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Posted on April 7, 2022

Cate Coffelt is an award winning evidential medium who has been scientifically tested. She is certified as a Hay House Card Reader and listed with Helping Parents Heal as a Certified Spirit Medium. She offers Medium, LIfe Guidance and Animal Communication services. Cate is known for bringing through detailed information during her readings assuring you that she has connected with those from beyond, you or your pets.

She is an Animal Intuitive, a Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empath, Intuitive, Remote Viewer, and a Spiritual Counselor. She finds beauty and fulfillment in the healing that her work provides to people who need to communicate with the other side. It is her passion and mission to connect people and their loved ones in spirit, as well as providing guidance for their future.

Background and Beginnings

Cate grew up in a strictly religious home and family. Her beliefs limited and narrowed her views while growing up, especially on things that concerned Spirit. Cate’s first encounter with Spirit was when she was the tender age of five. She woke up to see her grandmother appear at the foot of her bed.

Within minutes, her family would receive a call informing them that her grandmother had passed away. As one can imagine, the experience scared the young Cate. Through the years, she had various, unexplainable experiences. She had dreams that eventually came true. Sometimes, she would know of events even before they happened. She attributed all these things to pure coincidence and pushed them to the back of her mind.

Her psychic experiences were not limited to humans; she also had the same experiences with animals. Cate has always loved her furry friends and found comfort in them while growing up. She usually found herself talking with every animal that she ran into. Furry parents were amazed at how their pets would instantly warm up to her. What was even more surprising was that these were often not the friendliest of pets and were often wary with strangers.

It was not until later in life that Cate would finally accept her Psychic gifts wholeheartedly. She confided in someone close about her coincidental visions and dreams. As a trusted counselor and intuitive himself, he suggested that she had Spiritual and Psychic gifts, all of which she just naively and quickly dismissed. Her religious upbringing prevented her from exploring her Psychic and Spiritual side. Her years of working in the corporate world and raising a daughter on her own had not allowed her the time and opportunity to fully explore her natural gifts.

Later on, a friend asked her a very serious question about her future. Her friend, who knew of her past intuitive experiences, thought she could help her. During their conversation, which turned to a Psychic session, they instantly realized that her friend’s loved one from the other side was communicating through Cate. This was the moment that Cate accepted her gifts as a special gift from God, and that it was a blessing to be able to share her gifts of communicating with the Spirit or with pets.

Cate is a strong believer in the importance of continuous development, learning and healing. Her dedication to serve other people pushes her to strengthen her gifts. She’s learned from various teachers and healers in Los Angeles. She has mentored with Thomas John, studied with Andy Byng and was enrolled in the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD). She is also certified in Law Enforcement Investigations offered by A.J. Berrera and Trinity Executive Solutions. This certification was taught for psychics by actual law enforcement officers.

What can Cate do for you?

Cate considers it a great honor to serve and share her Spiritual gifts with others. She offers the following services:

• Medium Reading
Cate is most passionate about the work she does as a medium because of the tremendous healing and peace she sees that can happen when her clients feel that special connection with their loved ones who have crossed over.

Whether your loved one is spirit has passed or your pet has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, Cate can help you communicate with them to soothe your grieving heart. Her passion is to deliver meaningful validations and messages of love, hope, healing, clarity and the truth, demonstrating that love never dies.

Please know that with a medium reading, any of your loved ones can come through, even ones you would not expect! Please provide a photo if you’d like to connect to a pet in spirit.

• Psychic Reading
If you have questions about family, love, career, and other important matters in life, then a Psychic Reading is for you. Even though the future is never set in stone and can change, Cate can peek into your past and present to provide guidance and insight for your future.

• Animal Communication Reading
Is your pet acting strange? Is your pet having a difficult time adjusting to a new situation or experiencing behavioral issues? Cate loves sharing with people their pet’s messages. A reading can provide you a deeper and more meaningful connection with your furry family.
Once you see the reasons for your pet’s behavioral pattern, you can further strengthen your bond with your extended family.

Book a session with Cate now and communicate with your loved ones (and pets too)!
She offers phone readings and is also available for private group events or spirit circles. Spirit Circle are composed of no more than 8 persons.

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  • Patty Montgomery says : Flag this review Details
    May 31, 2023 at 6:08 pm

    I recently received a tarot card reading from Cate. The reading provided me with answers to an important decision concerning my business. I’ve received other types of readings from Cate over the past year. Her readings are always so informative and helpful. I’m forever grateful for the messages she brings through. I marvel at Cate’s ability to connect with spirit, both human and animal. The tarot reading was spot on for what I needed to hear. Cate is such an amazingly intuitive card reader, and what makes her gifts even greater is she is well trained on the symbols, meanings, and messages found in the cards. I highly recommend you try a tarot reading with Cate! I will definitely be using Cate’s services in the future.

  • May 22, 2023 at 8:09 pm

    I had my first reading with Cate this week to which I was not disappointed! The accuracy of her reading and messages were spot on. I went into the reading with the expectation of a general reading though had mentioned my personal and professional life have been scattered as of late. What Cate was able to bring through was not to only pinpoint where/what my current situation is but what the next step needs to be to obtain the outcome I am looking for. Hands down Cate brought my heart to a fulfillment that I have been looking for as well as clarification.

  • Cathy Stephenson says : Flag this review Details
    January 15, 2023 at 2:02 pm

    I got a reading from Cate & was Absolutely Blown Away!!! She brought through my grandmother & my grandfather with details that only I would know about. It was sooo nice to hear from them in such a beautiful & loving way. I am very grateful for her exceptional gift ? Thank you again Cate Coffelt!!!

  • The information I received was certainly evidence! says : Flag this review Details
    August 11, 2021 at 9:03 pm

    The most challenging part of writing this is to keep it brief. Cate was able to connect with my loved ones and the information I received was evidence. There is no way she could have known the information that came through. No way! Here is a tiny bit of what came through: My mother passed away 46 years ago, but lately during meditation I had a strong feeling of her presence. I asked if it where her for her to send me a sign, like a butterfly. A few weeks later, I was up in the mountains riding on a slow train (25 miles per hour). I looked out the window and saw a yellow butterfly trying to keep pace with my window. I instantly thought about her, but I immediately regarded it as a coincidence. Later that same day I was driving and a yellow butterfly came straight towards the windshield without crashing into it and then flew off. My husband noticed it, so I thought maybe? During my session with Cate my mother came through and Cate heard knocking. This is what she said “I really don’t understand why she is knocking on the door. Let me see what she is trying to show me because I’ve never seen that honey. Um, so correct me if I am wrong and I apologize if I am but I do feel like she feels like she is on the outside and I feel like this is why she is knocking on the door. And she’s trying to see you. She is trying to get to you. Do you understand she is trying and the thing is you are missing the signs from her so whenever you see butterflies, um especially I think um, I keep seeing yellow ones for some reason.” My sister passed away on February 20th 2021. One week before she passed, I posted this on Facebook: I attended a virtual event today that I really enjoyed. It was called “Hope Rising” and it was all about hope, especially centered around all that we have been through with COVID. I just wanted to share a piece of it that really touched my heart. It was a response from John Edward, to a question about all the people who have died alone from COVID - His response was something like - Nobody passes alone, there are always loved ones and friends (on the other side) that come for them. This really touched my heart. I wish all the victim’s families could have heard that. Beautiful. Happy Valentine’s Day.” A week later my sister passed and because of the COVID restrictions, no one was there with her when she passed. But, I got a lot of comfort from the words I had posted one week earlier. During my session with Cate, my sister came through. Here's the message that Cate received: “But her message is that she was not alone, but she felt loved as she was transitioning over, do you understand? That, that, um everyone was with her they helped her over.” I wish I could tell you more, because there was a lot more evidence! I do recommend doing an audio recording of your session. So much information came through, it was a little overwhelming and there was no way I could take it all in.  I used the app “voice memos” on my iPhone. It took me a week to go through the hour long recording. I had to stop many times to let the words sink in. I am so grateful that I recorded it. Afterwards the synchronicities started.  I had no connection that I knew of to a Golden “blonde” retriever, but I was walking with a friend a few days after my session and while I was telling her about my reading with Cate - up walks a Golden “Blonde” Retriever! Comes right up to me to say hello. Amazing.

  • Jennifer DeWilde says : Flag this review Details
    September 10, 2016 at 4:50 am

    5 STARS!

    Accuracy = 5 stars
    Ethical Standards = 5 stars
    Professionalism = 5 stars
    Customer Service = 5 stars

    I had a psychic/medium reading with Cate recently and was very pleased with the direction she gave me. Her messages from Spirit were not only validations from them, but also included clear advice and direction. Although she wasn’t big on names, that was perfectly okay because she was spot on with details about the loved ones coming through. The messages were so specific that they made sense to me, when they didn’t make sense to her. She wasn’t privy to what they were referring to but there is no doubt that she was connected to the angelic realm and they were very privy to what was going on with me. The best advice I got was a reminder that although something significant from my past has surfaced recently as truth, to make sure that I don’t stay focused on the past and to live in the now. I highly recommend Cate to those looking for direction in life and/or career!!

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