Brian Hunter

California 1, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Posted on April 7, 2022

Brian Hunter is a world renowned Life Coach, Counselor, Psychic, and Author of “The Hunter Equation” and “Rising To Greatness”. 

Brian specializes in giving clarity, psychic impressions, and advice for personal problems, relationship issues, career, self improvement, your Awakening, developing psychic abilities, dealing with loss, death, depression, spirits, ghosts, and so much more.

Brian has been listed as one of the top psychics in the world and has advised celebrities, business leaders, religious/spiritual leaders, fellow psychics, children, teens, housewives, moms, dads, and people from every walk of life and circumstances. He has special psychic abilities as an empath, medium, clairvoyant, and healer.

Brian was an original cast member of the TV series pilot “Missing Peace,” in which psychics worked with detectives to solve cold cases.  He has also worked as an actor and model in Hollywood, featured in various Movie and TV productions unrelated to his psychic work.

Brian’s diversity and natural discretion has allowed him to help celebrities, business leaders, teens, adults, and the elderly, all in different places around the world, deal with any and all types of problems and situations.  No question or topic is too embarrassing, difficult, or off limits.  

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