Know Thyself: Four Part Series – Human Design

Know Thyself: Four Part Series – Human Design

Human Design: You are designed and wired to be this, do this, and have this.

You are here to grow and evolve, and you intended many things for yourself before you arrived. You included in this design what would be for your growth and evolution and for your highest and best. Infinite Potential already exists within you, and it is up to you to discover and act upon it. 

At some time in your life, you begin to recognize some interests, nudges, inspirations, desires, and callings. These are your way of pulling you back to You. You left breadcrumbs along the way for yourself to discover. 

In this lifetime, you have both a Body and a Soul. Your Body is here to support your Soul, and it has its own trajectory for this lifetime, as well. 

You have a Life Purpose and a Soul Purpose. Your Life Purpose in this lifetime supports your Soul Purpose. Your Soul Purpose is the purpose of your Soul throughout lifetimes. Your Life Purpose is how your body was created as the vehicle you came here in to support your Soul Purpose this time. 

When you are aligned with both your Body and your Soul working together, you create the most synchronicity and are able to live your best life, the life you came here to live in your Highest Purpose possible. 

At different times in your life, you will be expressing your Purpose in different ways. At key points in your life, you are presented with the opportunity to step into your next level of Higher Purpose Living. This creates more success and prosperity in your life and gives you a sense of deep satisfaction. Your life works better. Others are blessed by you being you, and you are blessed immensely in the process. 

When you take the time to Know Yourself, you start paying attention to how you are living your life. You are led toward doing what you do best with people and in environments you care about and are passionate about that support you. You begin to live according to the way you are designed and wired. 

When you are living and working aligned to the way you are designed and wired, you have less struggle and challenge. Life becomes a series of synchronicities, and you are in the flow. You have more abundance, your needs are met, you find success and experience peace. 

Your Design is unique to you, and your Soul desires and requires it. Conditioning and programming are what are keeping you from living as you intended. From the moment you get here, you are greatly impacted by the people and environments you come in contact with. You begin to receive overlays that are not you, and you believe they are you as you grow. This conditioning and programming masquerades as Self, but are actually Not Self. Not Self is your conditioned behaviors, and they can stand in the way of your True Potential. This includes everywhere you are open to being influenced by the energy of others. Conditioning hijacks you and influences you. 

The bottom line is, all the challenges and struggles you encounter, all the blocks you bump up against, are always there for your good, to move you back into alignment with your design and your nature. Their job is to rebalance you, to right your course and get you back on track. 

With conscious awareness, you can overcome these influences and use your design to access your greatest strengths. 

You are being called to true Mastery, and you are already designed and wired for it! 

Knowing and honoring how you are wired and designed will change everything. 

It comes down to this, You designed this Body to come into this lifetime with a Purpose of its own that also supports your Soul Purpose. Your Body is wired and designed to accomplish what you intended. You will feel and experience your way to it simply by living your life. You can become conscious and aware, Know Yourself, and then you won’t have to just learn by trial and error. 

Human Design is a powerful tool to help you navigate this life you are living. It can serve as a touchstone, a guidepost, and reference points for you. As you work with it, you can create both immediate and ongoing results. Human Design shows you how you are uniquely designed and wired, which includes your biogenetic inheritance and your unconscious programming. 

Human Design can help you clarify where you are going and the best way to get there. 

Author: Michelle Barr is a Psychic Medium, Healer, Akashic Record Reader, Human Design Facilitator, and Spiritual Teacher.

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