Shay Parker – Reinventing Herself Metaphysically

Shay Parker – Reinventing Herself Metaphysically

The Metaphysical Rainmaker

An exclusive interview with Shay Parker, the driving force behind Metaphysical Minds Radio and Best American Psychics and Healers

The Early Years

Born in 1974 in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC, Shay Parker was raised in a middle-class, modest family of 5. Shay enjoyed a childhood and rich with love, home cooking, a lot of family time, cookouts, camping trips, and more.

From an early age, Shay was taught the importance of responsibility and hard work. With her first job at the young age of 13, she enjoyed spending weekends sweeping hair and acting as the shampoo girl in her grandparent’s hair salon.

Shay continued to work throughout middle school and high school, and eventually graduated college with a visual arts degree in Web design. She began her self-employment career very early, working in a variety of different capacities from home.

Throughout the course of her early life, Shay always held a very left brained, skeptical viewpoint. Although she had definite interest in the paranormal, it was not a mind-set that she readily accepted.

It was not until she moved into a 100-year-old cabin in the mountains of North Carolina that she readily acknowledged the existence of the spirit world.  Shay had several personal experiences with spirits that seemed to occupy the cabin. These experiences included verbal as well as physical types of communication.  Because Shay was able to see and hear for herself that something other than a live human being was occupying her home, it solidified for her that life after death does exist.

This was a defining moment in Shay’s life, and it acted as the precipice for the creation of her online directory, Best American Psychics. That later led into the creation of Best American Healers, as well as her two radio shows, Metaphysical Minds and Best of the Best. Best American Psychics and Best American Healers are Internet directories which focus on promoting professional, ethical, and reliable practitioners who specialize in metaphysical fields.  On Metaphysical Minds radio show, Shay has interviewed some of the top metaphysical minds in the world, those that are true Crusaders of Change across the globe – Shirley MacLaine, Melissa Etheridge, Lisa Williams, Michelle Whitedove, and John J. Oliver are just a few.

OM Times Exclusive Interview

Omtimes: Tell us something about yourself that nobody knows.

Shay Parker: Hmm… well, I was born on Friday the 13th and my mom used to call me her little witch.

Omtimes: We heard that you were contacted by at least two international companies interested in establish an USA base, how this will affect your work on the metaphysical community at large?

Shay Parker: Yes, I was recently contacted by 2 international companies interested in establishing a USA base. Although I was very shocked at this opportunity, I was also very honored. These 2 opportunities will affect my work within the metaphysical community in a very positive way. They will give me the global connections needed in order to truly achieve my overall vision. Although I am under strict confidentiality agreements with both companies, I can share that the goals of both firms are very much aligned with my personal goals. I truly believe that these mergers are of divine order, and I am so very excited at the opportunities they will provide. I work with so many within the metaphysical community that wish to expand their reach globally. My mergers with these 2 companies will open doors and will give us access to completely unchartered territory. Furthermore, the projects themselves are simply mind blowing within their own rights. What we are about to embark upon has never been done, and these projects can literally change humanity as a whole.

Omtimes: Are you involved with any philanthropic activity?  What are your plans?

Shay Parker: I am, always have been, and always will be an animal rights activist. My schedule right now, especially with all the new contracts and mergers, is extremely hectic. Unfortunately, it has not allowed me much time to contribute to as many philanthropic projects as I would like. Having said that, my overall goal with this new self-reinvention is to have enough funds and a large enough voice to truly make a difference and receive global donations on behalf of many different charities. In my opinion, metaphysical/spiritual work and philanthropic activities go hand in hand. As above, so below. I cannot imagine it any other way.

Omtimes: What is the best memory you have from your youth?

Shay Parker: Wow, this is a very tough question. I have so many wonderful memories from my childhood that is going to be extremely difficult to pick just one. I and 2 sets of incredible grandparents that enriched my life every single day. You know, the best way to answer this question is with a collective answer. As I pondered what my best memory is from my childhood, I just continue to see everyday life. Each day was a great memory because every day we came from school to a home cooked meal and an overwhelming sense of safety, security, and love.

Our family never had a lot of money, but every event was always made very special. It’s interesting, because I was just in the department store picking up some random things for my house. I looked around and I saw all the pre-made, commercial Easter baskets and I was suddenly flooded with memories of my childhood. I remember that every Easter, my mother would make handmade baskets. She would stuff them with our favorite chocolates, candies, stuffed animals, and more. She hand-picked every selection that went into our Easter baskets. We never had a store-bought basket in our lives. This theme remained throughout the entire year, as every event was hand-done or home-grown by my parents. I have 2 siblings, and on our birthdays, my mother would always make our favorite meals, as well as a homemade and hand decorated birthday cake. Each Christmas was also made magical, as we all went out together and picked out our Christmas tree, cut it down, and then we came home to Christmas carols and freshly baked cookies and decorated the tree. So, I know I kind of cheated on this question because I cannot define one single favorite memory when I have so many amazing ones.

Omtimes: What are you plans for the future, what is in store Best American Psychics and healers? The two powerhouses you administrate?

Shay Parker: My plans for the future are always expansion and growth. Regarding my existing companies, I will continue to expand them on a global basis, attracting clientele as well as professionals from all different genres. It is my goal to have the most well-known and well respected directories on the Internet. I firmly believe that by establishing a solid team of proven professionals, the public will begin to see that alternative healing as well as alternative abilities can truly be beneficial. It is an uphill battle in many capacities, but it is also one that I see changing every single day. The walls that have been created within society over the past several hundred years are now finally beginning to fall. People are beginning to see things with fresh eyes and a new perspective. My plan for my existing companies is to utilize them to shine the light where there was once darkness.

Omtimes: What do you think about all this uproar about 2012 and in your opinion, what can we expect before and after December 21th?

Shay Parker: I am actually very excited about 2012. I do not feel that it is a time for doom and gloom. Obviously, I do think that we will have some challenges to overcome, but I do not believe that the world is coming to an end on December 21. I do believe that the world as we know it on a spiritual level will be ending on December 21, but I do not feel that this is Armageddon, so to speak. Instead, I feel that a new spirituality or sense of overall consciousness will be born. I simply believe that the old ways cannot survive any longer, because I think that humanity is finally ready to take the next step.

I do believe that we will have natural disasters, but if you look back throughout the course of history, we have always had natural disasters. Will there be further upsets in government? Yes, I do believe there will. But again, there have always been upsets within government agencies. I believe that 2012 will be a falling away of the old and in entry into the new. I do feel that people need to step back and take stock of their current lives, and realized where it is they are in comparison to where it is they wish to be, and then make applicable changes.

Radio Interview with Allison Hayes’ CBS Radio Program, Rock Talk

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Shay Parker Interview on RockTalk


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