BAP 2021 Social Activism Award Winner

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics is proud to announce Cate Coffelt as our 2021 Social Activism Award Winner. Cate repeatedly demonstrates a generosity of spirit, donating her time, effort, and energy on pro-bono cases and readings. As a gifted psychic medium, Cate has repeatedly volunteered to be an Expert Guest on our monthly Facebook Livestream show, Metaphysical Minds. She freely gives her education, experience, and knowledge to our listening audience.

As a service to the community, Cate is a provider for two non-profit groups: Find Me and Helping Parents Heal. With Find Me she uses her intuitive skills to help locate missing persons or pinpoint circumstances around unsolved cases. With Helping Parents Heal, Cate is able to put her gifts to use in bringing peace and closure to parents when the unthinkable happens.

Cate is also an avid animal rescuer and donates her time and money, consistently throughout the year, to help animals in need. She is an animal communicator, so she is aware of the needs of our furry friends.

Always giving more than she receives, Cate is an inspiration to us all, and is a true role model, and this is why she has, once again, earned our Social Activism Award.

To learn more about Cate and her services, please visit one of the links below.

Links for Cate Coffelt: https://bestamericanpsychics.com/listing/cate-coffelt/



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Start the New Year Knowing Your Gifts On Hand

Gift Markings show up where your particular talents are meant to have a spotlight in your life.  These gifts come with a penalty marker if you dont use them.  Its like added pressure to keep you from hiding out as a chick in the shell.  You do have to knock through the limitations around you so that your light can shine.  When you know whats required, the effort isnt a struggle though.  It feels more like a hike that leaves you with a great view feeling pleasantly tired.  Ready to get to that peak of your talent this year?

Stars:  There are both five pointed and six pointed stars that show up in your hand in all kinds of places.  Regardless of where they show up, the five pointed stars are of Venus and they tend to draw attention to the areas of the hand they land on without you lifting a finger.  What is required is receptivity and gratitude to fuel the firesof the attractor factor.  The better you are at receiving and enjoying the light, the more of it you attract.  Use the hand sample to see which mythological figures you can search to learn what themes or psychological arenas are highlighted by your star.  

Six pointed stars are of Mars and they require effort.  When opportunity shines a light on you, its time to take the torch and run your lap of the Olympic run.  You dont want to be the runner that drops the torch on the way to the Olympic stadium, do you?  So based on what light comes your way, take it in and make it your own so you can run your true race and make your contribution stand out in a way that pleases you while it stretches you to do your best.  

Healers Lines or Intuitive Lines are vertical lines side by side like pickets in a fence that arent connected horizontally.  They run between the heart line and the top of the hand under the little finger.  Sitting between the heart and Mercurys finger they show that these people can literally feel what another feels and communicate it with some effect.  Healers can often struggle with feeling badly and not knowing why when they dont have healthy ways to disconnect from anothers emotional flow.  It lands like it is in your body and causes confusion.  But it makes a very effective intuitive who can help another sort out the difficult swim of feelings.  

The Apollo Line gets a lot of attention because it means you are meant to stand out in some arena in your life.  Your gifts are meant to take center stage.  It doesnt automatically mean you will be on a real stage but it does mean you are a gifted storyteller.  How you do it depends on you and there are as many ways to be that communicator in the spotlight as there are people.  I know one whos an attorney who advocates for those who dont have a voice.  

If you have one of these then you have a little more insight into how to use it this coming year.  But dont despair if you dont.  Your gifts may not be underlined in this post, yet gifted you are.  Check out TruthinHand.com to see if you resonate with a different kind of talent, shown on your hands.  Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year. 

Author: Lisa Greenfield https://www.bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/lisa-greenfield


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Conflict Growth in December

Week 4 of the Fork in the Road December Series

Okay, if you’ve been following along, you now know what your conflict style is and what stretch is ‘on hand’ this month. If you need to catch up then you can do that HERE. (https://bit.ly/BBForkIntheRoad3) Now that you know a bit more about what’s required, let’s have some fun with how you do it. This December we have the meet up of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius which heralds a new 200 year cycle of expansion that highlights the element of Air, or the mind.

It helps to slow down this month and NOT react right away to what stirs us up. It’s too easy to be triggered into old habits instead of drawing from the growth you’ve achieved over your lifetime.  A slow approach allows room for new information to come into view and inform you about options your old reactions may not factor in when you jump to conclusions or actions.  

Pause, reflect, remember what your strengths are.  If your Head Line ends under an inside finger, you require time to find your backbone to pushback on what doesn’t fit who you are now. That’s not comfortable, since you underestimate yourself more often than not.  Add to the picture that you also overestimate the person opposite you, and you have a recipe for conflict avoidance.  

One step at a time, you have a better chance to see your gifts and strengths.  Instead of snapping closed like a sea anemone, you can reach for your talents and trust that your point of view is worthwhile and needed!  Especially since you understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed, you show others how to be generous when you practice speaking up for yourself while considering them, too.

If your Head Line makes it to an outside finger under that little finger, then it can be easier for you to be dismissive of the other’s inability to articulate their argument or stand up for themselves.  When you slow down, you can actually help bring about a better conversation by giving them the space to think, feel and come back to you on a slower pace than you operate normally.  

The ability to slow down can also give you added insight that may open their eyes to where they can see the whole picture more clearly when you aren’t doing it from a place of being right and making them wrong.  Instead of dominating a moment or an exchange, you can help light the way for a longer lasting win that includes others in that victory. 

As I mentioned the first week of December, January dials up the pressure to change. So do take what helps and apply it to a slower, kinder pace right now. You’ll be very glad to reap the rewards of that for years to come.  With a 200 year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn meeting up in Air signs, we have to learn how to level the playing field better so that we all benefit.  

If you want to find out what that looks like for you this coming year, you can check out TruthinHand.com and sign up for the newsletter.  You get a special introductory reading at almost half off.  Or, you can request a Year Ahead Reading and find out just what preparations serve you best.  Thank you for tuning in and wishing you all the best, always.

Lisa Greenfield TruthinHand.com.

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Fork in the Road December – Week 3

We are in Week Three in a month of reward or conflict, you decide which it will be. This blog post shares how you navigate conflict well using the palm of your hand. This week we look at how to win with a Head Line that more easily takes the ‘upper hand’.

When your Head Line reaches the outside edge of your hand, anywhere under the little finger, you more naturally speak or stand up for yourself with facts and intuition. It can feel frustrating when others won’t join you in a discussion or debate.

In fact you can be the big picture person that sometimes despairs when others can’t see it too. Patience is required and you have to watch for that inner demon of superiority. Be mindful you don’t dismiss others who aren’t wired to feel safe or comfortable with disagreement. Keep in mind conflict can feel overwhelming, not because they are weak but because they’ve been wired to fear it. How you handle it can help another step into that arena and discover their courage, or you can send them fleeing you and seeing you as the bully even when you aren’t.

Let’s start first with the Air Head Line that stays higher up in the hand. This line ends under the pinky region on the outside of your hand. Since you have the strongest mental ability, you can win with words and ideas all the time. Your challenge is to learn to listen and care what others think. It’s not just a win/lose opportunity. It’s a chance to be curious and connect with others, even when you see things differently. You can do the most growth this month when you measure success differently. Let your mind find bridges between people instead of widening the gap with right/wrong thinking.

Now it’s time for our great visionary explorers, the Fire Head Line. Your Head Line travels to the bottom outside quarter of your hand. This month you have to check what your vision serves up and question your interpretations on what you see. It’s too easy to jump to conclusions, and while you may discover some completely unexplored region, let’s do it safely. You can be the most impatient with those who don’t get it and respond with some heat. You are Fire, after all.

Keep in mind that you are meant to help unleash all the potential fire power between people when you use warmth to bring them closer, instead of blow torch those who don’t ‘get it’. If anyone can see how to use all the different points of view and actions to improve the situation, you are the most visionary of solution finders when you temper your approach with a dollop of patience and faith.

To dig deeper on your type, you can watch Metaphysical Minds’ discussion of Head Lines here with Shay Parker and Lisa Greenfield outlining what you can do best.  https://www.facebook.com/TruthinHand/videos/910192732725517

Next week we put it all together, just in time for the holiday conversations. I’m with the Dalai Lama who said ‘anyone who thinks they’re enlightened, spend a week with your family’. While me might not be there in person it could be a great time to break old patterns!

Author: Lisa Greenfield       https://www.bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/lisa-greenfield

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Fork in the Road December – Week 2

December serves up a month of reward or conflict, you get to decide which it will be. One key to which way you goes is there in the palm of your hand, literally. So let’s explore more on how to use your ‘martial’ talents to put you in the winner circle instead of on the floor in a knockout.

How you were taught to think, speak and act on your behalf shows up in the Head Line (which travels through the Mars region on your hand). The left hand is your internal or personal process, the right hand reveals what the world sees.

The further a line travels, the more it picks up steam. Shorter and/or curved lines that end under the Apollo finger absorbed challenges in speaking up or acting on their behalf in a conflict.

Now comes the important bit. You have to stretch this month. Growth is not optional, resistance is painful – so let’s give you a hand there.

If you usually give in to others, you will be required to stand up for yourself better. This doesn’t mean fight, rather it means stretch a bit.

Circumstances pop up to help provoke you to flex a new muscle. The Universe isn’t mean, it’s offering practice to consider both yourself and others in disagreement.

Disagreement is important, even necessary in times of great chaos or change. It helps us consider points of view from a bigger range of possibilities than agreement ever would. We have to let go of simple solutions that pit us against each other. All hands on deck are needed now, pun intended.

So time to find out more about your particular style…

If your Head Line ends under the ring finger (aka the Apollo finger) time to open up to the world a bit more. Be curious about where you missed seeing your power and impact on others. Good news, you don’t have to shout, even soft voice carries power when you speak your centered Truth.

The shorter, straighter Head Line is an Earth Head Line. You prefer actions to words and prefer familiar to unfamiliar. You also jump to conclusions that underestimate your own strength. You tend to leave the conversation and head back to safe familiar space

or come out swinging fast. Familiar is survivable, so when that’s threatened you can react quickly. You actually represent the bedrock on which life stands, but may miss seeing your strength which is when you pull back OR swing first to ‘stay safe’. Time to see more of the real you.

When your Headline is longer and curves down but stays under that ring Apollo finger, you aren’t quick to act. Instead you can imagine a million different things that can go wrong. You drown in worst case scenarios before you open your mouth. Instead of imagining the worst time to trust your enormously mind to help have that deeper conversation.

Risk is hard on you and conflict is so uncomfortable when your head line ends on the inside of your hand. Yet you have to practice the discomfort of speaking your truth instead of resentment for those who don’t automatically know it or see it. Remember, water wears down a rock, so use your artfully expressed point of view that is hardest to resist, when you persist!

Next week we dive into the outside lines and how to win the change game and land on the high road for you. If you want more on this subject check out Metaphysical Minds Broadcast here where Shay and Lisa dive deeper.  https://www.facebook.com/TruthinHand/videos/910192732725517

Until next week, where we tackle the outside head lines.

Author: Lisa Greenfield  https://www.bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/lisa-greenfield

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Fork In The Road December

December serves up a month of reward or conflict; you decide which it will be. This fork in the road is going to unfold over the next 200 years astrologically, but you live in the kick-off period, lucky YOU. Seriously, you get to help set the tone and what you do now matters more than possibly any other time in your life.

Which is why when I tell you that you win the day when you DON’T act, at least not right away, it may confuse you. Let me clear that up, so you get to the reward portion of the month. Mars sits in Aries for almost six months this year. Aries is the beginning of the Zodiac and it’s a chance to start fresh on how we do things.

WHAT you do matters less than how you do it. Don’t get me wrong, what you do does matter. It’s just that HOW you do it matters more. When we move quickly, we pull from muscle memory and brain stem automatic response. So, if you react too fast on things that aren’t urgent, you box yourself into old patterns.

Except, in times of change, those old patterns don’t fit any better than shoes you wore in first grade. So, it’s time for a new pair of shoes, metaphorically speaking. When you slow down, pause, and take a good look around, you are free to take in more information than a rapid response would give you.

Your ‘conditioned response’ is actually stamped on your hand. You see, the lines in your hand include a ‘Mars’ region. It reveals your risk tolerance, your courage, your typical action style. All that in your Head line that runs right through that section on your hand.

But for the sake of efficient information, you will receive news you can use on what your hand has to offer! Each week this month we explore a bit more about the line, the region, and how to use yours wisely.

Because for anyone stuck in a Groundhog Day response this year, the pressure to change is building. The first weeks of January serve a wallop for those who dig in and refuse to grow. Much like a cork on heated champagne, it’s going to fly unless you find the way to let a new path emerge. So let’s get you on the better path, right?

Outside conflict points you in the right direction on what’s inside your mind to help you turn that corner. Next week we explore a bit more on how to use your martial talents to put you in the winner circle instead of on the floor in a knockout. Start with a peek at your hand.

You can get a free sample online reading at TruthinHand.com. Next week we will start the breakdown on your line and how to harness the power on hand for your best life when you tune in here. In the meantime, pause before you act…You’ll be very glad you did!

Author: Lisa Greenfield     https://www.bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/lisa-greenfield


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Weighing Your Heart in Heaven for All You’ve Done on Earth

We have all been conditioned to fear Judgement day at the end of our mortal days.

How are the scales bought into balance after judgement day? We must see who we are at that point, when all the lies that built our earthly life and actions are taken away and we are in the blinding light and love of the creator. We can become broken in our human lives and consequently make horrible choices. All of our lives are built around making sense of our pain in order to survive. When we pass to the other side, we are lovingly taken apart, healed and slowly put back together so that our experiences and choices can be seen with compassion and wisdom.

In the Spiritualist’s tradition the theology is that God, creator of all that is, intended that all the experience, knowledge and understanding we gathered during life be brought with us after physical passing to grow and learn from. Our consciousness survives after the change called death. We bring with us all the experiences that shaped us and the choices and consequences of those choices. Then we review it. All of it. Good, bad or indifferent we will pass into this new existence and be given the opportunity to review our life based on those experiences, how we have used them, and our effect on others and the world in general. Then and only then can we evaluate our worth as a human being.

What is a good life and a poorly lived life? If all of us lived our lives to the best of our abilities with due regard to others, taking into account the  trials and tribulations of life, and in the end can live with the consequences and our conscious of what we have done, that is the best we can do. Living a good, successful life has very little to do with fame or fortune, it has to do with the beauty and wealth of your spirit you touched the world with.

This principle expresses the natural law of cause and effect, a law that operates on earth as well as the afterlife. What we do now affects the growth of our Soul. In the afterlife we will be accountable for how we lived our life according to our Soul’s development. If we were meant to learn patience, did we avoid the opportunity or embrace it?

After our passing from physical form, when we are re-united with our Soul and the Creator, we are home, we are valued, our human lives matter. Our experience, knowledge and understanding from our magnificent lives are so very cherished.

Our life’s experiences influenced us, changed us and the people around us. We may have impacted our society as a whole. Our actions were geared to expand the spirit within us. Each action will be considered and valued. Our physical existence and experiences were preparing us for the end of our life. Every experience, thought, feeling, action in that human existence comes with us. It is the celebration of heaven to receive us back home and to hear of our journey and our challenges. Nothing is wasted.

God, or infinite intelligence love and light, is energy and not a corporal being. Let’s talk about compensation and retribution as a simple cause and effect, as in energetic ripples.

The law or principle of Cause and Effect state that every cause has an effect, every effect has its cause. Nothing happens by sheer chance. When we experience what seems like a random event, or even something that seems like a coincidence, it has a cause somewhere. Whether physical or mental or energetic, something set “it” in motion. The effect of one action becomes the cause of another action, creating a chain of events. Everything that happens not only in your life, happens in everyone else’s life. It has a root somewhere.

Every thought and feeling you have, action you take, causes an effect to you, to someone else, or to something else. You must be careful and accept responsibility for everything you do. Your thoughts, intentions, or action are amplified as they move out into the universe and then they return to you with a much more powerful impact.

There is no judgement, punishment, or reward to this process of cause and effect. Whatever you put out comes back to you, amplified. Do what you will and let it harm no one. You can do anything you want, BUT, you must accept, and you will be compelled to accept, the consequence of your actions. If you harm no one, no harm will come to you. This is the law behind the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  So: The next time you resent someone getting away with something “bad,” just wait and watch, and be glad it isn’t you who will have to pay for it later.

Author: Nancy Smith  https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/nancy-smith

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Social Distancing and Self-Discovery

Part 3: Using Chaos for Change

Do you know how a catalytic converter works?  It basically takes a substance, connects it with another substance and, in a dramatic chemical reaction, creates a third more useful (or at least tolerable) substance. It basically takes something bad and converts it into something good or at least neutral. So for those who are struggling with the myriad of chaotic and maybe even harmful changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, I say try thinking of this chaos as a spiritual catalytic converter.

Think of it this way, the spiritual and soul climate of the world has not been in very good shape for quite a while. It was rapidly declining and polluting the collective consciousness. I think we can all agree on that, can’t we?  Now think of all those light workers out there who have been working and battling for raising the collective vibration. Seems like they were fighting a losing battle sometimes, doesn’t it, especially with the onset of the pandemic?  But what if, and hear me out, what if the pandemic was like a catalytic converter?  What if it’s taking harmful collective negativity, processing it via dramatic change brought on by a pandemic, effectively changing a negative into a positive?

What if the chaos of the pandemic and social unrest/awareness issues is an opportunity for massive positive change? Well, it’s not really a question of what if, it’s a question of…Do you see it yet? And more importantly, are you going to continue to focus on the general spiritual malaise of the collective consciousness or raise your vibration to be part of the catalytic change?

We stand at a spiritual crossroads right now. In the words of Morgan Freeman’s character Red Redding in Shawshank Redemption, “You either get busy living or get busy dying.”  We have a choice, get busy making positive change within ourselves, or we get busy letting the negativity consume us until all of humanity is gone.

Sounds like a big job, doesn’t it? But here’s the truth. You aren’t supposed to change the world. You are supposed to change YOU. And while that’s not always an easy task, changing our own personal energy is much easier than changing the entire world. And I’ll give you a little spoiler alert right here:  If you change YOU –  your energy – you will have already changed the world.

Author: Samantha Hall https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/samantha-hall

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Finding 7th Heaven

The progression of a soul in heaven!

In the book Universal Spiritualism: Spirit Communion in All Ages Among All Nations, WJ Colville describes the levels or layers of heaven. In chapter 19 of this book, The Spirit World—as seen and Described by One Who has Visited It Frequently, Colville speak about the writings of Charles W. Leadbeater. Leadbeater describes the heavenly regions which are “shut out of carnal eyes.”

These heavenly regions are worlds of subtler substance than the physical world, interpenetrating it, and therefore all around us. Heaven is the world of thought, the mental plane, a supreme state of consciousness.  Hence the saying “The kingdom of Heaven which is within you.”

Leadbeater describes planes of existence as: an astral plane exists that is a feeling plane; the physical plane, the familiar earth of the senses, the world of action.  The physical body is the body of action. And a spiritual plane with the immortal Soul, which lives forever, in the heaven world and communicates with the physical world by means of physical impacts transmitted to the physical brain, then to the astral. Thence to the mental body.

The Soul is the immortal thinker and ego. As Leadbetter traveled up through the seven heavens he sensed a radiance of welcome and an absence of evil and discord. He felt intense bliss. He describes these levels of heaven as this:

The lowest and first heaven is affection for family and friends, unselfish, and mostly focused on the earth plane the spirit just left. The spirits in this first level of heaven think of themselves as still being very much part of earth. They pour love and grace onto those left in earthly world. Those on earthly world receive the benefits of the love showered down upon them. Conscious communication is possible from this layer of heaven.

The second heaven is an anthropomorphic religious devotion. These spirits carry out devotion and adoration of deities from their earthly experience. They perform specific tasks in alignment with the religious beliefs they have carried into heaven with them. These tasks are practiced in this realm. When the spirit is ready to progress they move to the third realm of service. In this second realm your spirit sorts out religious dogma and beliefs that you have held to keep you close to God, however you believed God to be. This is a place, along with the third heavenly realm,  of miracles and understanding the true nature of creation. (LOTS of engineers and bishops hang out here for YEARS…)

The third heavenly realm is about devotion expressing itself in active work. The spirit in this realm is going out to actively do deeds of service for the deity he/she is devoted too. In this realm the spirit travels back into earthly plane and into heaven to experiment with their own theories of God and creation. These spirits often Create miracles with those they are connected to on the earth plane.

The fourth heavenly realm is the place of GENIUS and is arranged in four categories:

  • Unselfish pursuit of spiritual knowledges
  • High philosophy and scientific thought
  • Literary or artistic ability expressed for unselfish purposes
  • Service for the sake of service.

This heaven is filled with noble and unselfish thinkers who seek insight and knowledge for the purpose of enlightening and helping others. Great musicians such and Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and many others can be found here, still flooding the heavenly world with harmony and glory. For the lonely artist, upon entering this heaven, joy surges back on him as he is reunited with his / her source. Through meditation and enlightenment, a soul still in earthly form may connect to this world for strength, encouragement and a return to his/ her power of creativity.

The fifth heaven is the true home of the soul of nearly all mankind. It is the most populated of all the heavens. All in those in this heaven are engaged in the present human evolution. These souls are in all ranges of awareness and development. Spirit can move around in all the 5 levels at will as they desire.

The sixth heaven is a peaceful countryside compared to the fifth heaven, the busy city. This heaven doesn’t contain as may souls as the fifth heaven. This is a loftier level where souls have advances to an awareness of the purpose and methods of evolution. This Soul knows he/she is engaged in the work of self-development. He/she has self-awareness to guide his or her own personality to a higher level of principles.

The seventh heaven of the mental contains the “Masters of Compassion and Wisdom” and all the initiated pupils. These souls work for the evolution of the human race, acting directly on souls incarnate, stimulating spiritual growth, enlightening intellect and purifying emotions. The seventh heaven is where the incarnate human souls retrieve their “genius” and receive their illumination. This is where all souls longing to grow and expand their human lives find their guidance.

Thus, as in everywhere else, the highest glory of the heavenly realms is found in service. Those who have accomplished their mental evolution are fountains from which flow strength for those who are still climbing.

Physical life is just one element of our existence, when we die, we pass to another form, with MANY other opportunities to refine our spirit. Once in heaven, the journeys will continue in the spirit world, through all the many heavens, until eventually we return back to where we came from, Mother Father God creator of all.

Author: Nancy Smith https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/nancy-smith

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Your Soul’s Progression

Our Spirit Continues after death, we all go to Heaven!

God saw everything that God had made, and indeed, it was very good.

—(Gen. 1:31)

“The heavens are telling the glory of God;
And the firmament proclaims
The divine handiwork….
In the heavens God has set a tent
for the sun, which comes out like a bridegroom
from his wedding canopy,

and like a strong man

runs its course with joy.
Its rising is from the end of the heavens,
and its circuit to the end of them;
and nothing is hid from its heat.

—(Ps. 19:1-6)

Closing time 
Time for you to go out: go out into the world. 
Closing time 

You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

Closing time 
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Closing time 
Time for you to go back to the places you will be from

I know who I want to take me home. 
I know who I want to take me home. 
I know who I want to take me home. 
Take me home


I have heard it said that death is the opposite of life, but I believe this to be a misunderstanding. If one believes in opposites, then physical death is the opposite of human birth and this is a progression of your spirit. Death is the gateway to our spiritual conscious self. There is no opposite of life. There is only continuation of life. In fact, Life is interwoven and interrelated between our human physical form and our spiritual form in a magnificent intricate weaving of thought, love and energies.

What happens when we die? How do we heal, learn and grow once our physical life has ended?  Once we are in our spiritual form, we see who we are at our essence, when all the illusions that we built in our earthly life and the things we did are removed, we stand in the blinding light and love of the creator. We can become broken in our human lives. People can make horrible choices when they are broken. Their lives, all of our lives actually, are built around making sense of our pain in order to survive. When we pass to the other side, we are lovingly taken apart, healed and slowly put back together so that our experiences and choices can be seen with compassion and wisdom.

After our passing from physical form, when we are re-united with our Soul and the Creator we are home, we are valued, our human lives matter. Our experience, knowledge and understanding from our magnificent human lives are so very cherished.

We are given ample time to review and assess and evaluate our life based on those experiences. This time of review includes healing, atonement and many chances to explore what we created with our lives.

During this time of review, we are guided with love and compassion by our Soul, our Guides that have stayed with us throughout our life, and by our loved ones who were in human form when we were. We are asked to make an honest assessment of what transpired in our lives. After this review, we, as conscious Spirit forms, are given opportunities to grow and learn from the experiences of our human life. When the consequences of our actions in life become overwhelming and seem to swallow us up, our Creator, Our Soul, Our Loving guides will gently hold us and help us bring back to balance that which we have torn asunder. We may need to make amends, and that is up to us and our creator as to what that will be. The door will always be open to atonement, to learning and to growing into the highest potential of our Souls.

In many a mediumship reading, I have felt the new interests and learning some spirits embark on after physical life. Some are very curious to study the events of their lives that caused them pain.  These spirits want to help those left behind to create something different and with healing. Some desire to explore and travel and enjoy things on earth they were not able to. Some return to the people they caused pain and damage to and work to bring healing and balance as guides or behind the scenes. It is often clear from these spirit messages that their own learning and growing is continuing, with the veil being pulled aside they remember the healing nurturing love they forgot when they were alive. The Message to us from spirit is to embrace yourself now in compassion and forgiveness. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and accepting of yourself in this moment. Do the best you can. You are important, you matter, just the way you are!

Author: Nancy Smith https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/nancy-smith

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