Member Acknowledgment


Before final approval, all applicants will undergo a Criminal Background Check at their own expense.

If approved, all members will complete an online training course on “How to Be A Best American Psychic.”

All spiritual advisors must practice within “white light” parameters.  What this means is that we will not extend membership rights to anyone practicing dark rituals or “dark magic” of any type.  This includes the mention of curses, spells, rituals, etc.  We do not condone these types of practices and if any member is discovered to be involved in anything of the sort, their membership will be immediately revoked.

All pricing, products, and promotions offered by spiritual advisors on this site must be consistent with the service being offered.  Gimmicks such as curse removals or other products/services are not deemed ethical by Best American Psychics and no spiritual advisor on this site will be permitted to market such an item or service.  We do understand that healing crystals are an important part of alternative healing and spiritual work, and as such, these are allowed, within pricing parameters deemed reasonable by Best American Psychics.

All members must have a valid professional website and profile page here on Best American Psychics.

All members must practice under acceptable ethical behaviors, as determined by Best American Psychics.  Violations such as charging drastic amounts for services or products will not be tolerated and is up to the discretion of Best American Psychics.

Any member that receives continuous complaints or negative feedback is subject to immediate membership termination.

All members understand and agree that Best American Psychics will continuously monitor the professional websites and reputation of each spiritual advisor on this site.  This is done in an effort to maintain the integrity of this site and all members.

Any member found in violation of the professional guidelines set forth by Best American Psychics is subject to immediate membership termination, with no refunds granted.