Enter to Win!

Enter to Win!

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Did you hear?

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics will offer a Psychic Reading Discount Special sometime in May, June, or July, 2018. AND – We’re looking for an intuitive winner! If you can guess the date of our special, you will be that person.

The first person that submits the closest date to the planned special wins a FREE 30-minute reading with a volunteer professional Psychic chosen by Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics. 

Please visit this link for the official entry form: 

This is one special treat, as you will receive the opportunity to read with one of the best. All of our psychics are tested, interviewed, checked, and vetted. We work diligently to take the work out of finding an appropriate psychic advisor. But, being tested isn’t enough. They must be ethical and trusted, as well as professional. We take our commitment to this business seriously and our team holds to a certain set of standards.

They are those that are naturally gifted, but also seek additional training and practice to ensure that they provide the best to you. Many of our team are consulted by corporations, law enforcement, and doctors for their insight.

Do you trust your intuition? We all have it. It is just a muscle we need to use. So, here is your chance – make your best guess and enter today. Submissions due to April 30, 2018.

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