Fork In The Road December

Fork In The Road December

December serves up a month of reward or conflict; you decide which it will be. This fork in the road is going to unfold over the next 200 years astrologically, but you live in the kick-off period, lucky YOU. Seriously, you get to help set the tone and what you do now matters more than possibly any other time in your life.

Which is why when I tell you that you win the day when you DON’T act, at least not right away, it may confuse you. Let me clear that up, so you get to the reward portion of the month. Mars sits in Aries for almost six months this year. Aries is the beginning of the Zodiac and it’s a chance to start fresh on how we do things.

WHAT you do matters less than how you do it. Don’t get me wrong, what you do does matter. It’s just that HOW you do it matters more. When we move quickly, we pull from muscle memory and brain stem automatic response. So, if you react too fast on things that aren’t urgent, you box yourself into old patterns.

Except, in times of change, those old patterns don’t fit any better than shoes you wore in first grade. So, it’s time for a new pair of shoes, metaphorically speaking. When you slow down, pause, and take a good look around, you are free to take in more information than a rapid response would give you.

Your ‘conditioned response’ is actually stamped on your hand. You see, the lines in your hand include a ‘Mars’ region. It reveals your risk tolerance, your courage, your typical action style. All that in your Head line that runs right through that section on your hand.

bestamericanpsychicsBut for the sake of efficient information, you will receive news you can use on what your hand has to offer! Each week this month we explore a bit more about the line, the region, and how to use yours wisely.

Because for anyone stuck in a Groundhog Day response this year, the pressure to change is building. The first weeks of January serve a wallop for those who dig in and refuse to grow. Much like a cork on heated champagne, it’s going to fly unless you find the way to let a new path emerge. So let’s get you on the better path, right?

Outside conflict points you in the right direction on what’s inside your mind to help you turn that corner. Next week we explore a bit more on how to use your martial talents to put you in the winner circle instead of on the floor in a knockout. Start with a peek at your hand.

You can get a free sample online reading at Next week we will start the breakdown on your line and how to harness the power on hand for your best life when you tune in here. In the meantime, pause before you act…You’ll be very glad you did!

Author: Lisa Greenfield



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