Reclaiming Your True Energetic Integrity

Reclaiming Your True Energetic Integrity

The energetically aware human is deeply connected to their feelings. They are aware of vibrational energy in and around themselves. Our auras were made to blend and merge and experience each other as social beings. You are now awakening to your true power. In doing so, many truths will be revealed about the places where you are unconscious as the veil drops. From this space we can choose to make compassionate choices about how we engage our patterns and true transformation can be created. Dear One, It’s time to awaken from the slumber of unconscious living and patterns! It’s time to awake to the power of your True Awareness!

Here are 4 steps you can take to shift into a higher vibration of energetic integrity and clarity.

1.)We cannot heal from the same level of consciousness that created our old struggles. Engaging in practices that calm the mind become the first step in your transformation. The empathic nervous system is a beautifully refined system of awareness, which through repeated trauma or energetic overload may begin to shut down. You can be open and aware without resorting to shutting off your super power. So, let’s work on getting the body and spirit back to its healthy baseline. It’s time to limit your exposure to stress and energetically toxic triggers as you work on finding your new level of grounding. Get back to nature. The energetic connection between our bodies and nature helps us return back to a healthy, grounded cycle of being. Go on a negativity diet. You may wish to limit your exposure to toxic relationships and create stronger boundaries that promote healthy self respect. Be aware of physical triggers within addictive or allergic responses to food and beverages. Everything you read, see, engage in, and view can affect your energy field in the very beginning of your healing process. What we witness gets stored in our third eyes and can replay in our thoughts and dream time through nightmares and disturbing images. Often, we may create energetic cords that create loops of obsessive thinking as a result. All of these experiences are doors to re-enacting the pattern of unconscious reaction. The reaction can have an addictive quality on the emotional and physical body.

2.)Once you have created a peaceful environment, it’s time to reset your chakra system back to its naturally vibrant space. Work on clearing your chakras of psychic debris. Energy work is great for creating balance in your energy system. You can do this with a reputable Energy Healer or through the many chakra clearing meditations available online and in print yourself. This allows you to get back into your balance and you begin to feel an internal awareness of yourself. Bring this practice into your daily ritual and you will notice a dramatic shift over a week’s time. As you become more clear, you begin to have that natural intuitive awareness once again.

3.)When energetic connections are made these are usually healthy and life affirming. However, sometimes these connections to people and situations become stagnant, dysfunctional and need to be cleansed. These cords can drain us and cause unnecessary anxiety or depression. You can create a simple cord cutting ceremony to release old energy by writing the name or situation on a piece of paper, burning the paper, and stating you now release this person or situation to the Light for the highest good. For more intense connections that make you feel overwhelmed seek out an energy healer who can help you move the energy out of your space. Just remember, if you are still learning from the situation, the cord may then release when the lesson is integrated on it’s own.

4.)Holding the highest possible vibration in and around you creates a natural shield of energy that repels lower thought forms and prevents you from over processing emotions and energy not your own. A high vibration is a peaceful, calming, heart-centered space. You may still be aware and feel what is around you but, in this state, you move from being reactive to proactive. You can do this by calling down Divine light to surround you, starting from your head down to the bottoms of your feet, then back up to the head again, sealing your aura. Do this slowly and with conscious breath. You may have a noticeable shift in mood when you do this as your energy is uplifted. These practices alone will create a healthy balanced and aware aura. Brought into the daily self-care ritual, you will easily be connected to your internal integrity. Over time, there will be a sense of clarity and freedom in your intuitive sensing. You will be clear on what is yours and what is energy outside of you.

Auther: Jeanne Crescenzo Jeanne Crescenzo BAP November Blogger 2018

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