Fabulous Feedback

Jan 01 2020

Fabulous Feedback

2020 Fabulous Feedback Award Winner

Sally Fabulous FeedbackSince the day she became a member of our team (in 2013), Sally Rice has received wonderful feedback from her clients for her readings. This past year, more and more glowing feedback has rolled in, proving what a professional she truly is.

We, at Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics, of course, have longed believed in Sally and her gifts. This year we honor her with our 2020 Fabulous Feed Award. Sally is a highly experienced reader and possesses many talents and skills.

Sally has a way of deeply connecting with any individual and, most certainly, her clients. She is described as an accurate psychic reader and medium. Her clients consistently remark about how having a reading with Sally makes them feel, in which they’ve detailed a deep spiritual connection and a sense of peace after their readings.

Sally, and her work with spirit, really helps her clients to look within and move forward on their paths. This is the way she brings light into the world and we are proud to have her on our team.

Sally’s skills and gifts include Certified Psychic Medium; Remote Viewer; Clairvoyant; Medical Empath and channel for spirit guides, angels, and ancestors. She also works with law enforcement on missing persons cases, unsolved crimes, and those in crisis.

Additionally, Sally is a published author.

Sally can read for anyone, regardless of their location, via the internet. She is an Immediate Reader on our site. Be sure to check her profile and/or follow her social accounts for updated information.
We are pleased to be able to offer this award to Sally!

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