Chakras, Energy and Relationships

Energetically we are built with 12 chakras. Our physical body is constructed around seven chakras. These seven chakras are our core essence. Then there are two chakras above our heads, one chakra below our feet, a chakra in each palm of our hands and soles of our feet. Each of these chakras is connected to a life-line, or Hara line that reaches from the Akashic field of energy to deep into the earth. Finally, an energy system, called the 12th chakra, connects the meridian points of your body to your auric field, what I call your energy bubble or the energy sphere that surrounds you.

The 12th chakra extends all the way to your energetic edge or bubble. There are filters on the edge of the energy bubble allowing information through to the 12th chakra which then carries the information to the physical body and the chakras. This energy passes through etheric layers before reaching the core self. It is made up of a mental layer, emotional layer and physical layer, with the physical layer being the closest to your body.

The seven chakras make up the core of your energetic self. This core is the energy that runs your “ship.” It is unique to you, it is precious to you. If the core melts down, the ship (your body and consciousness) is going with it.

In a healthy relationship we blend our energies with another, we give and take energies in the form of communication. We do this through our energy bubble and our 12th chakra.  This information flows to our core.  The person’s personal core energy stays with them and yours with you. You are connected, but you are not draining vital force energies.

You are meant to interact through your energy bubble and the 12th chakra that surrounds you. If there is a break, breech, or tear in your core energetic system you may begin to exchange and “bleed” your vital forces. When that happens you become vulnerable to negative outside influences and can be affected in many subtle and out-of-balanced ways in relationships before you even realize it.

Breaks can come from trauma and unresolved issues in our lives. Other people can make tears in our energy system.  They can throw energetic tentacles into our energetic system to drain or control us. We can also unconsciously do the same to others.  When we are in a relationship or beginning a relationship, these out-of-balance energies affect us and they affect the way we interact with another person.

  • You loose track of who you are.
  • You may loose personal power to the relationship.
  • You may make choices that are not in your best interest for your highest good.
  • You become addicted to the relationship.
  • Your personal perceptions become skewed.
  • You engage with the wrong person for you BECAUSE your energy is out of balance.
  • You feel depleted.
  • You are attracted to people who are not good for you.

You can change that pattern through personal work and with an energy healer.

Understanding yourself energetically is immensely helpful at the early phases of a relationship. “Who am I?” resonates with your solar plexus chakra – the energy center between your ribcage and your navel. “Who am I sexually?” resonates with your sacral chakra – energy center just below your navel. You broadcast (unconsciously) from these centers to magnetize/attract partners to you. What if these energy centers are broken and not functioning to their highest best? Who would you be attracting then?

When you find yourself out of your personal power, pull back. Open your Akashic records and connect with your Angels and guides. Make your intention to be in the healing mode in Akashic Field of Energy. Begin the session.  Imagine you are sitting in a bubble of your own energy. Imagine the bubble contains your core essence, Imagine expanding that bubble beyond your body. How does it feel? Now imagine pulling the bubble in close to your body.  Do you sense any subtle pulls or tugs physically or emotionally? That is a cord.

Disengage any core chakras that are involved in the relationship. Imagine disconnecting from the force that is pulling at you.  Ask your higher guidance to assist you. Then, ask your spiritual team to build a layer of protection and healing around you and your core essence. Ask your spiritual team for assistance on how to engage in a balanced exchange from your 12th chakra and energy bubble.

Now you can re-engage with the relationship with your 12th chakra. Imagine pulling your core essence close to your physical body.  Imagine a separate, flexible bubble surrounding you. This is your 12th chakra.  Allow this separate bubble to now engage in this relationship. This will help you get some distance.

Invite your sacred witness self to observe the relationship. This quiet observation will help you clearly discern what is going on. Observe the difference in your viewpoint of this relationship when you engage your energy differently.

Love deeply, love well and stay balanced!

Author: Nancy Smith


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Are You Open to Receive?

One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned in my life has been to receive. While this can be easy for some, for others it doesn’t come as naturally. As a child growing up, receiving wasn’t safe. I grew up in a household where love may be given at times, but then it could equally be taken away in an instant. I also had so many struggles with my family being abusive and my mom being an addict that, to me, life was hard and that’s all it would ever be.

Every part of my being and body believed this and, because of what I believed, everything in my life was continuously difficult and situations were constantly dramatic and chaotic. It was like I was tuned to a frequency of not receiving, with an addition of life being hard. Something that always stuck with me was my mother giving me gifts after she abused me. She would consistently do this and I always associated gifts with abuse, leaving me with the mindset: if someone gives you something they are going to abuse you.

About 9 years ago, when I started my spiritual journey and doing my professional spiritual work, everything did change for me. I realized that I didn’t want to be tuned into these frequencies of life being hard as well as being scared to receive. I saw people manifesting things in their lives and I was fascinated by what they were doing. After working with some spiritual mentors to heal my past and open myself up to this new life and way of living, I was shocked to realize that abundance is available to all of us.

The first time that I ever manifested anything I was blown away. I had manifested around $10,000.00 to come in as fast as possible. It did come in right away! I looked in my mail and there it was, exactly the amount I was asking for and I was pre-approved for a loan. I’d never even seen a letter or an offer like this at the time. I was so excited and amazed that it actually worked. My next manifestation was asking the universe and the divine to help me start my own spiritual business and to assist me in attracting clients. During that time, I was working in the medical field and all of a sudden I started having requests from my coworkers to work with me for readings and healing sessions too. So, I would work with them right at my kitchen table – at home. The month I decided to leave my medical career, a Psychic Australian company hired me and I had access to hundreds of clients instantly. Again the universe and the divine had my back and things that I was asking for were happening! I was shocked and delighted.

The key to everything was that I decided I didn’t want to live in the frequency that I grew up in anymore. I had to let go of my past and see the gifts in it. I had to learn to love myself and know that even though my family hurt my self esteem so badly, I could love myself and create my own self esteem. Although my family didn’t have my back, the universe and the divine did. I’ve learned to have a powerful “ask and receive” relationship with the universe and the divine. The more I received, the more I saw that I wasn’t going to get hurt and that bad things weren’t going to happen. There were no more abuse ties with money. Now, to this day, when I wake up in the morning I ask the universe, “What gifts can I receive today?” I ask what would it take for me to feel amazing, happy, and love the clients that I work with. I don’t answer these questions, but I do let the universe and the divine answer them for me. The answer is incredible and the amount of joy that I have in my life is incredible. I also keep getting surprised because it gets better and better. The beauty about this is that I can help my clients to do the same.

Photo of Tiffany Powers, our January BAP Featured Blogger
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Inner Physical Struggles and Transforming

Award-winning psychic medium Deborah Livingston examines menopause and the symptoms that affect a woman’s physical being as well as mind, body, and soul. From personal experience, she proclaims that menopause, although extremely challenging, is an open invitation for transformation through spiritual healing…

As a woman experiencing perimenopause in my late thirties, and now full blown menopause in my early fifties, I can speak to the many difficulties in keeping my whole mind, body and soul balanced. Although I am not a doctor, I do have personal experiences to draw from. Menopause affects women physically, mentally and spiritually. As a spiritualist and practicing psychic medium, I have found that connecting with my own spirit has enabled spiritual healing and mid-life transformation.

The physical symptoms of menopause can be daunting. The changes that occur can include weight gain, headaches and hot flashes. The hot flashes happen during the day, night or both. I personally experience the night sweats which, in turn, has a major impact on my quality of sleep. There, of course, are also the emotional and intellectual changes. These may include brain fog, mood swings, menopausal anger and other emotions that can fluctuate often, creating that roller coaster ride. Different days can bring different emotions such as anxiety, depression, fear, a feeling of going crazy, worry it’s never going to go away and a loss of faith and even your own spirit. My daily dominating symptom seems to be crying over the smallest little thing and then feeling as though I’m going off the deep end.

None of these symptoms, of a very natural physical state and part of life, mean we’re going crazy. In fact, they are a sign that our spirit is healthy. Our spirit is speaking to us and expressing that, once this temporary menopausal experience is complete, we are to share more, just as I am here with you, and to do more by experiencing everything life has to offer, being the best we can be. We need to open our hearts and listen to the soothing whispers of our soul. Our spiritual healing lies within.  Menopause is an open invitation to transformation.

Just as outside life experiences can have an effect on our mind, body and soul, so can inner experiences, including menopause. It is through change that transformation happens.  One of the things that happens in menopause, that doesn’t get nearly enough press, is that you change spiritually (if you are open to allowing). Not unlike the butterfly, menopause is a full transformation: body, mind, and spirit.

I have found that, by turning to spiritual practices during menopause, I’m able to relinquish thoughts in my mind that, in turn, trigger extreme emotions. Instead, I can respond to menopause from the spiritual healing that lies within. The practices/steps that I have taken may also help other women heal and transform their body, mind and soul. These practices/steps are:

Meditation: listening to your spiritual voice from a safe space and hearing what it has to say about this world, what it needs, and where you fit in to the plan. We all have a spiritual purpose.

Energetic view: looking at your menopausal experience through the lens of the chakras and meridians and understanding from a physiological point of view.

Personal view: spiritual healing is just listening to your story, tapping into your deepest self, and then asking questions within you that enable you to open and heal.

Self-love: remembering that you are right where you are supposed be. You are beautiful and perfect just as you are. Love yourself and recognize who and what your spirit is and your inner truths.

Transformation view: Shifting your thoughts to a deeper level and meaning that sheds the true meaning of menopause which is change, and through change comes transformation and spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is about recognizing your beautiful spirit and helping to set it free. Keep the faith and trust in you and your spirit.

If allowed, menopause can potentially can steal our inner spiritual power. By becoming mindful and remembering that the journey through the menopausal symptoms and the effects on our mind, body, and soul is an open invitation to transform, we can spiritually heal. Remember that life is a series of universal, synchronistic events that allow our soul to evolve and grow and this is just another one of those events.

Author: Deborah Livingston https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/deborah-livingston

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Our Spirit, Here on Earth

There is growing recognition among society that eternal spirits, having a human experience, can either choose their journey by reacting to life or by responding. When we are born there exists a natural state of peace, wisdom and love, all of which is affected by outer life experiences. The effects life has on us can either squash our spirit, enhance our ego to lead us down our life path, OR become an invitation to shift our thinking and renew our lives-much like the transformation of a butterfly. Humans can continue to slowly crawl through the dirt of what they perceive and be victims of life, or they can change their thoughts and undergo an equally dramatic transformation. This transformation allows an unfolding of the path to liberation from within the depths of the soul, emerging, after great struggle, as an expression of divinity in the world and evolving from self- imprisonment to growing wings of freedom.

When spirits/souls are born into a human being, they bring with them their infinite natural state of peace, wisdom and love. It is society, up-bringing and mind conditioning that defines how human minds either react or respond to outside forces of life. “The Mother” of White Roses sixth Edition, 1999 said “Never forget that the greater life difficulties, the greater also our possibilities. It is only those who have great capacities and a big future who meet the great obstacles and hardships.”  It is the conscious mind that understands living in the dark can either create a hell and a victim status or, knowing, by honoring the dark times along with great times, enables gratitude for the light and mastering positive thoughts and responses to life. Life adversities are an invitation for change into positive energy.

There is a clear and defined difference between reacting to life and responding. The growing recognition of such makes for a realization of one’s true life destiny.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, human beings are made up of a whole. The whole consists of mind, body and soul. When humans allow negative reactions to life, it effects a part or parts of the whole. If either the mind, body or soul is out of balance due to reacting as opposed to responding to life, the energetic health of the whole is greatly affected. The reactions come from ego such as fear, anger and resentment.  Only when humans respond through their heart are, they able to experience continuous growth and evolution of their spirit/soul in their daily happiness, peace and fulfillment.

Human beings have free will. It is free will that ultimately defines and creates their life path and destiny. Life can be lived in imprisonment of the mind causing additional life adversities OR not giving life experiences permission to dictate the future of their lives. External life forces do have an effect on the internal wellbeing of humans. Adversities and struggles can elicit the ego to take charge of our lives. The ego is made up of negative thoughts and thoughts are energy. Negative energies of fear, anger, resentment etc. that are not processed and let go of, result in negative patterns, poor health, negative life paths and even affect the lives of others. When humans take the time to allow their heart to feel, process, learn and let go, they are able to respond with positive energy. They understand, that, for every negative there can be a positive outcome. The transformation of human minds and thinking also transitions their perception in how they see this school called life. Their soul awakens.

Not all humans have the strength to overcome reactions of life through ego. They can become depressed, sick in the mind and/or body, substance dependent, suicidal, and experience a lifetime of seeking revenge and selfishness, most of which is fear of the unknown. FEAR is just an acronym for false evidence appearing real. Darkness is an illusion that disappears with the Light. Fear is an illusion that disappears with Love. Ego is an illusion that disappears into imprisonment of one’s mind.

The humans that choose to overcome conditioning, society’s rules and illusions, and the veil that harbors their natural state, can transform and respond to outer life experiences and lead a healthy, fulfilling life, discovering their destiny and purpose. According to Silver Birch, “Grief, sorrow, sickness and suffering are part of the means by which the children of earth are taught the greatest lessons. If truth were to be found with ease, it would not be appreciated. It is because truth comes in the hour of greatest sorrow or suffering that value is placed upon it by the one who is ready to receive. Trite though it may sound, you cannot obtain truth until you are spiritually ready.” This translates to, humans must be willing to face outer life forces, process, accept and let go in order to transform with the whole mind, body and soul. Transformation from life experiences enables human beings to respond instead of reacting.

Author: Deborah Livingston https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/deborah-livingston

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Why Meditation?

I started my meditation practice 20 years ago and it has enabled me to get closer to my own spirit, therefore enabling me to be more available to the spirit world. As a medium it’s very important to be balanced in the mind, body and soul and to become available to the spirits of those here, and hereafter. The truth is anyone can benefit from meditating.

By definition, meditation is an ancient practice of calming the mind. It is believed to originate in India several thousand years BCE. Throughout early history, the practice was adopted by neighboring countries and many religions throughout the world. What was once considered a religious practice is now also used for the benefits it has on the mind, body and soul. Meditation is relaxation. It is not about concentration, it’s actually about de-concentration. It is a widening of the space between thoughts and, over time, the space grows. It’s a practice of controlling your mind. Some may say it’s becoming thoughtless, but I don’t believe that. Meditation practice has many benefits for the mind, body and soul.

Meditation benefits the mind by cleansing and nourishing you from within and calms you, whenever you feel overwhelmed, unstable, or emotionally shut down. A regular practice of meditation results in these benefits to the mind: anxiety decreases, emotional stability improves, creativity increases, happiness increases, intuition develops, clarity and peace of mind increases, and problems become smaller. Meditation sharpens the mind by gaining focus and expands it through relaxation and balance of a sharp mind and an expanded consciousness.

Spiritual benefits are achieved by what I call sitting in your own power, (your spirit energy) or meditation. It is beneficial as it provides an effortless transition from being something to merging with the infinite, and recognizing yourself as an inseparable part of the whole cosmos. In a meditative state, we are in a space of vastness, calmness and joy and this is, then, what we emit into the environment, bringing harmony between ourselves, earth and the universe. Meditation can bring about a true personal transformation. As you learn more about yourself, you’ll naturally start discovering more about yourself and love yourself, essentially getting closer and closer to your own spirit.

According to many doctors, meditation has been proven to improve our physical health. With meditation, the physiology of our body undergoes a change and every cell in the body is filled with more prana (energy). This results in joy, peace, and enthusiasm as the level of prana in the body increases. A moving meditation such as yoga is wonderful for achieving this. Other benefits are that it lowers high blood pressure, lowers the levels of blood lactate, reduces anxiety attacks, decreases any tension-related pain, such as tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problems, increases serotonin production that improves mood and behavior, improves the immune system and increases the energy level, as you gain an inner source of energy.

Although there are many different types of meditation these 6 are the most popular:

Mindfulness: In mindfulness meditation, you pay attention to your thoughts as they pass through your mind. You don’t judge the thoughts or become involved with them. You simply observe and take note of any patterns. This practice combines concentration with awareness. You may find it helpful to focus on an object or your breath while you observe any bodily sensations or thoughts.

Spiritual: Spiritual meditation is used in Eastern religions, such as Hinduism and Daoism, and in Christian faith. It’s similar to prayer in that you reflect on the silence around you and seek a deeper connection with your God or Universe.

Focused:  Focused meditation involves concentration using any of the five senses. For example, you can focus on something internal, like your breath, or you can bring in external influences to help focus your attention.

Movement:  Although most people think of yoga when they hear movement meditation, this practice may include getting in nature by walking through the woods, gardening, qigong, and other gentle forms of motion. It’s an active form of meditation where the movement guides you.

Mantra: It can be a word, phrase, or sound, such as the popular “Om.”

Transcendental: This practice is more customizable than mantra meditation, using a mantra or series of words that are specific to each practitioner.

All of these types can be combined or used alone. Always start slow. Begin with ten minutes, then add a couple of minutes a day until you get up to a ½ hour. Good luck and a happy and healthy meditative life to you.

In closing, “quiet the mind and the soul will speak” by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Author: Deborah Livingston: 


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Alert! Growth Opportunity Ahead

Mistakes happen for a reason. When you’re in the middle of having something horrible happen to you it doesn’t feel good. You feel like “How did this happen to me?” or, “I can’t believe I messed up so bad, what is wrong with me?” Self-blame. Criticism. The ego always goes to self-blame, never to what we can learn. Blame only comes from the ego – it doesn’t come from your source, or from your spirit self. There is no blame from Spirit, only lessons. I’m not saying if a natural disaster or other tragedy occurs that there is some meaning or reason for that. I don’t pretend to know everything. I think sometimes bad things just happen. The blunders I’m talking about are making a mistake at work that ends up costing you your job or giving a report to a client that you thought was fantastic, but they said it was way off base. Ugh. Red-faced. Embarrassed. Angry. It’s about the times that leave a trail of nausea in the pit of your stomach, making you feel about 2” high. These boo boos happen to us all but can make us feel alone in our mistakes. And, accompanying this feeling, there’s usually a sense of shame and regret. Note: These are your soul’s warning signs to *pay attention* because there needs to be learning and course correction. This isn’t the time to avoid the matter or to not take ownership. Often when we mess up, it is embarrassing, and we come down on ourselves harder than anyone from the outside. It is important to own up to our mistakes, to apologize if necessary and take the next steps.

What are the next steps? Be honest with yourself and ask, “What can I learn from this?” When we are in the throes of an issue or something has gone wrong (and something always does, at one time or another) we need to step back and understand the lesson. “Why did this happen to me now, at this time in my life?” This is so we can repair whatever broken pieces there are and move forward in a more complete and transformed way. It is essentially the process of life – finding the broken pieces and repairing them. It’s not always comfortable and it doesn’t always feel good, but it’s essential for our soul’s growth. That is why we are here – to make mistakes. After all, earth is the classroom of life. Nobody gets 100 on every assignment. At times, there are things circled in red on your paper and you say “Rats, I thought that was really good”. But there’s always room for improvement for everyone. I’ll tell you a little story. I was recently at the UPS store. I needed to mail a package and there was a line. I took my place in line and started to fidget on my phone, look around and wonder how long this was going to be. After waiting five – ten minutes I realized I had a choice to make. I could get annoyed, arrogant and wonder why *I* had to wait so long or I could settle into the waiting. I chose option number two. I asked myself why I was here at this moment. What was I supposed to be learning? As I stood in this line for close to 30 minutes, I realized this was all about patience. Believe it or not, I am not always the most patient person in the world and it is something I am working on. Instead of getting mad and being frustrated, I had an opportunity to work on myself. The Universe always presents you with opportunities, you just need to pay attention to them. As I stood in line for a good length of time, I was smiling because I had risen above the ego and the exasperation and was able to just be in the moment and be at peace. #Winning.

So next time something irritating happens and you feel disappointed or let down, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. Everyone on this earth has experienced something similar at one point or another. This is a signal from the Universe and from your soul that this is your opportunity to grow. It’s like if you were cooking an amazing meal. Before you set the meal out to friends, you do some tasting along the way. Perhaps it needs more salt, or there’s not enough vegetables or you need to cook it a bit longer. As you go along transforming your dish there are adjustments to be made. That doesn’t mean that you’re a terrible cook – it just means you’re imperfect and you are seasoning the dish as you go. That’s what we’re all doing here. We’re cooking ourselves until we’re good and ready to be served. Ok that’s a weird analogy, but you get the point. Just know that we’re all here learning and whenever mistakes are made, the important part is not to spend a lot of time getting down on yourself. Instead ask yourself, “What can I learn from this and how can I move on to make it better for next time?”. That’s my motto – Keep moving forward. Don’t stay stuck in the past ruminating on your errors – move forward and use each setback as an opportunity for growth and abundance. Don’t let the lack of seasoning in your dish hold you back. We’re all here standing at the stove trying to make the best meal we can. Don’t give up on yourself – your dish is already fantastic.

Author: Mari Cartagenova

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Radical Self-Acceptance through the Akashic Perspective

The Akashic Records is the Divine Library of Light holding all the knowledge of who you are, across every lifetime of existence, written, in love, by the Universe. This is a space that can be accessed with the Higher Consciousness. Within our Records are a group of Souls dedicated to our personal growth, made up of Loved Ones and Master Teachers. They are our team of light that share compassion and unconditional love towards our unfolding soul evolution.

The vibration of the Records allows us to perceive our lives with a profound level of clarity. We learn to have deeper compassion for ourselves and begin to see how our choices have brought us tremendous growth and opportunity to know and be ourselves. This is a space and resource filled with empowering wisdom that allows us to see ourselves simply with love as we are and, simply put, fall in love with our souls. When we are in love, we have that glow, that magnetism that attracts joy and fulfillment. Part of the purpose of awakening humanity to connecting with the Akashic Records is so that you can fully embody all of who you are, live more consciously, and in full expression of your highest aspects. Can you imagine a world in which everyone is in love with their own Souls, sharing that joy and love with others, creating Heaven on Earth?

Some of the basic struggles we face in human life can become blockages from being in our best expression. Self-acceptance is a huge healing point on many challenges we have within. Often times, we have an internal war waging within us about embracing all of who we are. We have an internal judge or emotional abuser created from self-rejection.

If you think about all the moments in your life, can you trace back to those times through trauma or survival you abandoned yourself? Self-abandonment is very painful and often at the root of feeling lost or not knowing who you are. It is a power loss we experience and it’s not your fault. During trauma, ultimately, you do the best you can to preserve and survive. Our Souls will attempt to lead us back to take action, on our own behalf, and engage in healing. While we choose healing, the commitment to the growth during the healing comes one step at a time when we are best able to integrate the learning. This is why healing “takes time.”

There are moments when we get “stuck” in our healing process due to resistance. We may be so invested in resisting, unaccepting or judging of what is happening, it creates an energy blockage. From the Akashic Perspective we are urged to practice radical self-acceptance and appreciation.

Our resistance creates a stickiness to our struggle that may cloud our ability to accept higher consciousness within ourselves that will shift the challenge into healing. It’s very true that we cannot heal from the same level of consciousness that created the problem. We learn to stop resisting what is, and judging what is, and accept that it is. The journey is ultimately to guide you into a space of understanding your fundamental good and worth. Healing transformation requires us to look within for the answers as to what is getting in the way of us experiencing this good and falling in love with our own souls.

In the Akashic Perspective you are able to see, from the eyes of your Soul, why you made the choices that you did, or why that could happen with loving respectful insight. The very vibration of akashic guidance is the ultimate respect to the individual soul and its particular path of being. Every challenge serves the purpose of growth. Growth leads us to clearing away the energetic cobwebs and dust that get in the way of our true light shining through. A light that is tangible, practical, empowering, and available to us.

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Reclaiming Your True Energetic Integrity

The energetically aware human is deeply connected to their feelings. They are aware of vibrational energy in and around themselves. Our auras were made to blend and merge and experience each other as social beings. You are now awakening to your true power. In doing so, many truths will be revealed about the places where you are unconscious as the veil drops. From this space we can choose to make compassionate choices about how we engage our patterns and true transformation can be created. Dear One, It’s time to awaken from the slumber of unconscious living and patterns! It’s time to awake to the power of your True Awareness!

Here are 4 steps you can take to shift into a higher vibration of energetic integrity and clarity.

1.)We cannot heal from the same level of consciousness that created our old struggles. Engaging in practices that calm the mind become the first step in your transformation. The empathic nervous system is a beautifully refined system of awareness, which through repeated trauma or energetic overload may begin to shut down. You can be open and aware without resorting to shutting off your super power. So, let’s work on getting the body and spirit back to its healthy baseline. It’s time to limit your exposure to stress and energetically toxic triggers as you work on finding your new level of grounding. Get back to nature. The energetic connection between our bodies and nature helps us return back to a healthy, grounded cycle of being. Go on a negativity diet. You may wish to limit your exposure to toxic relationships and create stronger boundaries that promote healthy self respect. Be aware of physical triggers within addictive or allergic responses to food and beverages. Everything you read, see, engage in, and view can affect your energy field in the very beginning of your healing process. What we witness gets stored in our third eyes and can replay in our thoughts and dream time through nightmares and disturbing images. Often, we may create energetic cords that create loops of obsessive thinking as a result. All of these experiences are doors to re-enacting the pattern of unconscious reaction. The reaction can have an addictive quality on the emotional and physical body.

2.)Once you have created a peaceful environment, it’s time to reset your chakra system back to its naturally vibrant space. Work on clearing your chakras of psychic debris. Energy work is great for creating balance in your energy system. You can do this with a reputable Energy Healer or through the many chakra clearing meditations available online and in print yourself. This allows you to get back into your balance and you begin to feel an internal awareness of yourself. Bring this practice into your daily ritual and you will notice a dramatic shift over a week’s time. As you become more clear, you begin to have that natural intuitive awareness once again.

3.)When energetic connections are made these are usually healthy and life affirming. However, sometimes these connections to people and situations become stagnant, dysfunctional and need to be cleansed. These cords can drain us and cause unnecessary anxiety or depression. You can create a simple cord cutting ceremony to release old energy by writing the name or situation on a piece of paper, burning the paper, and stating you now release this person or situation to the Light for the highest good. For more intense connections that make you feel overwhelmed seek out an energy healer who can help you move the energy out of your space. Just remember, if you are still learning from the situation, the cord may then release when the lesson is integrated on it’s own.

4.)Holding the highest possible vibration in and around you creates a natural shield of energy that repels lower thought forms and prevents you from over processing emotions and energy not your own. A high vibration is a peaceful, calming, heart-centered space. You may still be aware and feel what is around you but, in this state, you move from being reactive to proactive. You can do this by calling down Divine light to surround you, starting from your head down to the bottoms of your feet, then back up to the head again, sealing your aura. Do this slowly and with conscious breath. You may have a noticeable shift in mood when you do this as your energy is uplifted. These practices alone will create a healthy balanced and aware aura. Brought into the daily self-care ritual, you will easily be connected to your internal integrity. Over time, there will be a sense of clarity and freedom in your intuitive sensing. You will be clear on what is yours and what is energy outside of you.

Auther: Jeanne Crescenzo Jeanne Crescenzo BAP November Blogger 2018

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Everything To Everyone

I’m a people pleaser. I like to make others happy. That’s part of why I do this work. And, of course, if you’re an empath you might have the exact same issue as well. And no, people pleasing isn’t all bad of course, it’s what makes a lot of good things happen in the world. But, if you’re striving to keep others happy at the expense of yourself there’s a problem. Anyone that is very sensitive or an empath knows when this becomes an issue because we can usually feel it. However, sometimes this situation might not be so obvious to us – it might be a nagging feeling that just won’t go away or we might feel dissatisfied, resentful or even angry. We might struggle within ourselves – “Even though I feel yucky, this is right because …” And, at times, we feel guilty for even considering not helping out so-and-so. But the little voice in our head (aka The Ego) continues with more justifications as to why we should over extend ourselves and burn ourselves out – “But I have to, they’re counting on me, but I need to take care of this, etc etc”. Does this sound familiar?

It sounds familiar to me because it something that I used to do a lot of. What I’m also talking about is boundaries. People who want to make others happy all the time sometimes have difficulties with boundaries or, they have them, but they’re rather “flexible” let’s say. Now you probably know what I’m already going to say but I think it’s important to say it anyway. You can’t be everything to everyone. When you do that you just get burnt out and angry and you’re really not going to be very much good to anybody and especially not yourself. A lot of sensitives, empaths and even general folks suffer from this because it feels good to help others feel good. Some people like this even have difficulty receiving kindness at all. Yes, I’m talking about you. When you have a hard time accepting compliments, doing nice things for yourself or even just allowing yourself to sit in a chair and relax then you definitely have a problem with boundaries and self-care. I know it’s hard because you like to help and, honestly, sometimes it easier to focus on the needs of others instead of your own. BUT – you need to put yourself on that list. I know as a mom, as a therapist, as a medium I can end up pretty far down on that list- like 475th. And, of course, I don’t usually even make it that far down on my list. But I’ve learned and, especially doing this spiritual work, that you *have* to be on your list. This is part of our lesson here on this earth. You matter. Only you can take care of you.

To that end, you cannot do your work, the work you were put here for, without your own source of light. Whether it be connecting with spirit, teaching or anything else if there’s nothing left for you to give, then you are empty. And empty doesn’t help anyone. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. Even getting a massage once in a while is not selfish! Spending time alone is not selfish. Taking a vacation (even if you want to take one by yourself!) is not selfish. These things are hard to hear for some of us, but they are true. These activities replenish us and not only is it not selfish, but it’s actually mandatory. What? Did Mari just say it’s mandatory that I get a massage? Well, you know if that’s what you want and that makes you feel replenished, then yes, I am giving you permission to get a massage.

I hope by this time you’re getting my point that it is ok to take care of yourself and do whatever will fill up your cup. And you don’t need anyone’s approval. You are doing this for you. And once you step away and give yourself that much needed, that much required, time to fill up your own tank you’ll see how more relaxed and how much easier it is to do the things you need and want to do. Your steps will be a little bit lighter and your mind a little clearer. And who doesn’t want that? From one ex-people pleaser to a soon to be ex-people pleaser, enjoy your massage.

Author: Mari Cartagenova

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Soul to Soul Readings

I wanted to chat with you a little bit about Soul to Soul readings. You might be asking, “What is that Mari?” Well, they are different than a regular psychic or mediumship reading and are really beneficial when a client is struggling in their life. Essentially, how I view Soul to Soul readings is that the medium will connect with the soul of the client through a merging of energies as a way of gleaning answers. Yes, I know that sounds weird, but stay with me. Once they have made that connection, the medium is able to see and feel what that person’s soul needs. It could be what that person needs to be doing right now, what their soul purpose on this earth is during this lifetime, or a variety of other things. This type of reading may be a little newer and perhaps you might not have even heard of it before. But, trust me when I say that sometimes this type of reading is just what the doctor ordered when you have a lot of “stuckness” or you just feel lost.

I would recommend a Soul to Soul reading when you are wondering these types of things: What should I be doing in my life? Or, if you have a feeling like there’s something you’re supposed to be doing but you just don’t know what it is. Or if you ever have that “soul itch” and it’s like you’re spinning your wheels but not getting anywhere. This type of reading is also helpful if you need some specific advice about a situation that keeps happening over and over or is of a more spiritual nature. In all these instances the Soul to Soul reading would be very beneficial. Sometimes during a Soul to Soul reading your past lives make an appearance. When the medium is doing this type of work it’s all about connected energies. And, as we know, all of our energy and lives (past and present) are intertwined. So, if your medium is doing a Soul to Soul reading with you and a past life comes up, it’s because whatever happened or was unfinished in that past life has a direct impact on your current life. This also usually means something there needs to be worked on and corrected during this lifetime. I know this may sound overwhelming but just remember you only need to keep taking one step forward every day. That’s all anyone can do.

We are all energy and, as such, this energy is always changing. There are always things to work on, things to change and to evolve to move to a higher soul level of consciousness. It may sound daunting but as long as you keep moving forward then I feel like you are doing your job. All you, or anyone, can expect is to keep making progress at whatever state you’re at. Some days it feels like you’re not making any progress at all. The next day you may feel like you’ve moved ahead only a foot even if you expected to move a mile. The bottom line is with these type of soul readings, it gives you additional insight and a greater connection to your soul that will help you move forward. Another benefit of the Soul to Soul reading is that by connecting the energy of the medium to the client there is a type of healing that occurs. It’s almost as if when you connect to the soul of another and you give the reading, healing to both parties happens. It is almost like a soul catharsis. It may be hard to explain or understand if you haven’t been through it, but I can tell you after giving these readings there is a change in the client and even sometimes in the medium. After connecting to the energy of the divine it would be hard to not feel a shift in your soul. As the amazing medium, mentor and teacher, Tony Stockwell has said before, we are like the Soul Therapist, which is actually really beautiful. With all the endeavoring we Lightworkers do, I know we are only barely even skimming the surface of the soul and there’s so much more for us to learn. I want to encourage you-if you feel stuck in your life or need some answers to some deeper more profound questions-to seek out someone who does the Soul to Soul reading. I think you will be very surprised and pleased at what you come to discover.

Author: Mari Cartagenova October BAP Blogger - Mari Cartagenova

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