Immediate Reading Services

If you wish to offer Immediate Reading Services, you must sign up with our third-party call service, Click 4 Advisor. You may sign up for phone, chat, email and webinar services. Payouts are done weekly by Click 4 Advisor, every Friday, for the prior week’s transactions. You may opt to be paid by Paypal or direct deposit. You receive 60% of every transaction.

Note, you must be able to commit to working the Immediate Reading Services a minimum of 5 hours per week if you choose to sign up. If you are not able to commit at least 5 hours per week, please do not sign up for this service, as your account will be monitored and suspended if the required minimum is not met.

Immediate Reading Services are in no way meant to replace your private readings. We encourage our members to offer both to their clients. It is important to note, however, that many clients use the Immediate Reading Services as a way to “test” a psychic, prior to booking a full private reading with them. They want to see if there is a connection before they spend the time, effort, and energy to book a private reading. The call buttons are also a great way to serve those “quick question” clients…the ones that have one question and want a fast answer.

The Immediate Readings page on our site is the most popular page, by far. Many people want instant results and want to point and shoot and get their answers right away.

This is a great thing to send out in your newsletters, on Facebook, etc.

If you wish to proceed with the Immediate Service options, please proceed to and register.