Decoding “The Signs From Above”

Decoding “The Signs From Above”

How to Read Messages from Your Spirit Family, Guides & Angels

by Kelley Eckhardt

Have you ever had a feeling that there’s something more out there, beyond what it seems? Like some mysterious force is sending you messages and guiding your path? It can feel overwhelming to navigate spiritual revelations — but don’t worry. In this article, I’ll share simple steps on how to decode the signs from above and decipher the messages sent by your spirit family. From recognizing patterns in dreams, symbols found in everyday life, and meaningful coincidences – all of these elements make up an ancient system designed just for us to interpret. So, join me as we uncover the mysteries of signs from above, together!

Typical Signs from Your Spirit Family

Your spirit family is always around you, sending messages that help guide, comfort, or inspire you in your journey through life. Some common signs from your spirit family include:

  1. Synchronicities: Have you ever noticed repeating numbers like 11:11 on a clock or that a song you’ve been thinking about suddenly plays on the radio? These seemingly coincidental events are actually messages from your spirit family.
  2. Dreams and Visions: Pay attention to your dreams. Vivid and memorable dreams can be direct communications from your spirit family, offering guidance and wisdom.
  3. Feathers, Coins, or Stones: Finding an unusual object, trinket or just noticing a pattern in the objects that cross your path could be a sign from your spirit family.
  4. Animals and Insects: Animal encounters, especially with creatures that are significant to you or have spiritual symbolism, may be a message from your spirit family.
  5. Intuitive Nudges: Sometimes, your spirit family sends messages in the form of an unexpected thought, insight, or urge to take action.

Signs from Your Guides & Angels

Your spirit guides and angels are always working behind the scenes to guide and protect you from harm. They use a variety of methods to send you signals, which can include:

  1. Sensations and Energy Shifts: A sudden change in temperature or inexplicable tingling sensations often indicates the presence of your guides or angels.
  2. Auditory Messages: Noticing an inner voice or hearing your name called when no one is there could very well be your spirit guides or angels attempting to communicate with you.
  3. Visual Cues: Sparkling lights, flashes of color, or orbs in photos can indicate the presence of your spirit guides or angels.
  4. Feeling a Loving Presence: A feeling of warmth, love, and support surrounding you is usually a sign from your guides or angels.

Your Higher Self and Your Own Intuition

connect to intuitionUnderstanding the messages your higher self sends requires trusting your intuition. Your higher self is the eternal and wise part of you that exists beyond your physical body and is connected to the divine. Here are some tips on how to tap into your intuition and recognize the guidance from your higher self:

  1. Meditation: Regular meditation can help quiet the mind and strengthen your connection to your higher self.
  2. Pay Attention to Your Emotions: Your intuition often speaks through emotions. Assess what is causing a specific feeling and let it guide your decisions.
  3. Acknowledge Your Gut Feelings: Your gut feelings arise for a reason; they are often your higher self-nudging you in a certain direction.

It is a superpower that not many of us take advantage of, but it can profoundly affect our lives when we do. Have an open heart and mind, and be certain to be relaxed when asking for signs or guidance. Acknowledge the signs you are receiving, and make sure to thank your angels, guides, spirit family, Higher Self, and your Intuition as they are here to guide you. Will you pay more attention and become more aware? Believe in the power of signs and start looking out for those little moments of miracles that appear in your life – whether from your Spirit Family members, Guides, or Angels! Life is made up of these special moments, so why not choose to appreciate the signs that you receive? Allow yourself to recognize them for what they are: Messages from Heaven sending love directly to you.

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