Rockin’ The Work!

Rockin’ The Work!

We are so much more than our physical bodies; our unique make and model as humans, is made out of a complex explosion of cells, atoms, tissues and molecules working in sequential harmony with our brain, all the organs, blood, the integumentary and skeletal system.

We are electric!

Outlining our physical body, are energetic layers that vibrate at high speed, non-visible to the average untrained human eye. Not to mention the astral, mental and the causal bodies – Whew! That is exhausting just thinking about it… and this makes us even more unique and complex than we think.

One may wonder – How is it that we are all still able to serve as spiritual workers and yet manage our daily lives?
Because being mindful of our daily processes on how we integrate the Mind, Body and Spirit becomes a natural occurrence when we get into the habit of Daily Practice. Remember, in order to give – we give to ourselves first.

Good Morning World! Daily Rituals

Smile and Start your day with a Morning Affirmation – I AM, I AM, I AM Love

Honor your Daily Rituals –

The Essentials
Scan your body

Say Hello! To your ‘invisible entourage’ – Guides, Angels, Masters and the Source
Bless your day and ask for blessings; ask that you are guided to the right thoughts, the right words the right people and the right events.

Food is Fuel:
Depending on what your diet is or if you have some restrictions, make sure you give your body that fuel it needs to keep you going.

*Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – do not miss any meal and take your time to eat
*Hydrate yourself often – remember, your body often screams to have it’s pure water back.

Your wardrobe:
Colors, colors and colors! Bring your ‘sass’; wear clothing and shoes that make you look good, feel good and confident. You shouldn’t wear black or a hint of black all the time. Think bright, rich, rainbow!
Ditch that heavy designer perfume unless you like smelling like the mall – lighter scents are delightful.
Look in the mirror one last time and seize the day, You’re the Boss!!

Your Calendar:
Is there anything on your calendar that needs to be wiped off the face of this earth? Don’t be afraid to do this for your own sanity.
Prioritize, whether or not you work with an assistant.

On Marketing – You get what you put into it:
Many of us who own our own businesses forget to make a continuous effort to market ourselves or to set attainable goals for our companies. It is important to know that our business’s success depends on the efforts we put into it.

Your Bread and Butter –

Marketing Essentials for the Modern Day Psychic:
Enlist the magic of your ‘Invisible Entourage’ but match your request with Action. Your Guides won’t give you a pity party anytime any day… not mine anyway… #action

Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Free Demo’s – Psychic Fairs, Trade Shows

One Page CRM – I highly recommend this if you’d like to have better and longer lasting relationships with your clients

Meet People at Business Mixers

Send out Informative Newsletters

Timelines and Trending – Do you know when your busy days are?

…and how lucky that you get to do the same processes weekly!

At the end of the day:
As Divine Co-Creators, we need to remember to look inwards, to breathe and express gratitude for everything and express forgiveness if and when necessary.

Slow down…
Read Part 2 for a Powerful Mantra Meditation.

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