Keep Your Eye on the Road

Keep Your Eye on the Road


Keep Your Eye on the Road – A Life Lesson

Years ago my Mom was trying to teach me to drive. Yes, years ago. She took me to an old country road to practice on. Nervous, I drove slowly along the dirt road, eyeing with worry the large country ditch that seemed like a great canyon. The car would drift toward the ditch. My mother would shout, “Focus on the road!” And I would, for a moment or two, then again nervously would look at the ditch and the car started to slowly creep towards. I knew it! I thought. Feeling my mother’s criticism. I keep going to the ditch! Hands clenched to the wheel, I felt surely that I would never learn to drive. My mother shouted, “Keep your eyes on the road. That is where you want to go. If you do not want to go to the ditch, do not look at it!”

I have come to learn that life is like driving a car. You look where you want to go. If you peer off to where you do not want to go, that is where you go, Life. Keep focused on your drive. Even if you are nervous and white knuckling on the wheel. Your energy goes wherever you are looking. So keep looking where you want to go.

Written By: Psychic Medium Lorraine Appleyard

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