Here at Best American Psychics, we use a third-party call service to handle all the Immediate Psychic Readings transactions. The company is called Click4Advisor and they act independently in the collection of deposits and all monetary transactions. What this means is Best American Psychics does not have ANY access to your financial accounts, deposits, or monies in any way, so we do not have the ability to offer refunds, credits to your account, etc. You must contact Click4Advisor directly for financial issues or issues with connecting to an advisor. We operate this way in order to protect your financial information, ensuring the best service possible.

What is Click4Advisor?       International User
Click4Advisor is a system that enables Users to receive paid advice from expert Advisors over the phone in private and secure manner.

How much does it cost?
Each Advisor sets their individual per-minute rate. Be sure to check the Advisor rate on the Pop-Up Page before you call.

How do I call an Advisor?
There are two ways a call can be placed to an Advisor. The first is by placing a call online by clicking on the Call button located on the Advisor’s listing page. In the Pop-Up window, type in your Username, password, and phone number, then click on the Call on Phone button. A call will be placed to you, which will connect you to the Advisor after the Click4Advisor voice prompt. The second is by calling the Advisor through the Dial-In service.

How do I know the Advisor I’m calling is an expert?
Before you call, you can check the Advisor Profile and Feedback in the Pop-Up Page. Here you will find the Advisor’s credentials and experience, as well as the feedback from other Users who called the Advisor. The feedback system is the Users’ best guide to the quality of the Advisors. Please always take the time to give honest and sincere feedback after your calls. The quality of the system depends on you.

What is the Click4Advisor 1-800 Dial-In service?
The Dial-In service number is 1-888-626-7386. Click4Advisor Dial-In service allows Users to use the Click4Advisor system even when you are not in front of a computer. As a User, you can Check your Account Balance, Make a Deposit and Connect to Your Advisor through the Dial-In service.

How do I use the Click4Advisor 1-800 Dial-In service?
To use the system, you need to have your unique Dial-In ID and PIN. To access your Dial-In ID and PIN, in the Member Web Interface, User Profile section, click on the Update Dial-In Pin link. There, you will see your unique Dial-In ID and you will be prompted to create your own personal Dial-In PIN. Once you have these numbers, you can begin using the Click4Advisor Dial-In service by calling 1-888-626-7386.

How do I call Advisors through the 1-800 Dial-In service?
To call an Advisor through the Dial-In service, you need to know your own Dial-ID and PIN, as well as the Dial-In ID of the Advisor you wish to call. Advisor Dial-In ID’s are visible in the Advisor’s Click4Advisor phone link popup window. After calling 1-888-626-7386, you will be prompted to enter your Dial-In ID and PIN. You are then given a menu of action choices. After choosing to Call an Advisor, you will be prompted to enter the Advisor’s ID.

How do I access the Dial-In service if I am located outside to USA/Canada?
For outside to USA/Canada users, you should call 1-510-897-1288 to access dial-in service.

Does it cost extra to use the Dial-In service?
No. There is no extra cost for using the Dial-In service, and every activity that is initiated through the Dial-In service is completely integrated with the Click4Advisor Internet system.

Can I search for Advisors through the 1-800 Dial-In service?
The 1-800 Dial-In service has a ‘Find an Advisor’ search function. Option 4 allows you to Find an Advisor either by hearing lists of targeted Advisors or by inputting the first few letters of a specific Advisor.

What happens if I call an Advisor who is supposed to be ‘Available’, but I get an answering machine or otherwise cannot reach her/him? Am I charged for the Call?
In order to prevent accidental charges assessed to Users due to Advisors’ inaccessibility specifically during times of advertised ‘availability’, Click4Advisor utilizes a 30-Second Buffer Zone. The Buffer Zone allows you to be connected to an Advisor’s phone line for up to 30 seconds without being charged.

This covers the unlikely case wherein, despite calling during an Advisor’s prescribed hours of availability, you may not be connected directly to an Advisor for any reason and so opt to discontinue the call. In this case, as long as you hang up within 30-seconds, you will not be charged for the unsuccessful call.

What is ‘Submit a Callback Request’ and how does it work?
When the Advisor you are trying to reach is busy or unavailable, you can ‘Submit a Callback Request’ and get connected the moment the Advisor becomes available again. This saves you the hassle of having to continuously check to see if the Advisor is free.

There are two ways you can ‘Submit a Callback Request’. The first is online by clicking the ‘Submit a Callback Request’ from the Advisor Pop-Up window, filling out the request form, and submitting it. The second is by calling the Dial-In service and following the voice prompts.

How can I email an Advisor?
You can email any Advisor by logging into your User account or by clicking on the ‘Email to Advisor’ link in the Advisor’s popup window, which will direct you to your User account. Go into the Message Center section and click on Create New Message. Enter in the Advisor’s name and submit your message when done.

How do I give Feedback on Advisors?
There are two ways to give feedback regarding your call experience with an Advisor. The first is to simply click on the Feedback link that is in the Popup window display once you connect to the call. The second is by logging in to your User account, going to your Usage Transaction section, and finding the particular Advisor and Call you want to provide feedback on. On the far right of the display, there is a ‘Feedback’ column. If you have not provided feedback yet for your chosen transaction, then the entry will read ‘waiting’. Click on ‘waiting’ and then enter your feedback. When you have completed your feedback, the entry in the Feedback column of the display will read ‘submitted’. Users can only submit feedback with respect to calls that have resulted in a valid transaction. The feedback should be provided within 7 calendar days of the transaction. Any feedback from calls that fall in to the 30-Second Buffer Zone will not be recorded.

How do I add more money?
Just login to your User Web Interface or call 1-888-626-7386 to make a deposit to your account. You also have the option to add money during a call with an advisor. When there is one minute remaining, a voice prompt will ask you to press 1 to add more money to continue the call. Minutes will not be charged for the time spent adding money during the call.

How can I view my history of deposits and call activity?
You will need to log into your User account to view both the history of your deposits and call activities. For deposits made, go into Deposit Summary under your Deposit Transactions section. You will be able to select a date to view when deposits were made into your account and for what amount.

For history of call activities, go into your Usage Transaction section to see a complete listing of details for each transaction made. The details will list the time and date the call was made, the name of the advisor you called, the minutes spent talking, and the amount debited from your account balance.

How do I resolve a disputed Advice call?
You must send a message from your Web Interface to the Advisor within 48 hours of the call. Also, you should send a similar message to ‘Admin’ recipient so that we can put a hold on the transaction till the dispute is resolved. Charges shall be calculated solely based on records maintained by SPG Solutions. SPG Solutions reserves the right to credit your account, in full or part, for the disputed transaction in question. Credit will be issued to your account for use toward subsequent calls. Reimbursement limit is two (2) transactions per month with a maximum of $10 per transaction.

Can I call an Advisor if I live outside the US or Canada?
This depends on the Advisor. If the Advisor has allowed callers from your country to call him or her, then you will find your country listed in the Pop-Up Page. If you do not see your country listed but you are interested in talking to the Advisor, we suggest you send the Advisor an email through the Pop-Up Page email link to see if they would enable your country.

Is my personal information protected?
Yes. Your name, telephone number, email address, and billing information are protected because they are never revealed to Advisors. The only information displayed to an Advisor is your Username and the only way they can contact you is through our Click4Advisor Message Center.

How do I contact support?
For a quick response, you can send a message from Web Interface to “Admin” or email us at Our customer support line is also available Monday-Friday from 8:30am- 5:30pm PST at (925)469-9600, ext. 203. Thank you. If you have any questions that were not answered here or if you have any suggestions, please contact us at

Thank you. If you have any questions that were not answered here or if you have any suggestions, please contact us at