Alert! Growth Opportunity Ahead

Mistakes happen for a reason. When you’re in the middle of having something horrible happen to you it doesn’t feel good. You feel like “How did this happen to me?” or, “I can’t believe I messed up so bad, what is wrong with me?” Self-blame. Criticism. The ego always goes to self-blame, never to what we can learn. Blame only comes from the ego – it doesn’t come from your source, or from your spirit self. There is no blame from Spirit, only lessons. I’m not saying if a natural disaster or other tragedy occurs that there is some meaning or reason for that. I don’t pretend to know everything. I think sometimes bad things just happen. The blunders I’m talking about are making a mistake at work that ends up costing you your job or giving a report to a client that you thought was fantastic, but they said it was way off base. Ugh. Red-faced. Embarrassed. Angry. It’s about the times that leave a trail of nausea in the pit of your stomach, making you feel about 2” high. These boo boos happen to us all but can make us feel alone in our mistakes. And, accompanying this feeling, there’s usually a sense of shame and regret. Note: These are your soul’s warning signs to *pay attention* because there needs to be learning and course correction. This isn’t the time to avoid the matter or to not take ownership. Often when we mess up, it is embarrassing, and we come down on ourselves harder than anyone from the outside. It is important to own up to our mistakes, to apologize if necessary and take the next steps.

What are the next steps? Be honest with yourself and ask, “What can I learn from this?” When we are in the throes of an issue or something has gone wrong (and something always does, at one time or another) we need to step back and understand the lesson. “Why did this happen to me now, at this time in my life?” This is so we can repair whatever broken pieces there are and move forward in a more complete and transformed way. It is essentially the process of life – finding the broken pieces and repairing them. It’s not always comfortable and it doesn’t always feel good, but it’s essential for our soul’s growth. That is why we are here – to make mistakes. After all, earth is the classroom of life. Nobody gets 100 on every assignment. At times, there are things circled in red on your paper and you say “Rats, I thought that was really good”. But there’s always room for improvement for everyone. I’ll tell you a little story. I was recently at the UPS store. I needed to mail a package and there was a line. I took my place in line and started to fidget on my phone, look around and wonder how long this was going to be. After waiting five – ten minutes I realized I had a choice to make. I could get annoyed, arrogant and wonder why *I* had to wait so long or I could settle into the waiting. I chose option number two. I asked myself why I was here at this moment. What was I supposed to be learning? As I stood in this line for close to 30 minutes, I realized this was all about patience. Believe it or not, I am not always the most patient person in the world and it is something I am working on. Instead of getting mad and being frustrated, I had an opportunity to work on myself. The Universe always presents you with opportunities, you just need to pay attention to them. As I stood in line for a good length of time, I was smiling because I had risen above the ego and the exasperation and was able to just be in the moment and be at peace. #Winning.

So next time something irritating happens and you feel disappointed or let down, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. Everyone on this earth has experienced something similar at one point or another. This is a signal from the Universe and from your soul that this is your opportunity to grow. It’s like if you were cooking an amazing meal. Before you set the meal out to friends, you do some tasting along the way. Perhaps it needs more salt, or there’s not enough vegetables or you need to cook it a bit longer. As you go along transforming your dish there are adjustments to be made. That doesn’t mean that you’re a terrible cook – it just means you’re imperfect and you are seasoning the dish as you go. That’s what we’re all doing here. We’re cooking ourselves until we’re good and ready to be served. Ok that’s a weird analogy, but you get the point. Just know that we’re all here learning and whenever mistakes are made, the important part is not to spend a lot of time getting down on yourself. Instead ask yourself, “What can I learn from this and how can I move on to make it better for next time?”. That’s my motto – Keep moving forward. Don’t stay stuck in the past ruminating on your errors – move forward and use each setback as an opportunity for growth and abundance. Don’t let the lack of seasoning in your dish hold you back. We’re all here standing at the stove trying to make the best meal we can. Don’t give up on yourself – your dish is already fantastic.

Author: Mari Cartagenova

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Radical Self-Acceptance through the Akashic Perspective

The Akashic Records is the Divine Library of Light holding all the knowledge of who you are, across every lifetime of existence, written, in love, by the Universe. This is a space that can be accessed with the Higher Consciousness. Within our Records are a group of Souls dedicated to our personal growth, made up of Loved Ones and Master Teachers. They are our team of light that share compassion and unconditional love towards our unfolding soul evolution.

The vibration of the Records allows us to perceive our lives with a profound level of clarity. We learn to have deeper compassion for ourselves and begin to see how our choices have brought us tremendous growth and opportunity to know and be ourselves. This is a space and resource filled with empowering wisdom that allows us to see ourselves simply with love as we are and, simply put, fall in love with our souls. When we are in love, we have that glow, that magnetism that attracts joy and fulfillment. Part of the purpose of awakening humanity to connecting with the Akashic Records is so that you can fully embody all of who you are, live more consciously, and in full expression of your highest aspects. Can you imagine a world in which everyone is in love with their own Souls, sharing that joy and love with others, creating Heaven on Earth?

Some of the basic struggles we face in human life can become blockages from being in our best expression. Self-acceptance is a huge healing point on many challenges we have within. Often times, we have an internal war waging within us about embracing all of who we are. We have an internal judge or emotional abuser created from self-rejection.

If you think about all the moments in your life, can you trace back to those times through trauma or survival you abandoned yourself? Self-abandonment is very painful and often at the root of feeling lost or not knowing who you are. It is a power loss we experience and it’s not your fault. During trauma, ultimately, you do the best you can to preserve and survive. Our Souls will attempt to lead us back to take action, on our own behalf, and engage in healing. While we choose healing, the commitment to the growth during the healing comes one step at a time when we are best able to integrate the learning. This is why healing “takes time.”

There are moments when we get “stuck” in our healing process due to resistance. We may be so invested in resisting, unaccepting or judging of what is happening, it creates an energy blockage. From the Akashic Perspective we are urged to practice radical self-acceptance and appreciation.

Our resistance creates a stickiness to our struggle that may cloud our ability to accept higher consciousness within ourselves that will shift the challenge into healing. It’s very true that we cannot heal from the same level of consciousness that created the problem. We learn to stop resisting what is, and judging what is, and accept that it is. The journey is ultimately to guide you into a space of understanding your fundamental good and worth. Healing transformation requires us to look within for the answers as to what is getting in the way of us experiencing this good and falling in love with our own souls.

In the Akashic Perspective you are able to see, from the eyes of your Soul, why you made the choices that you did, or why that could happen with loving respectful insight. The very vibration of akashic guidance is the ultimate respect to the individual soul and its particular path of being. Every challenge serves the purpose of growth. Growth leads us to clearing away the energetic cobwebs and dust that get in the way of our true light shining through. A light that is tangible, practical, empowering, and available to us.

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Reclaiming Your True Energetic Integrity

The energetically aware human is deeply connected to their feelings. They are aware of vibrational energy in and around themselves. Our auras were made to blend and merge and experience each other as social beings. You are now awakening to your true power. In doing so, many truths will be revealed about the places where you are unconscious as the veil drops. From this space we can choose to make compassionate choices about how we engage our patterns and true transformation can be created. Dear One, It’s time to awaken from the slumber of unconscious living and patterns! It’s time to awake to the power of your True Awareness!

Here are 4 steps you can take to shift into a higher vibration of energetic integrity and clarity.

1.)We cannot heal from the same level of consciousness that created our old struggles. Engaging in practices that calm the mind become the first step in your transformation. The empathic nervous system is a beautifully refined system of awareness, which through repeated trauma or energetic overload may begin to shut down. You can be open and aware without resorting to shutting off your super power. So, let’s work on getting the body and spirit back to its healthy baseline. It’s time to limit your exposure to stress and energetically toxic triggers as you work on finding your new level of grounding. Get back to nature. The energetic connection between our bodies and nature helps us return back to a healthy, grounded cycle of being. Go on a negativity diet. You may wish to limit your exposure to toxic relationships and create stronger boundaries that promote healthy self respect. Be aware of physical triggers within addictive or allergic responses to food and beverages. Everything you read, see, engage in, and view can affect your energy field in the very beginning of your healing process. What we witness gets stored in our third eyes and can replay in our thoughts and dream time through nightmares and disturbing images. Often, we may create energetic cords that create loops of obsessive thinking as a result. All of these experiences are doors to re-enacting the pattern of unconscious reaction. The reaction can have an addictive quality on the emotional and physical body.

2.)Once you have created a peaceful environment, it’s time to reset your chakra system back to its naturally vibrant space. Work on clearing your chakras of psychic debris. Energy work is great for creating balance in your energy system. You can do this with a reputable Energy Healer or through the many chakra clearing meditations available online and in print yourself. This allows you to get back into your balance and you begin to feel an internal awareness of yourself. Bring this practice into your daily ritual and you will notice a dramatic shift over a week’s time. As you become more clear, you begin to have that natural intuitive awareness once again.

3.)When energetic connections are made these are usually healthy and life affirming. However, sometimes these connections to people and situations become stagnant, dysfunctional and need to be cleansed. These cords can drain us and cause unnecessary anxiety or depression. You can create a simple cord cutting ceremony to release old energy by writing the name or situation on a piece of paper, burning the paper, and stating you now release this person or situation to the Light for the highest good. For more intense connections that make you feel overwhelmed seek out an energy healer who can help you move the energy out of your space. Just remember, if you are still learning from the situation, the cord may then release when the lesson is integrated on it’s own.

4.)Holding the highest possible vibration in and around you creates a natural shield of energy that repels lower thought forms and prevents you from over processing emotions and energy not your own. A high vibration is a peaceful, calming, heart-centered space. You may still be aware and feel what is around you but, in this state, you move from being reactive to proactive. You can do this by calling down Divine light to surround you, starting from your head down to the bottoms of your feet, then back up to the head again, sealing your aura. Do this slowly and with conscious breath. You may have a noticeable shift in mood when you do this as your energy is uplifted. These practices alone will create a healthy balanced and aware aura. Brought into the daily self-care ritual, you will easily be connected to your internal integrity. Over time, there will be a sense of clarity and freedom in your intuitive sensing. You will be clear on what is yours and what is energy outside of you.

Auther: Jeanne Crescenzo Jeanne Crescenzo BAP November Blogger 2018

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Deborah Livingston is BAP’s 2018 Psychic of the Year!

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics proudly announces Deborah Livingston as our 2018 Psychic of the Year Award winner. A member since 2015, Deborah has already received our Fabulous Feedback Award two years in a row. Her clients repeatedly leave us feedback on what a difference Deborah’s readings have made in their lives. Her connection to spirit is strong and she delivers specific messages from loved ones, with undeniable evidential information. Deborah has undergone a significant amount of continued education and training, ever honing her craft. She feels this is of utmost importance as her calling is to bring healing, closure and direction to her clients. She wants to be sure she is offering all her best, and we honor her dedication to that end. Deborah has been seen on the cover of OM Times Magazine, has been interviewed several times by news and media outlets, is a published author, and is involved in several charity events. In addition, she has contributed generously to donations for charities Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics supports. Deborah shows her commitment to BAP by supporting her colleagues and team members with caring and an upbeat attitude.

An internationally known and often requested advisor, Deborah works as a Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Mentor, and Psychic Investigator. Clients can schedule readings with her through Best American Psychics or through her website. She also has several events throughout the year, so be sure to watch her page closely.

We are excited to offer this award to Deborah and feel she represents what we at BAP are all about!

Links for Deborah: https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/deborah-livingston

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Soul to Soul Readings

I wanted to chat with you a little bit about Soul to Soul readings. You might be asking, “What is that Mari?” Well, they are different than a regular psychic or mediumship reading and are really beneficial when a client is struggling in their life. Essentially, how I view Soul to Soul readings is that the medium will connect with the soul of the client through a merging of energies as a way of gleaning answers. Yes, I know that sounds weird, but stay with me. Once they have made that connection, the medium is able to see and feel what that person’s soul needs. It could be what that person needs to be doing right now, what their soul purpose on this earth is during this lifetime, or a variety of other things. This type of reading may be a little newer and perhaps you might not have even heard of it before. But, trust me when I say that sometimes this type of reading is just what the doctor ordered when you have a lot of “stuckness” or you just feel lost.

I would recommend a Soul to Soul reading when you are wondering these types of things: What should I be doing in my life? Or, if you have a feeling like there’s something you’re supposed to be doing but you just don’t know what it is. Or if you ever have that “soul itch” and it’s like you’re spinning your wheels but not getting anywhere. This type of reading is also helpful if you need some specific advice about a situation that keeps happening over and over or is of a more spiritual nature. In all these instances the Soul to Soul reading would be very beneficial. Sometimes during a Soul to Soul reading your past lives make an appearance. When the medium is doing this type of work it’s all about connected energies. And, as we know, all of our energy and lives (past and present) are intertwined. So, if your medium is doing a Soul to Soul reading with you and a past life comes up, it’s because whatever happened or was unfinished in that past life has a direct impact on your current life. This also usually means something there needs to be worked on and corrected during this lifetime. I know this may sound overwhelming but just remember you only need to keep taking one step forward every day. That’s all anyone can do.

We are all energy and, as such, this energy is always changing. There are always things to work on, things to change and to evolve to move to a higher soul level of consciousness. It may sound daunting but as long as you keep moving forward then I feel like you are doing your job. All you, or anyone, can expect is to keep making progress at whatever state you’re at. Some days it feels like you’re not making any progress at all. The next day you may feel like you’ve moved ahead only a foot even if you expected to move a mile. The bottom line is with these type of soul readings, it gives you additional insight and a greater connection to your soul that will help you move forward. Another benefit of the Soul to Soul reading is that by connecting the energy of the medium to the client there is a type of healing that occurs. It’s almost as if when you connect to the soul of another and you give the reading, healing to both parties happens. It is almost like a soul catharsis. It may be hard to explain or understand if you haven’t been through it, but I can tell you after giving these readings there is a change in the client and even sometimes in the medium. After connecting to the energy of the divine it would be hard to not feel a shift in your soul. As the amazing medium, mentor and teacher, Tony Stockwell has said before, we are like the Soul Therapist, which is actually really beautiful. With all the endeavoring we Lightworkers do, I know we are only barely even skimming the surface of the soul and there’s so much more for us to learn. I want to encourage you-if you feel stuck in your life or need some answers to some deeper more profound questions-to seek out someone who does the Soul to Soul reading. I think you will be very surprised and pleased at what you come to discover.

Author: Mari Cartagenova October BAP Blogger - Mari Cartagenova

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Let’s talk about fear. We all encounter it, but I am talking about fear of your own success. When working as a medium, trust is the most important thing you can possibly have. I know it sounds obvious, but unless you trust what you’re getting from Spirit, you can get all in your head and cannot get a clear message. I find this to be the most difficult hurdle to cross for new students. Everyone says to me, “How do you know it’s from Spirit and not from your own mind?” With practice, you’re able to distinguish between your own thoughts and things that are coming in externally from Spirit. But the only real way you can do that is to let go of your fear and allow Spirit to work with you. When fear is in the way it makes this almost impossible.

This can be applied in many aspects of our life, not just mediumship. People are afraid to step out of their box or comfort zone, to do things that their soul really wants them to do. Everyone’s been told by other people in their life or their family/friends that they should do this or they should have this kind of job etc. But, only each individual’s soul knows what is actually correct for them. People sleepwalk through life – going to work, going to school, or taking care of kids without ever really touching what their soul yearns for. I feel the most sad for these people. Maybe you are one of them. But I can guarantee if you’re reading this blog, your soul is ready for an awakening. I congratulate you on finally listening and taking the next steps. So keep reading….

I believe that everyone is on this earth to do something. I truly am convinced that whatever gifts you have, you are here to use them to better mankind and help others. I realize this sounds incredibly trite. But honestly, if we’re not here to make a difference in the lives of others and the elevation of humanity then what are we here for? I know that fear is scary. I work with so many clients who stay firmly planted in their heads because the fear will not let them move where their soul wants to take them. I understand. I’ve been like that myself. But you must realize that you are in this incarnation, in this body, in this particular life, only once – you only get one chance. I do believe in reincarnation and feel we get many chances to live over and over again. But, this is as different people. We only get this one chance to be who we are now. You’ve heard all the commercials: Nike “Just do it” or “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. If something sounds cliché usually it’s because there’s some truth to it. I encourage everybody that’s reading this blog to really take some time to ponder this idea. Just take 5 or 10 minutes to sit with yourself. Sit in a quiet place, or walk in nature, and try to get out of your head. What that means is try to let go of what’s in your head and drop down into your body or soul self. I believe you can feel your soul, your spirit more in your heart center, but definitely not in your head.

Try to get into your body and feel what it’s telling you. Not about its aches and pains but more about what will nourish your soul. If you jump back into your head and start hearing “oh you should do this, you should do that” then you know it’s not your soul. It’s just the voices of all the people that you’ve met over your lifetime telling you what you “should” be, which is not necessarily what you were meant to be. Know that you are an eternal being and that you can actually do *anything* if you decide that’s what you want to do. I see you there, shaking your head saying “No, that’s not possible, I can’t live my dreams”. But I can tell you can. Why? Because I’m doing it myself. Once, I couldn’t ever imagine giving messages from Spirit. I thought “How could I possibly do this? I’m just a mom, I’m nobody”. Well I’m here to tell you that if you decide that you want to follow what’s in your heart, then Spirit and the Universe will not let you down. I promise you, if you start to follow your true path, doors will open, windows will open, secret passages will open – there will be openings if you look. It’s only when you find roadblock after roadblock and you know deep in your gut that what you’re doing isn’t right for you that you will realize you need to take another path.

When you start listening to your soul, the once insurmountable looking obstacles will soften a little. I’m not saying that when you’re on your path that everything is easy breezy and there are no challenges. This is not true. There’s always challenges, but when you’re pushing in the wrong direction those roads are really bumpy and ultimately closed. When you’re pushing in the right direction there will be some bumps here and there and you might find some resistance from others, even yourself. However, what you will feel in your body, your heart and your gut chakra is that it’s right. So keep going. Don’t give up on yourself. I wish you all tremendous success on your new journey.

Author: Mari Cartagenova October BAP Blogger

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Hug a Medium Today!

Do you ever wonder what an actual medium is really like? Not who you see on a stage or what you might see on TV, but what they’re *really* like day-to-day? Here’s a secret: We’re just the same as you are! Shocked, right? It’s sort of like when you’re little and see your teacher in the supermarket and you can’t believe they actually go food shopping!

When I meet people and tell them that I am a Psychic Medium, they have all sorts of preconceived impressions of what I actually do. It could be from the movies, something they’ve heard from a friend or social media. I tell people I am just a normal person. I’m not magical. I’ve just put time and effort into honing my gift and, from the outside it may look magical, but I believe that everybody has the ability to connect to spirit. It’s just a matter of exercising those muscles.

Imagine you wanted to be a professional bodybuilder. You would eat right, go to the gym all the time, cut your carbs, etc. You’d basically do everything that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does. It’s the same thing with Mediumship. If you wanted to do this work, you would need to put some time and effort into it. It’s true that some people might be more naturally suited and “called to” this type of work, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to develop their gift. All the mediums I know are constantly working to better their craft. Just like an elite athlete or a great actor, most of us continually try to do our best work- and this “best work” is always evolving. Anyone that tells you they don’t need to continue developing you might want to steer clear of because after all, nobody is perfect.

When people discover what I do, a lot of them assume that I have spirits whizzing around my head 24 hours a day. Now I can’t speak for all mediums, but that’s not how it works for me. When I’m working, I intentionally tune into Spirit and maintain that connection. When done, I pretty much shut everything off. It doesn’t mean that at other times I don’t have my intuitive spidey sense on- only that I’m not actively trying to connect to Spirit. As soon as someone learns I’m a medium, the barrage of questions usually start. Once, the UPS man asked me if I saw any spirits around him. I looked at him blankly and said, “Uh no, but I’d be happy to make an appointment for you”. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but it’s the same as if I were a Doctor and he showed me a rash on his arm and asked “Hey Doc, is this contagious?” I want people to understand that I’m not “on” all the time and I certainly don’t know all the answers to everything. I’m human.

Another thing people often assume is that I see their loved ones walking around them constantly. Some mediums do see Spirit like that. But for me, since I’m very clairvoyant, I see it almost like a movie in my peripheral vision. They will present themselves to me as they were in life and they will show me objects or symbols that have meaning to them. There have been occasions where I have seen Spirit walking around, like an apparition, but that is more unusual for me. When I connect with them, I’m usually seeing with my third eye, I am not seeing with my physical eyes. The “magic” part most people probably have a hard time understanding is when I sit with a client, I create space within my energy field to allow their loved one to drop in. Say what? OK, that might sound a little woo-woo but that’s actually what I do. After someone dies they are not dead- Their physical body may no longer be here but their spirit or soul or Godself is still here. And this is what I connect to. That is the meaning of “Namaste” – the Spirit in me honors the Spirit in you. Because after all, we are all Spirit whether we are incarnate (in the body) or discarnate (out of the body).

Aside from these atypical daily encounters, most of the time I’m just a conventional person like you. I cook dinners, pick up my kids from school and deal with regular life problems. Sometimes people say that I must have everything figured out since I’m able to talk to Spirit. That is not true. I am still human and I struggle with all the doubts, difficulties and challenges that you do. Trust me.

My hope is to help people understand who mediums are and to provide insight as to what it’s like to be in our shoes. Please don’t be weirded out by us if you meet us on the street. And please understand we’re not always “on” if you see us in the grocery store or walking on the beach. Try to respect our personal time if you can, but don’t be afraid to say hi if you see me in line at Starbucks. I love what I do and know I am privileged to be in communion with the Spirit world. Just please don’t ask me if I see your Aunt Martha around you if we run into each other in the restroom. Even Spirits need their private time. 🙂

Author: Mari Cartagenova Mari Cartagenova - October BAP Blogger

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All Dogs Do Go to Heaven

Because I am a Medium, I read for many people who ask me about their pets who have passed over. They ask me lots of questions…Is my pet in heaven? Are they okay? What are they doing over there? Did they know that they were loved? And so many other questions because…well…just like when they lose a beloved human…they want peace and closure with their pet. They want to know that the animal they raised and cared for is safe and knows how loved they were on earth. Our pets are our children and when they pass, we grieve the same way we grieve a family member. So I tell them yes, our pets do go to heaven.

How do I know? Well…I see departed pets in their spiritual form.

Yes…I see the spirits of animals. And not only with my third eye…but with my physical eyes. I discovered that I could see the spirits of animals when my beagle Dudley came to visit me three years after he passed away.

You see…Dudley loved to eat (like any dog). And I was making food for friends who were coming to dinner that evening. My other two dogs, Maggie and Henry, were stretched out on the kitchen floor catching an afternoon nap and I was making brownies. (yum!) The oven timer suddenly went off and as I turned to take the food out of the oven Dudley walked into the kitchen and stood in the doorway gazing deeply into my eyes. It was as if I had taken a picture out of an album that I hadn’t looked at in 20 years. All the memories came flooding into my mind. How soft his long ears were and how short his little legs were. How velvety soft his little tongue was when he would kiss my chin and how broad his chest was. In life this dog had been so precious to me. I was unable to have human children and he fulfilled so many needs for a childless woman who wanted babies. I stood there and stared at him for as long as I could, which was probably all of 20 seconds or so, turned to do some small task and when I turned back he was gone. I returned to my work preparing food. Slowly I came back into my body realizing that I had received a visit from my precious fur baby. I thanked him out loud for visiting and told him how much I loved him.

It was later that I processed the information that he had conveyed to me during his visit. He told me how loved ones on the other side experience the grief of the loved ones they leave behind and he told me he wouldn’t be visiting me as much anymore because he had work to do on the other side. But he said he would be visiting occasionally…and he has. Every now and then I feel him jump on the bed or I hear his nails on the floor and I smile knowing that my sweet pup is well on the other side…that he is just over the veil.
Recently I lost another fur baby named Henry. I don’t feel him around me like I did when Dudley passed, but I think that is because I know that I will see him again on the other side someday.

So yes…I tell my clients that their pets are safe and well on the other side. And I share any messages that they give to me to deliver. Because all dogs do go to Heaven.

Author: Jody Higgins

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Oracle Cards

A Gateway to Connect with your Inner Divine

Feeling restless? Anxious? Bored? Confused? Are you excited? Peaceful? At a precipice or turning point? Then it’s a great time to get out your oracle deck of cards, or Tarot cards to have a chat with yourself and the Divine.

I feel fortunate to have grown up surrounded by tarot cards. My mother used the Rider Waite deck, and I would sit and watch in wonder as she laid them out whenever she did a reading for one of her college students. She didn’t do it often, a hobby really, a source of calm and clarity for herself, for friends, and for her drama students. There was always an electric feeling in the air for me when she would have the cards out. Excitement and possibility abounded. I would later, after her time reading them, hold each card in my hands and study the images.

When I grew up and went off on my own I acquired my own cards, a beautiful Oracle deck, different than a full tarot card deck as it has fewer cards and doesn’t run in suits like Tarot does. I didn’t practice psychic reading yet at that time in my life. I had no idea I would later become a professional reader, healer and medium. I would simply go to my deck when the feeling moved me, and sit and drop into a quiet state of mind, and ask for a message through the cards. I found, and still do find, it to be calming, comforting, and always aligned with what I was needing to hear at the time. It was as if there was a wise loving guardian with me, advising me and reassuring me that I was not alone. It still happens like that today.

Some people are afraid of oracle and tarot cards, finding them creepy, or too “woo woo”. The truth is, they are simply a tool, an extension of your own higher consciousness and the Universal energy that surrounds you that is always available to help you with clarity if only you will open to it. There is a helpful setting of the tone of intention when an oracle deck is used to center yourself. You can always just sit quietly and receive guidance from spirit, the Universe, or whatever you like to call it, but using a beautiful deck of illustrated cards that resonates with you based on its theme and design will quickly transport you to a lovely and deeper connection to your own spirit. It’s as if a key gets turned in your consciousness, and you find a deeper wisdom and calm place inside yourself. That calm place within is always there, and the practice of doing it often will open your intuition and help you to feel more connected spiritually with yourself.

Try this any time you can take a few minutes for yourself in a quiet place. Morning, with my tea or coffee, is my favorite time:
Take your oracle cards and hold them in your hands while you focus on your intention – a general message or a specific situation you want guidance on. Take a deep breath and shuffle the cards a few times in your hands. Now pick one card for a shorter reading, or two or three for a more expanded one. You can also choose another card to expand on the message of the cards before it. You will find that the card (s) you pick will resonate with whatever you are needing to understand or be made aware of in that moment about your situation, or for your higher guidance. There is always a written guide explaining the meaning of the cards with each deck.

A great place to find your own special deck that really feels right for you is in a good bookstore, or a metaphysical bookstore. You can also find them online when you search Oracle decks and Tarot cards. I highly recommend this practice of connecting with your inner self and Source, Divine, Universe, for support and wisdom to assist on your journey here on Earth.

Happy Divining!

Author: Katherine Glass

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Love Is All That’s Left

The Value of Mediumship

The other day I went with my dear friend to visit her father in a rehab/nursing home facility. I hadn’t seen Paul, her 83-year-old dad, in almost a year. When we arrived he was asleep, seeming to be somewhere between worlds. When my friend gently woke him, he startled and moaned. Lori then greeted him, told him who she was, and asked how he was. “Not good” he said. He seemed to be off somewhere in a distant place, a bit confused. Then, all at once, he brightened as he gazed at his daughter and said, “I love you sooo much!” The rest of the visit continued much in that same vein; vagueness, chit chat from my friend, and many times over, the clear, sincere, heartfelt gaze and exclamation from Paul, “I Love you. I just love you so. I love you so much”. My friend has a rocky relationship history with her father, which she has completely made her peace with over the years. As I sat with them and witnessed this sweet authentic interaction between them, I was inspired to write this piece. Being a professional medium, this is the bottom line of every message delivered from loved ones who have passed. “I Love You.” Yes, of course there are variations of it, “I am ok” I am with you always” “Please forgive me” etc. But the resounding communication is always and only Love.

I was so moved by this intimate innocence from Paul to his daughter. I teared up at the universality of the soul connection between them, between us all, and in my opinion, between ourselves and the Divine, Source, God, Oneness. The core of most souls is pure love. Why, then, does it get so obscured while we are here on Earth living out our lives and relationships? I have said to my audience at every public demonstration of mediumship I do, and I’ll say it here: tell them now! Tell them while they are here with you, heal the rifts and pride that separates and guards your hearts! But even if, for whatever reasons, you can’t or don’t do this, know that at the end of your life and theirs, perhaps after passing, the core will reveal itself one way or another. When you bring a medium in to help you to connect with that loved one in spirit, the main message you will leave the session with is the love that never dies. Why not, then, make the effort now to allow this deep soul level connection to bubble up to the surface and flow out from your heart to theirs? The key is NOT to be attached to their response, or their receptivity to your love. Give it anyway! Receive it anyway! There is no obligation or etiquette on how to respond to “I love you”. Simply allowing it to wash over you in silence is enough. Or, if you are the giver of it, allowing it to flow out from you toward your mother, father, sibling, spouse, child, friend etc. Try offering it to yourself as well! A sincere, heartfelt, uninhibited “I LOVE YOU” right into your own eyes. Soul to soul of Self. Go on, I dare you! Love is our core, and love does heal the soul.

That day at the nursing home, Paul didn’t talk about his career, or his accomplishments in life. He sat and ate the chocolate pudding his loving daughter brought to him, and gazed at her like a child and said, “I love you soooo much!” over and over again.

The beauty and value of the ability to communicate with our loved ones who have passed, the value of the gift of mediumship is just for this. This simple essential core expression of the soul’s “I love you.” For what else is there, really? That, and the proof of the soul’s continuation, of course.

My wish for you is that you take advantage of the gift you have of your loved ones still living in the physical world and the opportunity to let them know that at your core, even with any difficulties and hurts that need clearing work, you love them so much. If your loved ones have gone on to the other side of this life, the next best thing is the use of mediumship, through your own spirit to spirit communication, or through the assistance of a genuine medium to guide you.

Author: Katherine Glass

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