Healing the Ghosts That Haunt Us

Healing the Ghosts That Haunt Us

I used to live in a haunted house. Actually, as a medium, all the houses I live in house spirits as well. Or, they can house the echoes of the person that used to live there, even if they are still alive.

There is a difference between clearing energy and communicating with spirit. In one particular house I lived in, there was a definite energy from a man who lived and died in the house AND his spirit still liked to hang out in that house. Let me tell you what happened! 

 I moved into that very old house to restore it while I restored myself after a particularly bad divorce. I was heart-broken and on the mend. I was also filled with fear, anger and grief from all the things that had happened to me. I felt abandoned and misused by my ex, his family, the court system and even my own family. My emotional energy stirred up the emotional imprint left behind by the tragic passing of the man who used to live in the house.

I had no idea. And, I was very new to the spirit and mediumship world. 

A couple weeks after I moved in, the furnace started to make a huge bang. The first time it happened (9:00 pm at night) I ran downstairs to the basement to check the furnace. It was fine. I thought “Weird. Was there air in the pipes?”.  A couple of nights later, it happened again at the same time. Weird again, this time I called a plumber. They checked, cleaned and tuned it up. It was a newer furnace. Nothing wrong. Hmmm. This went on all winter. Daylight savings time ended, it was spring now and my clocked changed. The furnace banged at what it thought was it’s usual time of 9pm, but my time was 10pm. 

I was also getting woken up at night from a sound sleep, by a man in a white shirt. Such a drag.

I cleared the house several times, with no real resolution. 

Eventually I made friends with my neighbor, we got friendly enough for him to tell me about the man who died in the house. He had been on oxygen, suffering from lung cancer. He still smoked. He accidentally blew up his oxygen tank in the evening. He was rushed to the hospital and passed shortly after that. Whew. I was starting to pull the pieces together. 

This man was also estranged from his wife. My neighbor described him as angry and alone. Our energies were a match! I didn’t care for this match. 

I realized, then and there, I was postponing my own clearing and healing, and my ghost was showing me. The clearing that was needed was within me! I got to work with journaling, feeling my feelings, working with healers. Slowly and surely the energy in the house began to shift. I was eventually able to have conversations with the spirit in the house. 

And then… an undertaker moved next door to me. And, holy cow! My house became spirit central clearing station. It was all good. I had my tools, I had my helpers and all the light I could manage within myself. And, that’s how I healed the ghost that haunted me. 

Author: Nancy Smith https://bestamericanpsychics.com/listing/nancy-smith

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