How to Avoid Spiritual Overdrive

How to Avoid Spiritual Overdrive

When it came time to put my 16 year old behind the wheel, I was a bit surprised to find that she had no interest in driving whatsoever. I thought about my teen years and anxiously counting the days until I could get my license and roam the roads free as a bird and wondered why she did not feel the same way. I took a look back at my first driving experience and quickly realized why my teen might be apprehensive.

My teacher taught me to drive a land barge of a car by the ‘throw the baby in the pool’ method. Get behind the wheel and go…and for Pete’s sake, don’t hit anything! As we rolled forward in 2500 pounds of 1977 Cadillac all I remembered was hearing my dad scream, “Brake, brake braaaakkkke!” Needless to say, it was just a tad dramatic.

So typical me took a comprehensive look at why and where first time drivers have issues. I broke down the driving experience into sections and we began easily. I had my teen just sit in park and learn to control the accelerator. With her first try stepping on the gas, she revved right up to 3000 rpms and she got startled. Had she been in drive, she would have totally panicked.

We continued to practice, gently getting the accelerator to 1000 rpms, then to 1500, then briefly to 2000 and then smoothly back down again, until she could to it with ease. I said, “See, if you learn to control the accelerator in park then when you finally do put it in drive you’ll feel in control and you won’t need to panic and slam on the brakes.” We practiced for several days, then we moved on to rolling forward on the straight and putting on the brakes. Once we mastered that, THEN we started turns, and so on.

Spiritual development is very similar. You’ve got to break it down into manageable parts or you might get too overwhelmed and panic. Get a good grasp on each part BEFORE you throw that spirituality into overdrive! Learn to breathe, learn to mindfully focus, learn to move consciousness around before you jump into the concepts of time, space, the multi-verse and all things post-life and professional readings.

Waking up one day and saying, I’m going to learn all things spiritual today is like throwing a first time driver behind the wheel and just saying, “Hit the gas, you’ll figure it out as you go. Oh, and don’t hit anything.” – just a tad overwhelming and potentially frustrating. Oh I’m sure it can be done, it’s done all the time, but wading into the pool seems much less stressful than just diving in.

Break each area of your spiritual focus down to manageable parts. Study those parts with multiple teachers, and then move on. In the end you will be left with solid groundwork that will take you to much higher planes of understanding with a heck of a lot less stress.

Samantha Hall is a full time psychic, medium and spiritual mentor. Transplanted from her roots in Arizona, Samantha now makes her home in Northwest Georgia. Part philosopher, part psychic, student of quantum sciences and consciousness, Samantha is always searching for answers to what make humans so uniquely human. Click here to learn more: Samantha Hall

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