The Spiritual Side of Weight Loss: Yes, Thoughts Affect Weight Loss

It has been theorized that we have over 180,000 thoughts per day. That’s a lot of thinkin’. Some of those thoughts are fleeting, in one lobe and out the other. But what happens to those thoughts that we just can’t let go of? What happens to those ideas that we dwell and stew on?  Our thoughts and ideas, both good and bad, can’t stay cooped up in that brain forever. What happens to the ideas that we just can’t let go of our refuse to address?

Well, there’s an old saying that goes, “We hold our issues in our tissues” and spiritually speaking, it’s totally true.  Thoughts are energy and energy tends to be the most useful and productive when it’s allowed to flow freely. As a matter of fact, it’s the nature of energy to want to move, ebb and flow. So when we keep our thoughts cooped up within us they tend to force their way out one way or another. And more often than not they’ll force their way out in  the form of physical or emotional issues.

We, as spiritual mentors, can take a look at the thought-energy root of a physical/emotional problem and address it from that perspective, the perspective of stagnant energy. Now, that doesn’t mean ‘miracle cure’ but it can mean enlightenment as to the root of the issue which can lead a person to more productive physical healing modalities or productive changes in personal thought-behavior.

Now springtime tends to be when people focus on developing their ‘beach bodies’. First of all, let me say, that you are perfect just the way you are, but if you are looking to make some changes in your weight (either gain or lose) it’s imperative that you begin with changing the way you think.

Most people who have struggled with weight are well familiar with basic do’s and don’ts, but almost everyone who has tried and failed to achieve a more healthy weight has failed to realize that what we think and how we think it affects our body’s ability to lose weight AND our own behavior.

The first step for anyone who has tried to change their weight and failed is not changing nutrition or exercise programs, it’s changing your thoughts. Find a helper who can dig deeply into your history of thought and behaviors. Find a helper who can see beyond standard do’s and don’ts and peer directly into the spiritual soul of why these thoughts have kept you from reaching your goal. It’s not as hard as it seems and when that lightbulb flips on, you’ll see your energy change and your efforts will finally begin to yield results.

Thoughts have power, power to change the body, in good ways and bad ways. So, why spend another day letting old, stagnant, useless, thoughts keep you from your personal health goals?

Author: Samantha Hall https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/samantha-hall

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This. Is. Hard….

I know. I’m right there with you. These are uncertain times. With the outbreak of the coronavirus and closures everywhere you turn, so many of us are afraid, and not knowing what’s going to happen next. Let me just say it’s normal to have a variety of emotions. The most important thing that we can do during these times is to be gentle with ourselves. If you find yourself one moment crying and one moment feeling completely confused and lost, just realize that you are not alone. 

I know, for so many people, there have been extraordinary losses. For school kids, it’s the loss of classes and time with their friends. For many of us, it’s loss of work and the uncertainty and fear with loss of income. For many people, and especially the elderly, it’s simply the loss of human contact. Just not being able to gather in groups or get a hug is absolutely a huge loss. So if you’re feeling sad or depressed know, it’s completely normal. But what I want to add is something that I hope can change your perspective.

Now please understand I am not being Pollyanna about any of this. But there is something to be said for choosing your emotional state. It’s so easy to look at the glass half empty. And I know right now there is a ton of emptiness to go around. However, the fact that we all woke up this morning certainly has to be a blessing. There will be people reading this that say it’s not. And again, I can totally understand that. But it’s important during these times, as we build up our fortitude and strength of character, to notice what IS going well in our lives. And I’m not saying that everything is butterflies and rainbows right now because it’s definitely not. I myself have moments of time where I wonder how this will all turn out. But to help you hold on, here are a few things to keep in mind that I hope can help guide you through this crisis.

First, just take note of the little things. If you can take a walk outside or even sit outside and look up at the blue sky, that is certainly something nice. Think about the fact that you can open your eyes and look around and notice all the colors and beauty that there still is in this world. Hey, your eyes work!!  OK I can hear some of you saying “that’s so cheesy, Mari” but honestly, think about it. If all of your faculties are working, your body is processing things in the way it is supposed to for the most part, you are blessed. As long as you have food on your plate, shelter and can walk around (even in your own home), that counts for something. And it’s during these stressful times that we have the opportunity to shift our perspective and focus on the good things that we still have.

Secondly, think of people that have less than you even before Covid-19. How are they faring? If you’re upset that you didn’t get to make that great trip to Vegas think of people that have never been there in the first place. Yes that might seem hard to grasp, but it’s reality. No matter how little you have, more than likely, there’s somebody that has less. And focusing on all the things that go right for us on a daily basis helps to alter our attitude into one of Gratitude instead of one of Lack. 

And lastly, may I make a plea to look out for those people that might need some extra support. Perhaps you have an elderly friend or neighbor that could use a phone call just to say hi. People might be socially isolating but being socially isolated can certainly cause depression or worse. Make a mental note of anybody in your circle who could use a pick me up. Even if you send a them a card or drop off some packaged cookies, every little bit of kindness counts. And part of me feels that maybe some of the reason we are all going through this now is to remind ourselves that we need each other. No one is an island and in order to be happy and whole we need people. Just think about that for a minute.

But by no means am I saying all this is easy. Like I mentioned, it is a struggle. Daily. But just like if you were trying to get in shape, there would be struggles. Nobody jumps up every single day raring to go to the gym. Everybody has those moments where they’re like “Oh I really don’t wanna do this today, I’m not feeling it.” And it’s in those moments when you are building character and grit. But just because you intellectually know you should be grateful and focused on the good doesn’t make it easy. However, hopefully reading something like this might remind you when you’re having one of those moments (and trust me I have them all the time) to go back to the breath, focus on your heart space and give off a tiny thought of gratitude that you are still here.

This also doesn’t mean we stop mourning the things that we have lost. I know many people have had to cancel big events, weddings, family trips, tournaments etc. and have no clue how to soldier on. It’s just for whatever reason right now, it’s not the right time. As I like to tell my clients that when we look at life it’s as if we are looking at the back of a needlepoint. If you’ve never seen the back of a needlepoint project, it’s a mess. There’s strings going everywhere, there’s knots, colors that end abruptly – there is no clear vision at all. But that is how we view life- only from the back. It’s when we get some perspective and we can see the needlepoint from *the front* that we understand the bigger picture.

So know that you are not alone. These are trying times for the strongest of us. But if you take a few moments to add a little gratitude practice to your life you will visibly see how your energy will change. It’s not all doom and gloom. And we will get through this, make no mistake. But in the meantime, look up at the sky and count your blessings. I’ll be doing the same. Much love,Mari 

Author: Mari Cartagenova https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/mari-cartagenova

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Spiritual Hygiene to Deal with the Coronavirus

Our world is certainly turned topsy-turvy at the moment. There is definitely an issue with the coronavirus, and I understand that people’s nerves & psyches are frayed. However, I wanted to pass along some tips that will help with your spiritual hygiene and to stay emotionally centered during this difficult time.

Now I certainly understand that many people are at risk and many others are directly affected by the coronavirus. However, for most people in the world, the chance of getting something is fairly low. My concern as a Psychic Medium is it not the coronavirus but the virus of *fear* that is spreading like wildfire throughout the world. Sometimes this psychological virus is even worse than the actual germs themselves. So, I wanted to offer these few things to keep yourself emotionally safe and sound. 

  1. Please don’t listen to the media 24 hours a day. Find some time, whether it’s on your car ride in the morning or at night before you go to bed, to just have some quiet time. Read a fun book, cook something nutritious or just meditate and sit in the silence. This news fast allows your mind, and especially your heart, to have a breather. Listening to CNN or other stations saying the sky is falling over and over again just amps up our anxiety. And while it’s certainly important to be vigilant, wash hands and not hang around with people who appear sick, it is also equally important to not live in a fear-based mindset all the time. Living in this fear-based mindset causes stress, stress causes inflammation and inflammation can lead to disease. Now of course I’m not a doctor, but allowing yourself to be in this place of fear makes it so much more difficult for your body to fight off any germs or viruses should you encounter them. Please allow yourself to take some time away from the media and just be.
  2. Get yourself out in nature! Even if you just sit outside on your stoop or take a little stroll it’s so, so important to be out in the fresh air. Look up at the sky, the trees or anything natural. Allow yourself to take the deep cleansing breath and just be in the moment. Like your grandmother might’ve said “the fresh air will do you good” and this is still true!! Just being in nature allows us to reconnect to our soul selves. All the anxiety producing facts that we get from the media stirs up our ego self and puts us in that constant cycle of worry. Don’t become a victim to social media. Get outside with your kids, your dog or even by yourself. Take a walk to the corner instead of using your car. Don’t say I’ll do it later. Do it now. Your soul needs this.
  3. Especially before bed, you want to make sure you turn off your phone, tablet, computer etc. I know it’s so tempting for us to lie in bed all snuggly and warm and be scrolling social media on our phone. Sometimes I am guilty as charged as well. However, during these uncertain times, getting proper sleep is incredibly important. Light from the TV or other electronics makes it difficult for you to fall asleep quickly. Anybody who suffers from insomnia probably already knows this. So be sure to allow yourself some quiet time (at least an hour) before bed without any of the electronic light. Make yourself a cup of tea, warm milk or whatever will help get you in the relaxed mood. Sleeping also helps your immune system be stronger to fight off anything that may come your way.
  4. Now this one might not be everybody’s thing but honestly, it’s so important. To meditate. Now that doesn’t mean you have to sit cross-legged and ohm like a monk (but you can if you like!).  Meditation could be quietly walking outside while turning your intention inward. A meditation can be done while washing the dishes. Pay close attention to the dishes – focus on what you’re doing each second and breathe deeply and slowly. Meditation is simply slowing down your mind and being in the present moment. This allows your mind to not focus on the “what if’s” and all the worries we deal with daily. If you are comfortable in this meditative state I encourage you to invite in your spirit guides, angels, ascended masters or anyone you would like to work with. Ask them to help you through this difficult time with grace, ease and gratitude.
  5. And finally, I encourage everyone when they get up in the morning to make a statement that goes something like “I am Safe. I am Whole. I am Healthy.” This can be your mantra throughout the day that you can repeat anytime you feel like you are getting caught up in the news, social media or other fears and worries. Feel free to touch your index finger to your thumb as you do this. This grounds the thought into the physical and keeps it as a reminder for yourself throughout the day. You can also add your gratitude prayers at this time as well. Reminding ourselves that no matter how bleak things may look, there are always things to be thankful for.
  6. You may also, at the same time, surround yourself with a golden ball of light that encompasses you & your entire home. Thus, setting the intention that this golden ball of light keeps you safe, grounded and in your body. It is essential to stay in your physical body and not in your head when all this fear and negative energy is swirling around the planet.
  7. My final tip is – Every time you find yourself getting in your head and starting to worry, set the intention that this golden ball of light keeps you safe, grounded and in your body. Every time you find yourself getting in your head and starting to freak out do this: Take a deep breath and allow the breath to rise to the top of your head and roll down your back. As the breath rolls down your back, find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into your body. As you exhale, exhale out all the tension & stress and allow yourself to remain in your body, feeling yourself centered & calm in your heart area. This is a good exercise to bring you back to self every time you start to worry.

I hope these tips provide you with some comfort and some tools to get through this current health crisis we find ourselves in. Just know that despite how bleak things may look sometimes, this too shall *actually* pass and things will be back to the way they were. 

Make some time to spend with your loved ones and practice the upmost self-care. As always, I send you all my love and blessings.

Mari xoxo 

Author: Mari Cartagenova https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/mari-cartagenova

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Week 4: Love on Hand – A Month of Love Tailored to YOU

Step Three is ‘Feeling With‘.  This last step requires ‘radical compassion’ as Tara Brach defines it. Have you ever seen a wounded animal turn on the very people trying to help it? That is what we can become in our darkest traumatized Earth Heart. And it’s in everyone, a little, or a lot. But the Universe is abundant and wants you to know this when you are wounded. Because if we don’t understand, we bite the hand that feeds us.

This step retrains your brain to let in the things that are right for you. You get to decide what you say yes to and when you open up. That’s a very important thing to remember. Opening up to outside help doesn’t mean you lose your power to decide what feels right for you. That happened in childhood but it’s not true now.

Instead, when you ‘Feel With’ you to take quality time to realize you are hurt.  Anger, fear, almost all the difficult emotions, arise out of pain avoidance.  Until you sit with the wound yourself, you won’t know who and what to trust to help you. Rather, you isolate yourself or drive off the very balm your wound needs.

That’s why Earth Heart’s nickname is the Hermit. You pull back to avoid pain. Once you get these three steps, you will be able to handle the pain in life that goes with getting more love. To love is to risk pain. But to go without love is a deeper more damaging pain by far. Time to trade in suffering alone to safely shared love and manageable pain.

Feeling With requires physical action on your part. Put your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your belly even as you do the first two steps outlined in recent posts. If you don’t have your hands there by Step 3, time to put them there. Don’t get caught up in getting it right. The important thing is to be the adult present and ‘Feeling With’ the child within you.

With your hands on your heart and belly, feel those feelings that come up. Breathe into them. Ask yourself what those feelings need to hear. Reassure yourself that you won’t ever abandon you. Tell yourself that what you feel matters and you want to know. Be curious, listen deeply, hold yourself and stay present for your emotions. If your mind switches back to a story about what caused these feelings, bring them back to what you feel. It’s a sneaky form of self-abandonment to focus on ‘them’.

You are what matters. What you need to hear, what you feel, what needs to be heard and said by YOU. Hear yourself say out loud, “I’m with you, I’ll never leave you”. Listening to your own needs and feeling them heals you. Take time to show up for all of you, just as if you are sitting with that frightened four-year-old you once were.

The Neuroscience Of It All

The crazy part is when you do these three simple steps outlined, you rewire your brain. Your hands reflect this over time. Soothing yourself with your own attention, deep interest and compassion for what hurts, without acting on it yet activates dopamine. You get waves of it running through your body to feel better and counteract the triggers that set you down a reaction spiral.

The key is to offer the wounded child in you support as the strong adult you are now. You learn feelings won’t drown or overwhelm you when you feel what comes up and ask yourself, as often as you need, ‘what does this feeling need to hear from me’. Then say it to yourself. You may need to act on it by rocking or a hot bath. Stay in soothing mode, not protection mode. Self-care like this IS the best protection.

Remember we all drop back to our Earth Heart in trauma. Understand you’ve been taught what you should and shouldn’t express. When you lovingly sit with those places and spaces, without an agenda or time clock, healing happens. Know that you may want to do this the rest of your life. Why not? It’s free, legal and portable. You can do it anywhere. 

When the results are more love who loses by practicing this? Certainly not you. For this month of love, give yourself the most precious gift of all, quality loving time with you. As if by magic, or should I say magnet, others will join the flow.

For more help with this, check out Lisa’s Expand Love Capacity Authentically Experience where you actually see the change of mind changes those lines. 

Author: Lisa Greenfield https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/lisa-greenfield

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2020 Paradigm Shift

As we embark on this journey into 2020 and beyond, we have collectively come through a major paradigm shift for humanity. We may not see the effects of this shift concretely as of yet. However, those events will all begin to unfold on not only the world stage, but in our individual lives as well. We will all start to notice that both internal and external transformations are occurring on a huge level, as outdated beliefs, past conditioning, old patterns and oppressive and limiting structures disintegrate and fall apart. The significant conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn that we have been feeling and experiencing through 2019, was exact on January 12, 2020. This will eventually cause us all to look at our lives from a different viewpoint. It will become very clear, if it has not already, what is no longer working for us. Those things which no longer bring us joy or that are not for our highest evolution of spirit will fall away. If we don’t allow them to fall away with grace, the Universe will step in and crush them. Because what was, no longer is, and can no longer be in this energy.

This also has an impact on a global scale, specifically with the old order, the patriarchal system that no longer works for humanity, and Mother Earth. The time has come for us to be responsible for our planet. This will begin to take the forefront and in the coming months and years and will change the way we coexist with each other and Mother Nature. The old way of doing things and existing on Earth can no longer exist in the higher vibrations that we as a planet are entering.

If this paradigm shift has not become completely clear to you already, look at your life and the elements, people, situations, locations, and ask yourself: How do all of these things make me feel on a soul level? If there are things that still exist in your world that not only don’t bring you joy, but make you feel depleted or less than, then it is clearly time to move away from those elements. This can sometimes feel like loss, but in the biggest picture there is no other way. The greatest loss would occur if we stayed in the same old patterns and dynamics that no longer work in this new energy field. If we try to force the old to remain, we will surely experience a much greater loss than embracing the newer high vibrational experiences that we all came here for in this lifetime.

As I mentioned in my last BLOG post, this energy is also ripe for manifestation. This Saturn and Pluto conjunction heightens karmic attraction. So, whatever we have been focusing on and putting out to the Universe, is going to be returned in great magnitude. So, it is critical to focus on what is positive, healing and of the highest vibration in this new energy. Those that have already embraced this dynamic shift will see their lives abound with blessings and an ability to manifest all the abundance we can imagine. Therefore, welcome this transformational energy with an open heart, with courage and an understanding in faith that it is all for the highest good of not only humanity but for each and every one of us on this planet.

Author: Goddess Gillian https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/goddess-gillian

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2020 Laser Vision

As we sit on the threshold of not only a new year, but a new decade, and more importantly, a paradigm shift for humanity, we must consider how we will maneuver in this new world dynamic. What do we want to contribute to humanity, and what do we want to manifest over the next several decades?

My name is Goddess Gillian and I have been a clairvoyant and clairaudient for most of my life. In addition, I have been actively focused on expanding my consciousness and my psychic abilities intensely over the last decade or more.

The last decade, and the last several years specifically, have been challenging in some aspect for every human on the planet. This global intensity helped me focus on training my mind to stay positive, in a state of gratitude and manifestation, even in the face of massive challenges. The lessons have been profound. During this time, it became clear to me that the reason that life on Earth has been so challenging and intense is because the planet and its inhabitants have been experiencing the growing pains that happen just prior to a paradigm shift.

What I’ve been seeing and feeling in my meditations, and readings, is that a massive energetic transformation is imminent for the entire human population. The last two years have been beyond what most humans have experienced in their lifetimes in terms of challenges and feeling thwarted. I’ve seen this across-the-board with my clients and have experienced it myself. But psychically, what I’m seeing now when looking at 2020 and beyond, is what appears to be a beautiful golden landscape that’s ripe for Manifestation! The energy of 2020 is like having laser vision after being in the dark for a very long time.

Validating this is the fact that the planet has actually moved into a place in the galaxy that has much more light. The light waves hitting the planet now are more than the human race has experienced in tens of thousands of years. This is causing shifts in the planet as a whole energetically and we, as its inhabitants, are transforming our DNA, and coming into a state of expansion of consciousness and spiritual growth and awareness.

2020 is a significant demarcation of this new energy hitting the planet and the vibrational change that it will bring. So, as you embark on this new year, new decade, and new type of energy, think about what you want to manifest Your life and the lives of your children and your children’s children. This is a turning point for humankind.

In this beautiful golden landscape of 2020 that is ripe for manifesting, are you going to throw out seeds of abundance, joy, financial success, amazing health, true love…Or are you or are you going to throw out seeds of fear, anxiety, and longing?? In this new energetic landscape, the seeds you throw out with your thoughts, words, and actions, will manifest faster and more expansive than anything you’ve ever experienced in your lifetime.

People that have really been wallowing in self-pity, blame, and playing the victim role will likely suffer exponentially in this new energy, as they will manifest more of the same on a grand scale. Therefore, it’s critical to focus on what is positive, and what is abundant, and what brings you joy. Those things will manifest into the most abundant time that you’ve ever experienced in your life and will trickle down to generations to come!

Knowing this, all light workers are being called forth at this time to focus on positivity in order to assist in the ascension of humanity into this higher vibration and frequency. The laser beam energy of 2020 will allow us to focus our minds to beam out positivity to the collective. This will help humanity take a quantum leap into our highest manifestation as Light Beings.


Author: Goddess Gillian https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/goddess-gillian

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The Holidays, Grief and The Collective Consciousness

There is something called the collective consciousness. Wikipedia defines it thus: Collective consciousness, collective conscience, or collective conscious (French: conscience collective) is the set of shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society.[1] In general, it does not refer to the specifically moral conscience, but to a shared understanding of social norms.  

When the holidays roll around, it can be very difficult to follow our individual hearts and minds when it comes to how we really feel we want to be and act vs the almost overwhelming pull to join the bandwagon “just because…” Just because…what exactly? Tradition? Our upbringing? Expectation? Or the collective consciousness?  For people who are grieving loss, dealing with a depression perhaps, ill, exhausted, or just simply wanting a break from the demand of the winter holiday season and all that seems to automatically go along with it, it can be downright dreadful.  

I know for me personally, with one child launched in the world, and the other on the precipice this year, and most of our parents passed, Christmas (our holiday) and New Year and all that comes with it feels very different for our family now. I also, by my nature, can wax very nostalgic and sentimental, so I could really go down a rabbit hole grieving what was, and is no more etc. Then the thought of all the decorating, hosting of friends, shopping, rushing around makes me want to dive under the covers until January 2! Sound familiar? But…. then there’s the part of me, the child within who adores the lights, the wonderment, the heart expanding feeling in the air of the spirit of the season; kindness, thoughtfulness, merriment, and music. So, here’s what I am suggesting for those who are relating to this article so far…do what FEELS RIGHT FOR YOU! Decorate or don’t. Give gifts, or don’t. Make special plans, prepare certain foods, entertain, OR DON’T. I encourage you to be aware of what feels real and true in your heart. What feels right in your body, your energy level. Then stop, and really ask yourself, why am I doing this? Or not doing that? Do I feel I am SUPPOSED to because it’s what we do in December and January? (The collective consciousness) …or because other people are expecting me to? What would it feel like to not decorate? Or perhaps just a whisper of decoration this time? What is true, and authentic in my motivation this holiday season? I am offering the idea of giving yourself PERMISSON to pause, reflect, and then decide to act or not, or any shade between the two! You are not lazy, wrong, weird, selfish, lost or my favorite; a Scrooge if you a). don’t partake, or b). partake somewhat in the holiday traditions. When you are authentic and connected with yourself, and not on auto pilot, you may find you wish to do small warm and lovely things for yourself, your home and others. Light a candle and weep for your missed loved ones. Soothe your soul with a piece of music you love and hot bath. Call a friend you genuinely want to connect with. GO out into the cold crisp wintry air and breathe in deeply, perhaps with gratitude for the small easy things of life.  Simplify.  

Give yourself the gift of truth this year. Your own truth. And see how brightly your own inner light can shine.  

Author: Katherine Glass https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/katherine-glass

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Fall is the Perfect Time of Year for New Year’s Resolutions

Why would you make a new year’s resolution in the fall season? Samantha Hall explains in her most recent post.

Fall is generally the time we look back at how far we missed the mark on our New Year’s Resolutions, but it shouldn’t be, and I’ll tell you why. Making changes in our lives is typically something we think about in January. Resolutions to overhaul our lives come as the new year dawns and, just a few short months later, we drop the ball.  Why is that? Well, simply put, it’s just too much change too fast. That much change can be overwhelming. So how do we avoid that inevitable resolution failure?  The answer is easy. Start slow, start simple, and above all, start now.

NOW, as the seasons change from summer to fall, is the perfect time to start building your personal change.  Don’t wait until January and burden yourself with a gigantic list of immediate personal changes that will be so overwhelming that you’ll drop them in a week. Start slow, ease into it. Don’t leap into change, wade in.  Take some time right now to look at what you’d like to see change in your life during the course of the next year. Write it all down. Be honest with yourself about why you want to make those changes.  We are often most successful with our changes when we really want to make them, rather than making changes just because society says we should.

Over the next three months pick and choose which habit changes you’d like to ease into first. Want to go vegetarian but feel like it will be too daunting? Then don’t quit meat cold turkey (pun intended), do it slowly. Incorporate more veggies than meat until you finally transition over to full vegetarian. Want to work out more but have every excuse why you can’t? Then don’t stress yourself out with a gym membership you won’t use. Find 10 minutes a day to do the most pleasant and useful exercises for you, AT HOME.  Then add a few more minutes and a few more exercises until you are finally comfortable with your routine and not sore and miserable.  Want to meditate more but can’t find the time? You don’t need an hour a day, just grab a notebook and jot thoughts down as they come to you on your lunch break or with your morning coffee. Soon you’ll realize that those few sentences are just as powerful as a full-blown hour of personal introspection.

Start slow, start simple, don’t make gigantic changes that will stress you out, zap your energy and make you feel like a spiritual failure. Ease into changes slowly over the next three months and when January 1st rolls around you’ll have already had a great head start on your New Year’s commitment to great energy and personal change. And maybe, just maybe, by the end of the coming year, you’ll finally be able to say… “I actually stuck to all of my New Year’s resolutions!”

Author – Samantha Hall

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A Great Starting Place to Simplify Your Life

Simplifying your life goes a long way to reducing stress, but where do you start?  Let’s start with hidden stressors. Believe it or not, one of the biggest hidden stressors is your closet (your wardrobe) and I’ll tell you why.

An overstuffed closet, drawers bursting at the seams or jewelry boxes with tangled necklaces and mismatched earrings are pure stress in the making.  First of all, it’s difficult to find what you want, not to mention you might not even know what you have in there anymore. An overstuffed closet/drawers also makes doing laundry and putting it away an added stress when there’s no space. And what about ironing?  Are your clothes so stuffed in your closet that, when you do select an outfit, it now must be ironed before you can even wear it?  And who has time to scavenger hunt for the other earring or detangle a necklace when getting ready in the morning? See what I mean – hidden stress. So, what do you do?

Let it go! Go through each and every piece of clothing you own and ask yourself some very simple but important questions. Do I wear it? How long has it been since I’ve worn it?  Am I keeping this because it takes me back to a happy time 20 pounds ago?  Will I ever wear it again? Etc., etc.

Many people have difficulty letting go of clothing due to financial appraisal. They think, “No, this doesn’t fit, but if it ever does, it would cost me more to replace it than to just keep it.”  Good point, but let’s be honest. If it’s a matter of fitting into something, what are the odds that you’ll want to go back to your old wardrobe rather than purchasing new items to fit the new, more svelte you? 

Let it go! If your items are still in good enough shape, consider consigning them. A little cash back can lessen the blow of letting go.  And things that aren’t in good enough shape to consign, can always be a tax deduction to a 501(c) charity.

Pair your closet down to what you REALLY wear that is congruent with your lifestyle now.  No longer work in an office?  Then why all the dress clothes?  How long has it been since you attended a formal event?  Do you really need 8 formal dresses when one Little Black Dress would do?

Really assess your lifestyle NOW and then let go of things that simply don’t fit into this chapter of your life. Having trouble letting go? Then do it in rounds. Let go of a few things, then pair down more in round two in a week or so.  A neater, more efficient closet will help reduce that ‘what to wear today’ stress which, when paired with other simplification techniques, will lead to overall increased energy, happiness and personal peace.

Author: Samantha Hall

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Make Every Morning Feel Like Saturday Morning

Ahhh, Saturday morning. A day where you don’t have to be up with that siren of an alarm, a day where you can take your time, enjoy a cup of coffee, and slow the hectic pace a little. Oh, how we look forward to our day off where, for just a few minutes, nobody needs us, we aren’t running for the school bus or trying to beat morning traffic. Wouldn’t it be nice if every morning could feel just a little more like a Saturday morning? Well, it can, and it should! Here’s why and how.

If you are stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed, one of the worst things you can do is hit that snooze button and then hit the ground running. I know, I know, you need every minute of sleep, but hear me out. If you practice this technique, you’ll be setting yourself up for a calmer, relaxed and energy filled day…good energy, not desperate double espresso fueled energy.  This less stressed start off can lead to better more restful sleep, which will make rising early easier. See what happened there? A double pay off!

Starting your day in a rush is nothing short of an all-around spiritual energy killer. That extra rushed stress can increase cortisol levels in the body which can cause a myriad of physical and emotional symptoms that you certainly don’t want. High cortisol levels can lead to weight gain, adrenal fatigue, and more. And it may not seem like much to hit the ground at a sprint each morning, but it adds up and starts your day off in a stressed state of mind. But, if we take some time to train ourselves to make each morning a little more like Saturday mornings, we start to see a difference in our stress levels, our personal energy, and our attitude. The hardest part is getting started, but once you start, you’ll never go back.

I get it, I really do, you need your rest, but I promise that early rising will pay off the first day AND it’ll only get better from there on out. Start by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier and work up to the amount of time you need to make each morning slow and relaxed.  Commit that time to having a cup of coffee, tea or your favorite smoothie or beverage. Sit in your favorite spot, enjoy the sunrise, do whatever it is you feel like doing that is not rushed. Just enjoy. Those few minutes to yourself will go a long way to starting your day on the best energetic foot possible.

Each week or day (your preference) get up a little earlier. Use that time to do a little yoga, spend a little more time on your morning hygiene routine, take a few minutes to jot down some goals or thoughts. This is YOU time, use it for yourself, THEN get the kids up or get yourself ready for work.

As you start to experience the slower, more relaxed morning pace, you won’t want to go back to that morning rush chaos.  After all, that morning chaos was what was causing the problem in the first place!

Author: Samantha Hall is a full time psychic, medium and spiritual mentor. Transplanted from her roots in Arizona, Samantha now makes her home in Northwest Georgia. Part philosopher, part psychic, student of quantum sciences and consciousness, Samantha is always searching for answers to what make humans so uniquely human. https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/samantha-hall

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