Love On Hand – A Month of Love Tailored to YOU

Love On Hand – A Month of Love Tailored to YOU

Your Heart Line is the top line on your hand for a reason.  It reveals how big the electromagnetic field is around you.  We all have it, some just magnetize in more than others.  You see the heart has 100 times the electric charge of our brain and 5,000 times the magnetic power.  So the bigger your heart line, the more magnetic you are.  Let’s explore how you can start with heart to dial up your magnetism, just by being more You for the month of Love!

Free To Love Me – Earth Heart & Love In Action

We begin our exploration of Heart Lines with the Earth Heart, those who manifest love best with the body.  It’s the one place we all share.  All the other heart lines extend out of this placement.  When you’ve been through trauma, the blood flow pulls back to your core and Heart Lines actually fade out in the other three placements.  Your Heart Line temporarily appears the darkest in the Earth Heart region.  It is the place where we all meet – our bodies.

Now for that starting point for each of us, the Earth Heart Line.  Those shorter, straighter lines end under the middle finger Saturn for a reason.  Saturn loves to teach us how to take limits, restrictions and outside authority and use them like clay.  Time to become the sculptor. You use imagination to give things form and function.  Earth Hearts are love in action!

But here’s the sneaky part.  Our fear brain goes to work limiting our greatest strengths.  It’s because strength expands us into the unknown and the fear brain likes to survive.  If it isn’t sure how to survive, it limits your superpowers.  Fear likes status quo plus about an inch of new territory at a time.  Even then it prefers the inch that has clearly identified results.

When you know you are a crack manifestor and you also know your fear brain likes to keep you in safe space, how then do you magnetize in more love?  Great question, let’s find out.

What’s key to understand is that Earth Heart Lines had the least sense of safety when it comes to your emotions.  That isn’t to blame your parents or any caretakers, sometimes circumstances themselves weren’t ideal.  I see this in the children of military personnel or parents who had to struggle to survive.  Emotional needs took a back seat to survival needs. 

Once you know this then you can adjust how you operate now and, over time, the line will show you how well you do.  We are going to keep it simple.  This way it’s easier to maintain and do consistently.  Because once your Earth Hearts get into a rhythm you are almost unstoppable.

So let’s get the three step action plan in place these next three weeks to dial up your magnetic factor for more abundant options to play with in manifesting.  Fear prefers a limited and familiar path, which is why we slowly add a few key things to ease into space in a less frightening way. 

The Plan to Expand with Heart

Week 2 – Step One – How to practice Deep Interest to give your fear brain much needed healing space.  It’s free, legal and you can do it anywhere.

Week 3 Step Two – Listening to Hear gives you a new way of interacting with your fear brain to retrain it one difficult moment at a time.

Week 4 Step Three – Feeling With – gives you the way to build new intimacy skills right where you are at now. You can practice all the time and break old limits to love like a superhero.

Join a Gift Call with Lisa Greenfield 2/10 and watch her on Metaphysical Minds on 2/5 at 12:00 Noon EST for more insight into how you can dial up your love attractor factor this month.  Make sure you tap into all the love you have available to you while you magnetize in more!

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