Hug a Medium Today!

Hug a Medium Today!

Do you ever wonder what an actual medium is really like? Not who you see on a stage or what you might see on TV, but what they’re *really* like day-to-day? Here’s a secret: We’re just the same as you are! Shocked, right? It’s sort of like when you’re little and see your teacher in the supermarket and you can’t believe they actually go food shopping!

When I meet people and tell them that I am a Psychic Medium, they have all sorts of preconceived impressions of what I actually do. It could be from the movies, something they’ve heard from a friend or social media. I tell people I am just a normal person. I’m not magical. I’ve just put time and effort into honing my gift and, from the outside it may look magical, but I believe that everybody has the ability to connect to spirit. It’s just a matter of exercising those muscles.

Imagine you wanted to be a professional bodybuilder. You would eat right, go to the gym all the time, cut your carbs, etc. You’d basically do everything that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does. It’s the same thing with Mediumship. If you wanted to do this work, you would need to put some time and effort into it. It’s true that some people might be more naturally suited and “called to” this type of work, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to develop their gift. All the mediums I know are constantly working to better their craft. Just like an elite athlete or a great actor, most of us continually try to do our best work- and this “best work” is always evolving. Anyone that tells you they don’t need to continue developing you might want to steer clear of because after all, nobody is perfect.

When people discover what I do, a lot of them assume that I have spirits whizzing around my head 24 hours a day. Now I can’t speak for all mediums, but that’s not how it works for me. When I’m working, I intentionally tune into Spirit and maintain that connection. When done, I pretty much shut everything off. It doesn’t mean that at other times I don’t have my intuitive spidey sense on- only that I’m not actively trying to connect to Spirit. As soon as someone learns I’m a medium, the barrage of questions usually start. Once, the UPS man asked me if I saw any spirits around him. I looked at him blankly and said, “Uh no, but I’d be happy to make an appointment for you”. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but it’s the same as if I were a Doctor and he showed me a rash on his arm and asked “Hey Doc, is this contagious?” I want people to understand that I’m not “on” all the time and I certainly don’t know all the answers to everything. I’m human.

Another thing people often assume is that I see their loved ones walking around them constantly. Some mediums do see Spirit like that. But for me, since I’m very clairvoyant, I see it almost like a movie in my peripheral vision. They will present themselves to me as they were in life and they will show me objects or symbols that have meaning to them. There have been occasions where I have seen Spirit walking around, like an apparition, but that is more unusual for me. When I connect with them, I’m usually seeing with my third eye, I am not seeing with my physical eyes. The “magic” part most people probably have a hard time understanding is when I sit with a client, I create space within my energy field to allow their loved one to drop in. Say what? OK, that might sound a little woo-woo but that’s actually what I do. After someone dies they are not dead- Their physical body may no longer be here but their spirit or soul or Godself is still here. And this is what I connect to. That is the meaning of “Namaste” – the Spirit in me honors the Spirit in you. Because after all, we are all Spirit whether we are incarnate (in the body) or discarnate (out of the body).

Aside from these atypical daily encounters, most of the time I’m just a conventional person like you. I cook dinners, pick up my kids from school and deal with regular life problems. Sometimes people say that I must have everything figured out since I’m able to talk to Spirit. That is not true. I am still human and I struggle with all the doubts, difficulties and challenges that you do. Trust me.

My hope is to help people understand who mediums are and to provide insight as to what it’s like to be in our shoes. Please don’t be weirded out by us if you meet us on the street. And please understand we’re not always “on” if you see us in the grocery store or walking on the beach. Try to respect our personal time if you can, but don’t be afraid to say hi if you see me in line at Starbucks. I love what I do and know I am privileged to be in communion with the Spirit world. Just please don’t ask me if I see your Aunt Martha around you if we run into each other in the restroom. Even Spirits need their private time. 🙂

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