Certified Psychic Society Registration

Certified Psychic Society Registration

A note from Shay Parker –

Certified Psychic Society - Shay ParkerGreetings Team!  I’ve created the Certified Psychic Society (CPS) because I am contacted regularly by television, newspapers, media, public events, and more – all looking for psychics, I’ve decided to create the Certified Psychics Society (CPS).

CPS will be controlled by me and my admin team, and all psychics listed on that directory will have to measure up to our standards of testing, training and more.

Having said this, existing BAP members will all be grandfathered in as certified members. New members that wish to receive a CPS badge will have to complete oral and written training courses, as well as take the required tests, interviews, background checks, and more.

Here is where your homework comes in. I need you to follow the steps below very carefully, in order to set up your listing. Keep in mind, the site is nowhere near finished…it is just a landing page for now and the links do not work. While the tech team is finishing it, you all can add your profiles, which will speed things up.

Once the steps below are finished, you will receive a Certified Psychic Society badge.

Here is your homework:

Go to this URL: https://certifiedpsychicsociety.org/wp-login.php?action=register

Register a user name and email.

Check your email you used to register, as a password will be sent to you.

Login with the credentials in the email.

Look on the left menu bar, see the last link called Connections – click on it.

When the Connections menu opens, click on the third option, which says Add Entry.

Fill out your name that you want the public to view and your title.

Upload an image of your choice.

If you have a logo, you may upload that as well.

Do not complete the Address or Phone section unless you want them displayed to the public!!!

Add your Email Address and any other info you see there. To add your website, you must click on Add Link under the Links section.

Insert your Biographical Info.

Ignore the Notes Section.

On the right side of the page, you will see Publish. Click on the Individual and Public buttons.

Under Categories, select whatever categories you wish to display under.

FINALLY – to SAVE, you must click ADD ENTRY under Publish!!!! If you do not do this, all will be lost!!!!!