain waves of subjects change when they are exposed to new environments and a variety of experiences. An open-minded person is far more likely to improve their intuitive abilities more rapidly than someone who is not agreeable to new experiences or to change.

Developing your psychic sense is fun and is a natural ability, just like exercising your body at the gym (or in other ways). While physical exercise conditions the body, your psychic workout enhances brain fitness. Both give you the tools to reach new heights and a more well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

So take your time, relax, and concentrate on just “feeling” all those things that you do not normally take the time to notice or process on a daily basis. Once you begin really focusing on these “extra” sensory observations, you will learn to effectively develop your psychic muscles!

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