Give it Time

Give it Time

Spring is here and with it comes truth, wisdom, and the key to unanswered questions. Over the course of this month, many people may have questions regarding the future of their relationships. This includes romantic partnerships, friendships, and connection to family.

Things may be unclear at the moment, but the confusion will lift. Spirit notes that time is the miracle cure. We need to watch, wait, and be patient. If there is a question regarding a person’s intentions or the role they play in your life, watch their behavior. See what they do over time. Observe what they do consistently. That is the greatest indicator of who needs to be in your life and who has the emotional fortitude to stay.

If we are meant to spend a lifetime with someone, there really is no rush. Time and space will rise up to meet us. Conversely, if a relationship must end, our souls cannot stop it because something greater is coming.

I will share a positive affirmation that may be helpful to meditate on for the remainder of this month. It is from my book I Am Spirit…Positive Affirmations for a Soul-Filled Life. The affirmation is, “I am Water. Water takes the shape of anything it flows into. It travels, it bends, it adapts. Be flexible like water and watch your life change. When we are flexible, obstacles can become opportunities. Dead ends can become open doors. There is always a way through the impediments that appear to block our good fortune. We just have to be like water, think creatively, and go with the flow.”

If we give it time, spirit will reveal what we need to know. Just trust the process and allow the future to unfold. Nothing remains hidden forever.

Author: Nicole Bowman

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