Invoking the Presence of the Archangels of the Four Winds: Archangel Michael

Invoking the Presence of the Archangels of the Four Winds: Archangel Michael

The Archangels are high ranking Angels and they reside on the Angelic realms close to the Divine (or God). The Divine has given the Archangels very important responsibilities to fulfill to help us here on earth. One big responsibility is supervising the Angels, and they work together on the Light Ray frequencies.

The word Archangel means ‘ruler / messenger’ – they serve 2 roles, as rulers, ruling over the Angels and as messengers of God.

Who are the Angels of the 4 Winds? –

The Earth has four Cardinal points, also called the Four Directions. Each cardinal point is ruled by an Archangel – all assigned by the Divine so that human beings can balance their lives in a harmonious way while on earth.

The Archangels of the four Winds are

Michael – South

Uriel – North

Raphael – East

Gabriel  – West

Archangel Michael rules the South:

The most widely known Archangel; He commands the legions of Guardian Angels who serve on the first ray of protection and under the will of the Divine.

Archangel Michael is known for being exceptionally strong, he protects and defends people. He is an audible Angel which means that he speaks clearly and is often very direct.

Michael, the warrior of God, can bring us comforting signs of his protection; he wants us to know that he hears our prayers and reassures us that we are never alone.

Archangel Michael rules Sunday – if you were born on a Sunday, your birth angel is Archangel Michael. His element is Fire and he connects through the sun.

Michael’s Attunement Healing Key:

Each Archangel carries their own Healing keys to bring us even closer to them. 

4 archangels

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It is a symbol for protection, draw this charged symbol with intent on yourself and on your auric field, draw this healing key on the front door of your house, your car, or anything that you feel needs protection. Start with the top heart, and then follow with the rest of the strokes and ending with the dot on the bottom right.

Invite Archangel Michael to connect with you and support you in all of your life experiences, ask him to help release Fears and Worry.

Calling upon Archangel Michael is a great way to start because he always answers – here’s how… picture Archangel Michael in your mind and say “I call on you now, Lord Michael, please come to me now, Archangel Michael please come to me now, Archangel Michael please come to me now. I need your help in (state your situation) and wrap your essence around me at all times. I thank you for your presence.”


There aren’t any rules as far as when you can or cannot or even how to call on Michael – he is a great Archangel to call upon when you need to release negativity, cleanse a space, and it doesn’t always mean that we can only call on him when we are in need of help – he also enjoys casual daily conversation, just like a simple “Hi Archangel Michael, thanks for watching over me…” “Hi Michael, guess what I did today…’ Make him a part of your day, everyday.

You are Whole Powerful and Divine

Blessings to you!


Author: Katherine Dacanay

4 archangels
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