Invoking the Presence of the Archangels of the Four Winds: Archangel Uriel

Invoking the Presence of the Archangels of the Four Winds: Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel: his name means The Light of God and he is with a group of Angels called illuminated Seraphim. He is of the Nine Choirs of Angels, the Seraphims stand closest to God.

He is responsible for the North Direction and he holds back the south wind of noon hour.

Most Angels are not associated with genders and throughout history, Uriel has always been depicted as having Masculine Energy. He is associated with power, wisdom, lightning and electricity.

How I came to know Archangel Uriel – 

Archangel Uriel has helped me in many ways; sometimes voluntarily and without me asking. He has come through a few times especially when I have experienced overwhelming anxiety. He brings me peace and light in my heart and dissolves fear and directs me to activities that would keep me grounded. 

He has also bestowed wisdom during healing sessions with my clients, he is associated with the colors red and amber which is the life force energy associated with the root chakra. He helps transform low energy vibration into a much higher vibration.

When the angels come to me to help bring healing to my clients, I can feel their presence and I can feel them ‘in action’.

The Angels respond to our prayers and requests when we come to them with an open heart, when we are humble and honest.

The temperature of the room usually changes and this is the sign they bring me to let me know that they are present.

Here is my Special Prayer to invoke the presence of Archangel Uriel:

Archangel Uriel,

Fill me with Light, open my heart and fill it with Divine Light

Please help me to shine brighter and to rise above lower vibration of fear

Help me to stand within my truth, and to stand within Divine Light and Love

Let me shine my Light brighter to help raise the vibration of others

Thank you for standing in this presence.

And so it is.

Archangel Uriel is a master at transforming low energy vibrations to higher frequencies, with each negative emotion that we face, there is always a spiritual lesson that we need to learn. Archangel Uriel can guide us through the most perfect solutions to problems we face. Call on Uriel when you feel anxious, when you feel abandoned, fearful or rejected – he will come to lift up your energy.

Connect with Archangel Uriel in meditation through:

The metal Copper – Amber – Citrine – Hematite – Obsidian – Tigers Eye

Essential Oils:

Carnation – Hyacinth – Lavender – Rose – Sandalwood

Essential oils to stimulate the base chakra and to invoke inner peace:

Frankincense – Ravensara – Thyme – Yarrow

The 6th Ray of Light and the Ruby Ray – The Golden Ruby Flame and Archangel Uriel – 

The invocations to the Ruby Flame is done on Fridays. 

“Beloved Presence of God, I AM in my self, I love Thee and worship Thee. Come out and radiate Thy Golden Flame in me and through me, so that it blesses every cell of my body and all the powers of Nature that are serving me so beautifully! 

Let me be a Blessing Presence so that anybody who only touches the edge of my aura can feel Thy Love, Thy Peace and Thy Perfection! I AM the Presence of Blessing, I bless everybody and everything! 

Our needs in energy, attention and serving are obstacles to spiritual progress for so long until we learn to consciously calm down the energies of our world, so that we can be given new power and new faith of our I AM Presence and of other Divine Beings.

If we fail to constantly maintain the inner and outer peace, no matter how perfectly we act, we shall ultimately have only ashes – so long as in our consciousness there are so-called “seven mortal sins”: lust or passion, revolt or anger, greed or envy, sloth or indifference, pride or arrogance, or any one of their shades. Peace is not a passive quality, peace is the most concentrated activity of strength! 

How much strength and mastery over ourselves we need to preserve our own peace, to be absolutely balanced and Masters over every situation, regardless of the obstacles in our family life, knowledge and service. Fill me with Thy strength making me a Master here and now! I thank Thee. ” Olga Rezo

To deepen our connection with Archangel Uriel even more, here is his Attunement Key. Print this key and place it in your sacred space or your healing table to invoke the presence of Archangel Uriel and ask him to restore peace in your heart.

Courtesy of Doctors with Reiki

Author: Katherine Dacanay

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