Are Entity Attachments Real?

How Do I Know If I Have One?

In the world of psychics, healers and metaphysics, inevitably the topic of “entities” or “attachments” will arise. It will come up in classes about healing and psychic development, in a discussion or when you visit your own reader or healer, and certainly if you are a working psychic or healer yourself. But what exactly IS an entity attachment, and why might it attach to you? I will begin by saying there are many beliefs on the subject and conflicting thoughts. For years I was taught by esteemed teachers of healing and psychic development how to clear and protect my energy field when doing this work because when you are empathic (as many people are) and working with, relating to, and in the presence of other humans, it’s important to clean out your energy field and space because you can pick up “stuff” and energies that don’t belong to you. This topic can get multi layered and branch off into all kinds of directions. I will keep it as concise as I can speaking from my own experience.

I have been trained in and I teach multiple techniques for clearing the human aura, and physical space. I have worked for 30 years in the healing arts, and have a thriving private practice as a psychic, medium, energy healer and spiritual counselor. I discovered that I had picked up a foreign energy (entity) that was attached to my energy field. I had been feeling rather “off” for quite a long time. I was experiencing low energy, was weepy a lot, and more negative and drained than I had ever felt for such a continued period of time. I was behaving in ways that weren’t usual, like desires to do things out of character for me, such as zoning out and escapism behavior. I was putting things off that I normally enjoyed, isolating from others, and feeling a big lack of motivation to do my work, which is my true passion in life! Admittedly, I had become remiss in managing my energy field carefully, both in my work and personal life. As the awareness of how “off” I was becoming intensified, I just “happened” (there are no accidents!) to come upon an article with a list of symptoms of an entity attachment. I found it hit me like a frying pan over the head and I realized that was what was probably going on. Me? A trained professional psychic healer? That same day, we had good friends over and one of them was a healer whom I came to find out cleared attachments through a technique using the akashic records (a topic for another day). I followed the protocol she gave me after doing her assessment and I truly experienced a total shift and reversal of the symptoms. It has been a reminder of the importance of taking care of my energy field.

What exactly IS an entity attachment? It’s an energy in another dimension that is of a low vibration and feeds on the energy of living animals/people. It can be a collective of negative thought forms but not with a soul. Like a bacteria or parasite on the astral (unseen) level. An entity can be a negative human soul who is vibrating on a lower level frequency and stays hanging around the Earth plane out of fear to move onward. These souls attach to people or animals to gain energy and to live vicariously through the incarnated being. There are many other types of entities such as dark force (demonic) and ETs who have a different energy to them and attach for different reasons.

The most important thing to know about this subject is how to prevent it and how to clear it if you find you have one. According to some research I did, a large percentage of people have attachments at some time in their lives and don’t know it, and some have them for their entire lifetime. They come from other people who have them, and go to other clear people who have an opening in their aura to allow them in. An opening can happen when a person is weak emotionally due to trauma, in fear or negativity, too open energetically and merging with another’s energy field, through sex with a person who has entity attached, or when using drugs or alcohol. To stay clear in the aura, a person has to be soul empowered and not in fear to remove and to keep the entity away. The assistance of the Angelic realm, (also known as High Entities) and the Divine (God/Goddess)-a higher vibration than the entity is needed to escort it out to another realm where it belongs.

Some things to be aware of to stay clear of entity attachment:
Stay healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Clear negative people out of your life, check your thoughts and belief systems for low vibration (shame, fear, self-loathing, over giving, martyrdom, giving your power away,) and protect your home, office, car etc. with healing thoughts, cleanliness and high vibration music, light, sincere meditation and positive relationships. Burning white sage and incense clears space, and water and salt keeps the aura clear.

Author: Katherine Glass

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Do You Walk Your Talk?

If you were given a magic mirror that could show you the invisible energy that surrounds you and that you are made of, do you think it would jive with how you speak and act in your life? I ask myself this question as often as I remember, because my life work as an energy healer, teacher and psychic medium demands that I do, if I am a good one. The thing is, as I sat and pondered what I wanted to write about today, I realized that this topic applies to anyone and everyone – in all walks of life. We are all made of energy. The magical “energy mirror” could be a valuable tool to see if we are being authentic in how we vibrate (to use energy language) in the outer and inner worlds.

How does my aura look? A question that has been laughed off as fluffy hippie lingo, I know, but hang in here a minute. Webster’s Dictionary defines the aura as “an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being”. So, how do you think your aura looks? Is it bright, strong and far reaching? Is it soft, dim and disconnected in bits? Does it glow? Is it dark and murky?

Here are a few great ways to find out. One way is to notice how you feel. Let’s say you’re at a party you didn’t want to go to. You show up, and smile at the host, and grin and bear your way through it. From the outside appearances to others, you seemed perfectly polite and content, but inside you were feeling drained, uncomfortable and resentful to be there. What do you think the energy mirror would show? It would show that your energy was held very close and tight to your body, as if trying to be invisible. It would likely be colored in deep reds (resentment), dark shadowy blotches (drained), and jagged areas like little lightening bolts of black or grey shooting out (uncomfortable/anxious). You looked great in your cool outfit and had your polite smile on. No one was the wiser, right? Wrong! Human beings can sense auras! We are all animals, after all. Just like dogs can sniff out illness or hostility or kindness, humans can sense energy around people as well. Another great way to know how your aura is doing is to see an energy practitioner. People who practice Reiki, acupuncture and other forms of energy work can read your energy field and be the “mirror” for you. They will point out areas that need balancing or clearing so you will feel better. You can choose to have a session to balance, charge and clear your energy field to help you to feel more authentically like you.

The title of this blog post, Do You Walk Your Talk?, can apply to all of us. Mothers who are raising children with values and behaviors they want to instill in them, for example. If the mother is anxious and insecure but trying to teach her child to be calm and confident, there is an incongruency in the aura that will come across to the child. If a person is a great inspirational speaker and mentor to many people, but their energy field is continually blocked and stagnant in their lives, they are not walking their talk. It’s important to be aware of this aspect of life as it will make all the difference in the quality of your experience, especially in your health, wellbeing, and in your career or life path.

A quick guide to the human energy field:
Aura: “an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being”.
Chakra: A wheel or vortex of energy.
There are 7 basic chakras in the aura. They run from the tail bone to the top of the head. They are located at all the major organ areas of the body. Tail bone, abdomen, solar plexus, heart, throat, forehead and top of head, or crown. Each chakra has a color. From bottom to top:
Indigo (Deep Blue)
Violet or White.

When we feel sluggish, anxious, ill, or low, these chakras are not running properly. They are blocked with stuck energy. Think of your energy like a running river. The flow goes through each chakra and out into the whole aura. The chakras feed the aura. When the chakra becomes clogged due to emotional or physical interference like pain and injury, the flow gets interrupted. The aura then depletes and stagnates causing the person to feel from off to very bad. If these imbalanced blocks go on too long, physical, mental and emotional illness can manifest.

Understanding your energy field can truly make a huge difference in your life. I recommend checking in daily to see if how you are feeling physically and emotionally is lined up with how you are acting and speaking. Try this easy exercise to balance out your basic energy field each day:

Sit in a chair with your spine straight or stand with your feet hip width apart.
Look straight ahead or close your eyes. Take three easy deep breaths. Imagine each chakra of energy spinning clockwise with its color shining bright and clear.
Imagine expanding the energy out all around you. Imagine your aura strong and bright and healthy.

Open your eyes, go off to your day. The world needs you!

Author: Katherine Glass

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Rockin’ The Work, Part 2

Here’s a Powerful Mantra Meditation:

“In Kundalini Yoga, there is a mantra for healing and the way that it heals is to tune to the soul of the universe, which is pure and without disease or pain.

This is one of the most powerful healing mantras on this planet and the power of this mantra has the ability to connect Mother Earth and the Ethers. This mantra will offer healing specially to you, your families and the whole world.” (Yogi Bhajan)

Ra – means connecting with the Sun that gives you Energy
Ma – means connecting with the Moon that aligns you with receptivity
Da – is the energy of the Earth grounding you in your roots
Sa – means infinity as you draw in the healing energies from the universe
Sa – this second chant brings the universal energies to you
Say – means honoring ALL that is and how you personally perceive the Source Energy
So – means the vibration of the merger of Earth and Universal Energies
Hung – means the Infinite and the vibrating Source within me

Let’s begin…

Sit in a comfortable position.
Bring your hands in prayer position with the tips of your pointer finger aligned with the tip of your nose.
Look down at the tip of your finger.
Gently close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in… and exhale
Take a deep breath in… and exhale
Take a deep breath in… and exhale

Visualize the person you’d like to receive healing – if it’s yourself, make that image in your mind very clear and see a glowing green light in and around yourself, or that person, as you pace yourself to recite this mantra.

Ra.. ma.. Da.. sa.. Sa.. say.. So.. Hung
Breathe in and out

Ra.. ma.. Da.. sa.. Sa.. say.. So.. Hung
Breathe in and out

Ra.. ma.. Da.. sa.. Sa.. say.. So.. Hung
Breathe in and out

Ra.. ma.. Da.. sa.. Sa.. say.. So.. Hung
Breathe in and out

Ra.. ma.. Da.. sa.. Sa.. say.. So.. Hung
Breathe in and out

Ra.. ma.. Da.. sa.. Sa.. say.. So.. Hung
Breathe in and out

Ra.. ma.. Da.. sa.. Sa.. say.. So.. Hung

Take a deep breath in and exhale.

Open your eyes gently and come back into the room.

Lay in Savasana (Corpse position) to allow the healing to integrate with your body.

Sun, Moon, Earth, Infinity I AM
The Service of the Source is within me.

Sat Nam

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