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Posted on April 7, 2022
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An Animal Communicator, as well as a Medium, an Empath and a Psychic, Terrie Douglas does not only help you with your existing human problems and wonderments, she can also help you communicate with a beloved animal that you would like to talk to.

When we talk about psychics and mediums, the first thing that comes to mind is looking into the beyond. Most people seeking advice from psychics often want help in communicating with a departed loved one. Others are looking for a solution to their problem and in seeing things that the naked eye can’t see.

Terrie is a certified animal communicator and believes that animals are intelligent creatures. She believes that humans can learn from animals as much as they can learn from us. They can be our greatest teachers if we listen to them closely. However, it is not always easy understanding them. We can only assume what their howls, barks, or scratches could mean. This is where Terrie and her gifts come into play.

Terrie’s Background

When Terrie was pushed into this work, she accepted and embraced it with open arms. Pushed is the word used as Terrie did not accept it immediately. For years, she had ignored messages that animals around her were trying to convey. She continued ignoring calls from these animals until she could no longer set their voices aside.This happened one day when she suffered from a severe stomachache. Later, she found out that a horse was causing the upset. It was trying to communicate with her as it needed help because it was colicing.

This incident was followed by a dog asking Terrie to help it find its way home. It was lost and did not know where to go. Another issue came up when around fifteen horses tried to tell her important information because they needed help. Those overwhelming messages from animals who desperately needed her assistance made Terrie embrace her gift at last. She figured that these animals could not talk the way humans do, and if she did not help them the way she does now, who would?

Terrie is not a vet, and therefore does not diagnose. However, she can talk to animals and ask them how they feel, what they know, and what might be hurting them.Terrie Douglas has had her connection with animals all her life. Her work does not only deal with the common pets people have at home such as dogs and cats. Whether it has fur, feathers, or scales, Terrie is able to get in touch with it. She can tell you how it feels, and the things it wants to say. She can also tell it what you want to say, and describe to the animal how you feel towards it. You will be able to communicate with animals, even the ones who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Terrie works with many Equine Rescue Facilities in the country. She helps these facilities discover the past of the furry animal. She also communicates with the animal to know if there is anything that is hurting them. Once a communication has started, she is able to identify any existing illness or injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

•Can anyone talk with animals?

Terrie’s answer is yes. Most people who have a pet at home know this. You often talk to them as you do to other people. They just don’t answer us back the way people do, but animals know more than you think they do. However, if you want to be more open and understanding with what your pet thinks, contact Terrie. Communicating with your pets will be a lot easier with her help.

• Does Terrie teach people how to communicate with animals?

The answer is also yes. There are seminars and workshops that she facilitates. You are free to join them if you want to learn how to communicate with your beloved animals.

• How does it work?

Most people ask if animals can speak the language that their humans do. Terrie believes that in some ways, they do. When she talks to the animals, she uses English. Then somehow, the language gets translated into a language that animals understand. Animals are great at selective listening, and they are also good in reading one’s body language.

Skeptic individuals often ask:

If animals do understand us, why don’t they follow what we tell them to do? This is because like us humans, animals also have their own free will. Imagine telling a child to go to bed early. Some kids would follow immediately, but some won’t. This is the same with animals. We cannot control them the way we want to. We can only communicate with them and tell them how we feel, and the rest is up to them.

Contact Terrie

She specializes in communicating with animals, but Terrie is also a Psychic and a Medium. She has had clients from different fields, and they all have one thing to say. They are all happy to have contacted Terrie because she is an expert at what she does. You can contact her using the information below.

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    “I highly recommend Terrie Douglas to anyone that needs help. She is absolutely awesome. Not only can she communicate with animals, she can also communicate with other spirits to give you messages, things that only you would have any way of knowing. She is the “real thing”, a genuine psychic. God has blessed her with a wonderful gift that she so lovingly shares.” – Joan

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