Profile Photos

Profile Photos

Many of you have great plans for promoting your work. We are here to help with the offerings, but we require the correct content. Any photos submitted for websites, video, social marketing, and our general promotion of you need to be high resolution. This means they need to be at least 300 dpi. Otherwise, they will pixilate and become blurry. We need a clean, high quality professional image. If any of you have seen the recent Instagram posts that have been going up of your profile shots, you can see that those that are high resolution are crisp and clear, those that aren’t are blurry. We did nothing to your photos but load them. This is a great example of how the low res photos will convert. So please be aware. If photography is not your strong suit, there are some youtube videos and articles that may help. I am posting one brief one here for those that are interested.

A note on profile photos: What do we mean by a high resolution photo? If you open your photo in Word or another program and try to enlarge it, what happens? Does it become pixelated or blurry? If so, you need a much higher resolution photo. One that can be resized (within reason) and it looks just as good as the original. This will help in all promotional materials. Also, make sure you have an updated photo. One that portrays what you look like in person.

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