Finding 7th Heaven

Finding 7th Heaven

The progression of a soul in heaven!

In the book Universal Spiritualism: Spirit Communion in All Ages Among All Nations, WJ Colville describes the levels or layers of heaven. In chapter 19 of this book, The Spirit World—as seen and Described by One Who has Visited It Frequently, Colville speak about the writings of Charles W. Leadbeater. Leadbeater describes the heavenly regions which are “shut out of carnal eyes.”

These heavenly regions are worlds of subtler substance than the physical world, interpenetrating it, and therefore all around us. Heaven is the world of thought, the mental plane, a supreme state of consciousness.  Hence the saying “The kingdom of Heaven which is within you.”

Leadbeater describes planes of existence as: an astral plane exists that is a feeling plane; the physical plane, the familiar earth of the senses, the world of action.  The physical body is the body of action. And a spiritual plane with the immortal Soul, which lives forever, in the heaven world and communicates with the physical world by means of physical impacts transmitted to the physical brain, then to the astral. Thence to the mental body.

The Soul is the immortal thinker and ego. As Leadbetter traveled up through the seven heavens he sensed a radiance of welcome and an absence of evil and discord. He felt intense bliss. He describes these levels of heaven as this:

The lowest and first heaven is affection for family and friends, unselfish, and mostly focused on the earth plane the spirit just left. The spirits in this first level of heaven think of themselves as still being very much part of earth. They pour love and grace onto those left in earthly world. Those on earthly world receive the benefits of the love showered down upon them. Conscious communication is possible from this layer of heaven.

The second heaven is an anthropomorphic religious devotion. These spirits carry out devotion and adoration of deities from their earthly experience. They perform specific tasks in alignment with the religious beliefs they have carried into heaven with them. These tasks are practiced in this realm. When the spirit is ready to progress they move to the third realm of service. In this second realm your spirit sorts out religious dogma and beliefs that you have held to keep you close to God, however you believed God to be. This is a place, along with the third heavenly realm,  of miracles and understanding the true nature of creation. (LOTS of engineers and bishops hang out here for YEARS…)

The third heavenly realm is about devotion expressing itself in active work. The spirit in this realm is going out to actively do deeds of service for the deity he/she is devoted too. In this realm the spirit travels back into earthly plane and into heaven to experiment with their own theories of God and creation. These spirits often Create miracles with those they are connected to on the earth plane.

The fourth heavenly realm is the place of GENIUS and is arranged in four categories:

  • Unselfish pursuit of spiritual knowledges
  • High philosophy and scientific thought
  • Literary or artistic ability expressed for unselfish purposes
  • Service for the sake of service.

This heaven is filled with noble and unselfish thinkers who seek insight and knowledge for the purpose of enlightening and helping others. Great musicians such and Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and many others can be found here, still flooding the heavenly world with harmony and glory. For the lonely artist, upon entering this heaven, joy surges back on him as he is reunited with his / her source. Through meditation and enlightenment, a soul still in earthly form may connect to this world for strength, encouragement and a return to his/ her power of creativity.

The fifth heaven is the true home of the soul of nearly all mankind. It is the most populated of all the heavens. All in those in this heaven are engaged in the present human evolution. These souls are in all ranges of awareness and development. Spirit can move around in all the 5 levels at will as they desire.

The sixth heaven is a peaceful countryside compared to the fifth heaven, the busy city. This heaven doesn’t contain as may souls as the fifth heaven. This is a loftier level where souls have advances to an awareness of the purpose and methods of evolution. This Soul knows he/she is engaged in the work of self-development. He/she has self-awareness to guide his or her own personality to a higher level of principles.

The seventh heaven of the mental contains the “Masters of Compassion and Wisdom” and all the initiated pupils. These souls work for the evolution of the human race, acting directly on souls incarnate, stimulating spiritual growth, enlightening intellect and purifying emotions. The seventh heaven is where the incarnate human souls retrieve their “genius” and receive their illumination. This is where all souls longing to grow and expand their human lives find their guidance.

Thus, as in everywhere else, the highest glory of the heavenly realms is found in service. Those who have accomplished their mental evolution are fountains from which flow strength for those who are still climbing.

Physical life is just one element of our existence, when we die, we pass to another form, with MANY other opportunities to refine our spirit. Once in heaven, the journeys will continue in the spirit world, through all the many heavens, until eventually we return back to where we came from, Mother Father God creator of all.

Author: Nancy Smith

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