Deborah Livingston is BAP’s 2018 Psychic of the Year!

Deborah Livingston is BAP’s 2018 Psychic of the Year!

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics proudly announces Deborah Livingston as our 2018 Psychic of the Year Award winner. A member since 2015, Deborah has already received our Fabulous Feedback Award two years in a row. Her clients repeatedly leave us feedback on what a difference Deborah’s readings have made in their lives. Her connection to spirit is strong and she delivers specific messages from loved ones, with undeniable evidential information. Deborah has undergone a significant amount of continued education and training, ever honing her craft. She feels this is of utmost importance as her calling is to bring healing, closure and direction to her clients. She wants to be sure she is offering all her best, and we honor her dedication to that end. Deborah has been seen on the cover of OM Times Magazine, has been interviewed several times by news and media outlets, is a published author, and is involved in several charity events. In addition, she has contributed generously to donations for charities Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics supports. Deborah shows her commitment to BAP by supporting her colleagues and team members with caring and an upbeat attitude.

An internationally known and often requested advisor, Deborah works as a Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Mentor, and Psychic Investigator. Clients can schedule readings with her through Best American Psychics or through her website. She also has several events throughout the year, so be sure to watch her page closely.

We are excited to offer this award to Deborah and feel she represents what we at BAP are all about!

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