Let’s talk about fear. We all encounter it, but I am talking about fear of your own success. When working as a medium, trust is the most important thing you can possibly have. I know it sounds obvious, but unless you trust what you’re getting from Spirit, you can get all in your head and cannot get a clear message. I find this to be the most difficult hurdle to cross for new students. Everyone says to me, “How do you know it’s from Spirit and not from your own mind?” With practice, you’re able to distinguish between your own thoughts and things that are coming in externally from Spirit. But the only real way you can do that is to let go of your fear and allow Spirit to work with you. When fear is in the way it makes this almost impossible.

This can be applied in many aspects of our life, not just mediumship. People are afraid to step out of their box or comfort zone, to do things that their soul really wants them to do. Everyone’s been told by other people in their life or their family/friends that they should do this or they should have this kind of job etc. But, only each individual’s soul knows what is actually correct for them. People sleepwalk through life – going to work, going to school, or taking care of kids without ever really touching what their soul yearns for. I feel the most sad for these people. Maybe you are one of them. But I can guarantee if you’re reading this blog, your soul is ready for an awakening. I congratulate you on finally listening and taking the next steps. So keep reading….

I believe that everyone is on this earth to do something. I truly am convinced that whatever gifts you have, you are here to use them to better mankind and help others. I realize this sounds incredibly trite. But honestly, if we’re not here to make a difference in the lives of others and the elevation of humanity then what are we here for? I know that fear is scary. I work with so many clients who stay firmly planted in their heads because the fear will not let them move where their soul wants to take them. I understand. I’ve been like that myself. But you must realize that you are in this incarnation, in this body, in this particular life, only once – you only get one chance. I do believe in reincarnation and feel we get many chances to live over and over again. But, this is as different people. We only get this one chance to be who we are now. You’ve heard all the commercials: Nike “Just do it” or “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. If something sounds cliché usually it’s because there’s some truth to it. I encourage everybody that’s reading this blog to really take some time to ponder this idea. Just take 5 or 10 minutes to sit with yourself. Sit in a quiet place, or walk in nature, and try to get out of your head. What that means is try to let go of what’s in your head and drop down into your body or soul self. I believe you can feel your soul, your spirit more in your heart center, but definitely not in your head.

Try to get into your body and feel what it’s telling you. Not about its aches and pains but more about what will nourish your soul. If you jump back into your head and start hearing “oh you should do this, you should do that” then you know it’s not your soul. It’s just the voices of all the people that you’ve met over your lifetime telling you what you “should” be, which is not necessarily what you were meant to be. Know that you are an eternal being and that you can actually do *anything* if you decide that’s what you want to do. I see you there, shaking your head saying “No, that’s not possible, I can’t live my dreams”. But I can tell you can. Why? Because I’m doing it myself. Once, I couldn’t ever imagine giving messages from Spirit. I thought “How could I possibly do this? I’m just a mom, I’m nobody”. Well I’m here to tell you that if you decide that you want to follow what’s in your heart, then Spirit and the Universe will not let you down. I promise you, if you start to follow your true path, doors will open, windows will open, secret passages will open – there will be openings if you look. It’s only when you find roadblock after roadblock and you know deep in your gut that what you’re doing isn’t right for you that you will realize you need to take another path.

When you start listening to your soul, the once insurmountable looking obstacles will soften a little. I’m not saying that when you’re on your path that everything is easy breezy and there are no challenges. This is not true. There’s always challenges, but when you’re pushing in the wrong direction those roads are really bumpy and ultimately closed. When you’re pushing in the right direction there will be some bumps here and there and you might find some resistance from others, even yourself. However, what you will feel in your body, your heart and your gut chakra is that it’s right. So keep going. Don’t give up on yourself. I wish you all tremendous success on your new journey.

Author: Mari Cartagenova October BAP Blogger

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Oracle Cards

A Gateway to Connect with your Inner Divine

Feeling restless? Anxious? Bored? Confused? Are you excited? Peaceful? At a precipice or turning point? Then it’s a great time to get out your oracle deck of cards, or Tarot cards to have a chat with yourself and the Divine.

I feel fortunate to have grown up surrounded by tarot cards. My mother used the Rider Waite deck, and I would sit and watch in wonder as she laid them out whenever she did a reading for one of her college students. She didn’t do it often, a hobby really, a source of calm and clarity for herself, for friends, and for her drama students. There was always an electric feeling in the air for me when she would have the cards out. Excitement and possibility abounded. I would later, after her time reading them, hold each card in my hands and study the images.

When I grew up and went off on my own I acquired my own cards, a beautiful Oracle deck, different than a full tarot card deck as it has fewer cards and doesn’t run in suits like Tarot does. I didn’t practice psychic reading yet at that time in my life. I had no idea I would later become a professional reader, healer and medium. I would simply go to my deck when the feeling moved me, and sit and drop into a quiet state of mind, and ask for a message through the cards. I found, and still do find, it to be calming, comforting, and always aligned with what I was needing to hear at the time. It was as if there was a wise loving guardian with me, advising me and reassuring me that I was not alone. It still happens like that today.

Some people are afraid of oracle and tarot cards, finding them creepy, or too “woo woo”. The truth is, they are simply a tool, an extension of your own higher consciousness and the Universal energy that surrounds you that is always available to help you with clarity if only you will open to it. There is a helpful setting of the tone of intention when an oracle deck is used to center yourself. You can always just sit quietly and receive guidance from spirit, the Universe, or whatever you like to call it, but using a beautiful deck of illustrated cards that resonates with you based on its theme and design will quickly transport you to a lovely and deeper connection to your own spirit. It’s as if a key gets turned in your consciousness, and you find a deeper wisdom and calm place inside yourself. That calm place within is always there, and the practice of doing it often will open your intuition and help you to feel more connected spiritually with yourself.

Try this any time you can take a few minutes for yourself in a quiet place. Morning, with my tea or coffee, is my favorite time:
Take your oracle cards and hold them in your hands while you focus on your intention – a general message or a specific situation you want guidance on. Take a deep breath and shuffle the cards a few times in your hands. Now pick one card for a shorter reading, or two or three for a more expanded one. You can also choose another card to expand on the message of the cards before it. You will find that the card (s) you pick will resonate with whatever you are needing to understand or be made aware of in that moment about your situation, or for your higher guidance. There is always a written guide explaining the meaning of the cards with each deck.

A great place to find your own special deck that really feels right for you is in a good bookstore, or a metaphysical bookstore. You can also find them online when you search Oracle decks and Tarot cards. I highly recommend this practice of connecting with your inner self and Source, Divine, Universe, for support and wisdom to assist on your journey here on Earth.

Happy Divining!

Author: Katherine Glass

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Love Is All That’s Left

The Value of Mediumship

The other day I went with my dear friend to visit her father in a rehab/nursing home facility. I hadn’t seen Paul, her 83-year-old dad, in almost a year. When we arrived he was asleep, seeming to be somewhere between worlds. When my friend gently woke him, he startled and moaned. Lori then greeted him, told him who she was, and asked how he was. “Not good” he said. He seemed to be off somewhere in a distant place, a bit confused. Then, all at once, he brightened as he gazed at his daughter and said, “I love you sooo much!” The rest of the visit continued much in that same vein; vagueness, chit chat from my friend, and many times over, the clear, sincere, heartfelt gaze and exclamation from Paul, “I Love you. I just love you so. I love you so much”. My friend has a rocky relationship history with her father, which she has completely made her peace with over the years. As I sat with them and witnessed this sweet authentic interaction between them, I was inspired to write this piece. Being a professional medium, this is the bottom line of every message delivered from loved ones who have passed. “I Love You.” Yes, of course there are variations of it, “I am ok” I am with you always” “Please forgive me” etc. But the resounding communication is always and only Love.

I was so moved by this intimate innocence from Paul to his daughter. I teared up at the universality of the soul connection between them, between us all, and in my opinion, between ourselves and the Divine, Source, God, Oneness. The core of most souls is pure love. Why, then, does it get so obscured while we are here on Earth living out our lives and relationships? I have said to my audience at every public demonstration of mediumship I do, and I’ll say it here: tell them now! Tell them while they are here with you, heal the rifts and pride that separates and guards your hearts! But even if, for whatever reasons, you can’t or don’t do this, know that at the end of your life and theirs, perhaps after passing, the core will reveal itself one way or another. When you bring a medium in to help you to connect with that loved one in spirit, the main message you will leave the session with is the love that never dies. Why not, then, make the effort now to allow this deep soul level connection to bubble up to the surface and flow out from your heart to theirs? The key is NOT to be attached to their response, or their receptivity to your love. Give it anyway! Receive it anyway! There is no obligation or etiquette on how to respond to “I love you”. Simply allowing it to wash over you in silence is enough. Or, if you are the giver of it, allowing it to flow out from you toward your mother, father, sibling, spouse, child, friend etc. Try offering it to yourself as well! A sincere, heartfelt, uninhibited “I LOVE YOU” right into your own eyes. Soul to soul of Self. Go on, I dare you! Love is our core, and love does heal the soul.

That day at the nursing home, Paul didn’t talk about his career, or his accomplishments in life. He sat and ate the chocolate pudding his loving daughter brought to him, and gazed at her like a child and said, “I love you soooo much!” over and over again.

The beauty and value of the ability to communicate with our loved ones who have passed, the value of the gift of mediumship is just for this. This simple essential core expression of the soul’s “I love you.” For what else is there, really? That, and the proof of the soul’s continuation, of course.

My wish for you is that you take advantage of the gift you have of your loved ones still living in the physical world and the opportunity to let them know that at your core, even with any difficulties and hurts that need clearing work, you love them so much. If your loved ones have gone on to the other side of this life, the next best thing is the use of mediumship, through your own spirit to spirit communication, or through the assistance of a genuine medium to guide you.

Author: Katherine Glass

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Are Entity Attachments Real?

How Do I Know If I Have One?

In the world of psychics, healers and metaphysics, inevitably the topic of “entities” or “attachments” will arise. It will come up in classes about healing and psychic development, in a discussion or when you visit your own reader or healer, and certainly if you are a working psychic or healer yourself. But what exactly IS an entity attachment, and why might it attach to you? I will begin by saying there are many beliefs on the subject and conflicting thoughts. For years I was taught by esteemed teachers of healing and psychic development how to clear and protect my energy field when doing this work because when you are empathic (as many people are) and working with, relating to, and in the presence of other humans, it’s important to clean out your energy field and space because you can pick up “stuff” and energies that don’t belong to you. This topic can get multi layered and branch off into all kinds of directions. I will keep it as concise as I can speaking from my own experience.

I have been trained in and I teach multiple techniques for clearing the human aura, and physical space. I have worked for 30 years in the healing arts, and have a thriving private practice as a psychic, medium, energy healer and spiritual counselor. I discovered that I had picked up a foreign energy (entity) that was attached to my energy field. I had been feeling rather “off” for quite a long time. I was experiencing low energy, was weepy a lot, and more negative and drained than I had ever felt for such a continued period of time. I was behaving in ways that weren’t usual, like desires to do things out of character for me, such as zoning out and escapism behavior. I was putting things off that I normally enjoyed, isolating from others, and feeling a big lack of motivation to do my work, which is my true passion in life! Admittedly, I had become remiss in managing my energy field carefully, both in my work and personal life. As the awareness of how “off” I was becoming intensified, I just “happened” (there are no accidents!) to come upon an article with a list of symptoms of an entity attachment. I found it hit me like a frying pan over the head and I realized that was what was probably going on. Me? A trained professional psychic healer? That same day, we had good friends over and one of them was a healer whom I came to find out cleared attachments through a technique using the akashic records (a topic for another day). I followed the protocol she gave me after doing her assessment and I truly experienced a total shift and reversal of the symptoms. It has been a reminder of the importance of taking care of my energy field.

What exactly IS an entity attachment? It’s an energy in another dimension that is of a low vibration and feeds on the energy of living animals/people. It can be a collective of negative thought forms but not with a soul. Like a bacteria or parasite on the astral (unseen) level. An entity can be a negative human soul who is vibrating on a lower level frequency and stays hanging around the Earth plane out of fear to move onward. These souls attach to people or animals to gain energy and to live vicariously through the incarnated being. There are many other types of entities such as dark force (demonic) and ETs who have a different energy to them and attach for different reasons.

The most important thing to know about this subject is how to prevent it and how to clear it if you find you have one. According to some research I did, a large percentage of people have attachments at some time in their lives and don’t know it, and some have them for their entire lifetime. They come from other people who have them, and go to other clear people who have an opening in their aura to allow them in. An opening can happen when a person is weak emotionally due to trauma, in fear or negativity, too open energetically and merging with another’s energy field, through sex with a person who has entity attached, or when using drugs or alcohol. To stay clear in the aura, a person has to be soul empowered and not in fear to remove and to keep the entity away. The assistance of the Angelic realm, (also known as High Entities) and the Divine (God/Goddess)-a higher vibration than the entity is needed to escort it out to another realm where it belongs.

Some things to be aware of to stay clear of entity attachment:
Stay healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Clear negative people out of your life, check your thoughts and belief systems for low vibration (shame, fear, self-loathing, over giving, martyrdom, giving your power away,) and protect your home, office, car etc. with healing thoughts, cleanliness and high vibration music, light, sincere meditation and positive relationships. Burning white sage and incense clears space, and water and salt keeps the aura clear.

Author: Katherine Glass

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Rockin’ The Work, Part 2

Here’s a Powerful Mantra Meditation:

“In Kundalini Yoga, there is a mantra for healing and the way that it heals is to tune to the soul of the universe, which is pure and without disease or pain.

This is one of the most powerful healing mantras on this planet and the power of this mantra has the ability to connect Mother Earth and the Ethers. This mantra will offer healing specially to you, your families and the whole world.” (Yogi Bhajan)

Ra – means connecting with the Sun that gives you Energy
Ma – means connecting with the Moon that aligns you with receptivity
Da – is the energy of the Earth grounding you in your roots
Sa – means infinity as you draw in the healing energies from the universe
Sa – this second chant brings the universal energies to you
Say – means honoring ALL that is and how you personally perceive the Source Energy
So – means the vibration of the merger of Earth and Universal Energies
Hung – means the Infinite and the vibrating Source within me

Let’s begin…

Sit in a comfortable position.
Bring your hands in prayer position with the tips of your pointer finger aligned with the tip of your nose.
Look down at the tip of your finger.
Gently close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in… and exhale
Take a deep breath in… and exhale
Take a deep breath in… and exhale

Visualize the person you’d like to receive healing – if it’s yourself, make that image in your mind very clear and see a glowing green light in and around yourself, or that person, as you pace yourself to recite this mantra.

Ra.. ma.. Da.. sa.. Sa.. say.. So.. Hung
Breathe in and out

Ra.. ma.. Da.. sa.. Sa.. say.. So.. Hung
Breathe in and out

Ra.. ma.. Da.. sa.. Sa.. say.. So.. Hung
Breathe in and out

Ra.. ma.. Da.. sa.. Sa.. say.. So.. Hung
Breathe in and out

Ra.. ma.. Da.. sa.. Sa.. say.. So.. Hung
Breathe in and out

Ra.. ma.. Da.. sa.. Sa.. say.. So.. Hung
Breathe in and out

Ra.. ma.. Da.. sa.. Sa.. say.. So.. Hung

Take a deep breath in and exhale.

Open your eyes gently and come back into the room.

Lay in Savasana (Corpse position) to allow the healing to integrate with your body.

Sun, Moon, Earth, Infinity I AM
The Service of the Source is within me.

Sat Nam

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Rockin’ The Work!

We are so much more than our physical bodies; our unique make and model as humans, is made out of a complex explosion of cells, atoms, tissues and molecules working in sequential harmony with our brain, all the organs, blood, the integumentary and skeletal system.

We are electric!

Outlining our physical body, are energetic layers that vibrate at high speed, non-visible to the average untrained human eye. Not to mention the astral, mental and the causal bodies – Whew! That is exhausting just thinking about it… and this makes us even more unique and complex than we think.

One may wonder – How is it that we are all still able to serve as spiritual workers and yet manage our daily lives?
Because being mindful of our daily processes on how we integrate the Mind, Body and Spirit becomes a natural occurrence when we get into the habit of Daily Practice. Remember, in order to give – we give to ourselves first.

Good Morning World! Daily Rituals

Smile and Start your day with a Morning Affirmation – I AM, I AM, I AM Love

Honor your Daily Rituals –

The Essentials
Scan your body

Say Hello! To your ‘invisible entourage’ – Guides, Angels, Masters and the Source
Bless your day and ask for blessings; ask that you are guided to the right thoughts, the right words the right people and the right events.

Food is Fuel:
Depending on what your diet is or if you have some restrictions, make sure you give your body that fuel it needs to keep you going.

*Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – do not miss any meal and take your time to eat
*Hydrate yourself often – remember, your body often screams to have it’s pure water back.

Your wardrobe:
Colors, colors and colors! Bring your ‘sass’; wear clothing and shoes that make you look good, feel good and confident. You shouldn’t wear black or a hint of black all the time. Think bright, rich, rainbow!
Ditch that heavy designer perfume unless you like smelling like the mall – lighter scents are delightful.
Look in the mirror one last time and seize the day, You’re the Boss!!

Your Calendar:
Is there anything on your calendar that needs to be wiped off the face of this earth? Don’t be afraid to do this for your own sanity.
Prioritize, whether or not you work with an assistant.

On Marketing – You get what you put into it:
Many of us who own our own businesses forget to make a continuous effort to market ourselves or to set attainable goals for our companies. It is important to know that our business’s success depends on the efforts we put into it.

Your Bread and Butter –

Marketing Essentials for the Modern Day Psychic:
Enlist the magic of your ‘Invisible Entourage’ but match your request with Action. Your Guides won’t give you a pity party anytime any day… not mine anyway… #action

Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Free Demo’s – Psychic Fairs, Trade Shows

One Page CRM – I highly recommend this if you’d like to have better and longer lasting relationships with your clients

Meet People at Business Mixers

Send out Informative Newsletters

Timelines and Trending – Do you know when your busy days are?

…and how lucky that you get to do the same processes weekly!

At the end of the day:
As Divine Co-Creators, we need to remember to look inwards, to breathe and express gratitude for everything and express forgiveness if and when necessary.

Slow down…
Read Part 2 for a Powerful Mantra Meditation.

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The Spirit Warrior – Self Care

As Spiritual workers, our True Essence is our Spirit, and it needs regular nourishment, because it is the area that is often neglected.
It makes it almost critical that we do our own due diligence in making sure that we nurture and protect ourselves on a daily basis.
Our Spirit makes us human, it drives us to pursue our goals and to do our best each day in good or bad times. It also allows us to see others as they are and therefore needing empathy.

How do we keep on going, and doing this work? Here are some tips that have been proven to help.

1. Daily Journal

As you begin your day, start a daily journal to write down any dreams you may have had, any thoughts, prayers, gratitude – write down anything at all. If you have nothing to write, then write that down as well. Unblocking your thoughts early on, will keep your memory sharp and you may even get insights out of this exercise.

2. Be Still with the Breath

We spend so much time being ‘plugged-in’ to society and online that we sometimes become disconnected with our true essence. It is always good to look within and remember who you are and what you’d like to contribute to this world.

3. Exercise Regularly

It is very important to keep active not just for maintaining general physique, but to maintain good sugar levels, boost immunity, increase Endorphin levels for a balanced mood and also to have a solid foundation for self-confidence.

4. Nothing nurtures the Spirit more than Food

Choose food that connect to good memories – it doesn’t have to be an exact replica of it, but at least the essence of what you remember growing up.

Do not eat foods that have no soul – What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this? Donuts? Twinkies? These are soulless foods and there is no love there, it wasn’t lovingly prepared for you.

Prepare your food with consciousness and Intent- As you prepare your food, do it with intent and love for you and everyone else who will consume what you prepare.
Put a blast of love energy into the foods and water you drink.

Always put in that intention that the food you eat nourishes your body and it raises your vibration.

Water: Drink filtered water to regenerate your cells because your body goes through an on going cleansing process. It is important to Energize your drinking water by adding lemon juice, using crystals, or charging it with Reiki.

5. Change it up!

This is not easy, especially when you are used to having the same sequential processes each day. But don’t worry because the sky will not fall! If you like your coffee in the morning and you buy the same brand – try a different brand. If you like to use your favorite cup – use another one. This little exercise will not only help you learn to be more flexible but in time it will help you become calmer and cope with stress better.

6. Good Self-Boundaries

We work hard and Giving should never be our middle name, it is important for us to stick with what we have planned for ourselves. The advantage of working independently is that we can set our own schedules to take time off when needed. Honor the time for yourself.

‘Mantra –

SO HUM Mantra is used in conjunction with the Breath
Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and begin breathing normally
Silently repeat SO as you breath in and HUM as you breathe out
If your mind drifts, keep going and stay with the breath.

SO HUM means with The Divine

‘Tips and Recipes ~

Crystalline Water:

Always do this with intention ~
In a clean Water Pitcher or Jug
Add in cool Filtered water
Place your newly cleaned quartz crystals (as a charge), add in crystals that you know are safe to submerge into drinking water and crystals that will not chemically contaminate your pure water. Quartz Crystals are safe to use (Rose, Clear, Smokey), Carnelian, Amethyst crystals as well if available.

Chai Tea Recipe:

3 C. Almond Milk (or Whole Milk)
½ C. Filtered Water
3 Cardamom Pods (½ tsp. powder will work)
½ tsp. Cinnamon
6 Whole Black Peppercorns
¼ tsp. Turmeric
1 Black Tea Bag
Saffron (optional – 2 strands)

Add all ingredients in a pot – bring to a boil then lower heat to simmer (15 min.)
Use a strainer to catch ingredients as you pour your hot tea in your cup.

Add some sweetener and consume this with your favorite cookie or snack.

Golden Tea Recipe: Nighttime Sleep Aid

2 C. Almond Milk (Whole Milk is fine too)
1 TBSP. Turmeric Spice
1 Clove (optional)
Palm or Turbinado sugar to taste

In a Pot – bring ingredients to a boil – remove from burner and pour into cup and enjoy before bedtime.

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The Sacred Goddess – Care of the Temple, Part 2

Summer Recipe for Care of the Sacred Goddess Temple:


2 C. Wheat Couscous
2 TBSP. unsalted Butter
4 C. Filtered Water

2 Persian Cucumbers (Cubed).
¼ C. Red onions (Diced)
1 C. Garbanzo (rinsed)
1 C. Golden Raisins (Chopped)
½ C Sweet Peppers (Diced)
½ C. Sun Dried Tomatoes (Chopped)
Parsley (Chopped)

Olive Oil ( 1 C.)
1 Whole Lemon (Seeded)
Lemon Zest

Sea Salt and Black Pepper

Prep all of the above ingredients and set aside in a large bowl.

Whisk the Olive Oil and the Lemon together and season with salt and pepper.

In a pot – boil filtered water and butter.
Move pot away from the heat and add the Couscous – fluff with a fork.

Add the Couscous in the bowl of prepped vegetables and add the Oil dressing.

Season to taste. Eat at room temp or cool.

Weekly Detox for a Healthy Liver:

Celery and Parsley Juice:

1 Bunch Celery (rinsed, and chopped into chunks)
1 Bunch Parsley (rinsed and stems trimmed)
1 Lemon (seeded)

Place and run chopped Celery, and then Parsley in your juicer.
Place in Glass
Squeeze fresh Lemon


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The Sacred Goddess – Care of the Temple Part 1

This post is dedicated to my fellow goddess spiritual workers.

We are Divine beings, and therefore we have to take care of our Temple. Our bodies are intelligent systems that consist of trillions of cells that are responsible for the formation of tissue, nerves, bones or organs. AMAZING! We are bright and naturally soft but fierce, we are strong yet limber, and we can withstand any season. There is no simple solution but to honor your body, as it is part of the energetic plan as we adapt to the change that’s prevalent around us.

Let’s Get Real –

No offense but sometimes we get sucked into people’s mama drama. There is nothing worse but to feel caught up in your client’s life story, right? It happens. Sometimes we forget to do our essentials – clearing after each client. We think it’s tedious work and we end up paying the price. Here is a simple way to clear your space before your next session and credits go to my former Teacher, Dr. Carol Nicholson.

Take a few deep breaths before your next session for this short affirmation.

I AM the Light.
The Light is in me.
The Light Moves through me.
The Light Surrounds me.
The Light Protects me.
And so it is.

Drink a glass of water and allow new energies to integrate.

Work it!

What to wear? What to wear?

Approach your wardrobe with positivity, remember that your clothing and accessories are tools as well. Put your magic into the clothing you wear. Bring ‘Sassy’ into your style ladies and gents! Men-You can rock a pink shirt for sure! You can wear anything you want and your outfit for the day can entirely change the vibe in your environment as well, think about it.

Eat –

Foods that boost and are congruent with the seasons. For example – You wouldn’t want to eat hearty stews in the summer would you? Fall and Winter Season is not a time to deprive yourselves either. When, and if feasible for you, eat foods that go with the Seasons to prepare your body for the next Season.

For instance:
Summer – Increasing your protein intake, eat foods that cool the body like fruits and vegetables (Cucumbers, Lettuce, etc.)

Fall/ Winter – Hot Stew and hearty foods rich with root vegetables.

Springtime: Mother Nature smiles in the Spring. The first springtime crops are sold when the farmer’s markets open in the springtime, including Purple cabbage, Peas, Potatoes and many colorful varieties.

Always choose Organic.

Such as herbs in place of pre-made or pre-processed spices.

Here is a tip:

Flavor your oils with your favorite herbs – Always exercise caution when working with oils.

In a saucepan pour 2 cups of Vegetable Oil and add in your favorite herb (like Rosemary).
Set the stove setting to Medium-Low to blend in the flavors.
Cool your flavored oil and pour it into a favorite glass jar. Get creative; this can be used as a base recipe to create other oils.

Here is a tip on Oils:
The best Ayurvedic oil to use for cooking is Sesame Oil because of its natural health benefits, and it is easier to digest and metabolize in the liver. Sesame is a versatile oil that can also be used in salad dressings and a variety of dishes. Second Oil suggestion is Olive Oil.


Here is a gentle nudge that your body wants her Pure Clean Water back in her system to keep our healthy weight and to keep our cells humming away and to get rid of toxins. Start your day with a warm glass of water with a squeeze of half a lemon. Warm water is very detoxifying, especially after the cleansing that happens when we sleep.

Scan Your Body:
We can scan our bodies energetically with our hands to see where a boost of positive healing energy is needed before significant damage and medical complications happen.

Sleep –

If you had a magic wand, how many hours of sleep would you want to have each night? Our bodies detoxify during sleep, and therefore sleep cannot be optional because if you are not sleeping enough – your body pays the price. Sleep is super critical in maintaining a healthy immune system; therefore, it is essential to get a good night’s sleep.

Goddess Mantra for a Beautiful Body
I AM Strong
I AM Wonderful
I AM Beautiful
I AM Powerful
I AM Lovable
I AM Fabulous
I AM All THAT and more
I Love and accept myself just as I AM

Peace and Love to you all, my fellow Goddesses.

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Exploring the Chatty Mind

The Chatty Mind can sometimes throw off our day.

Waking up in the morning, there are times when I am just not able to ‘shut’ my brain chatter. I’m sure you’ve experienced this as well. I have figured out why this happens and it starts the day before. ~~

Did you forget to clear your psychic centers and your Auric field – did you forget to bring your centers back to normal?
I must admit that I sometimes do forget to do these basics before I leave the office. Not a good practice because I end up paying the consequences. So I have made it a point to call on my Guides to assist me in clearing myself from the excess energies that could bog me down.

We live in a super busy world and whether its work, kids, or body aches and pains, our minds are always busy.

If you’re in your office all day seeing clients, that will wear you down because our minds process thoughts and ideas and then translate these into feelings and emotions. Our senses are alert, they are constantly receiving information.

Here are a few ways to help calm the mind:

Step away – from whatever it is you’re about to do.
Come into your body – means Presence through the breath, do some stretches
Be out in Nature – rain or shine
Honor that little child – and this means PLAY!
Movement – be silly, watch a funny movie
Another tip is Meditation:
I know the word Meditation can make some people cringe and they may have the perception of monks and chanting. We won’t go there…

My morning routine starts with a japa Mantra – I place my right hand on my chest and my left hand on my abdomen-as simple as that.

Morning Japa
Japa is a Sanskrit word which means repetitive repetition of a mantra or affirmation.
Here is a quick Japa for you – Take a few deep breaths and say this affirmation for about 7 minutes

“I AM Love”

You are affirming that you come from Divine Source as you are Love.

Supporting the Mind by eating healthy ~ Food brings us back to the body and being diligent about eating healthy helps boost mental clarity and calms the chatty mind.

Daily Boost to help Support the Mind:
1 Cup Almond Milk
Berry mix
1 Ripe Banana
1 Tsp. Spirulina
1 TBSP. Turbinado or Palm Sugar
Yogurt (option for non-vegan)
Add all ingredients in a Blender and pulse and add more almond Milk until desired consistency.

Veggie Lavash Wrap:

2 Sheets Lavash
Red Onions
Alfalfa Sprouts
A Pinch of Salt and Pepper

Take one Lavash, spread Hummus and then layer ingredients starting with Lettuce. Repeat the same process.

Thank you for reading my blog and remember love and honor yourself always.
Sat Nam and Many Blessings

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