Shay Parker - Accurate Psychic Readings OnlineShay Parker, the founder of Best American Psychics, is no stranger to the metaphysical community. In addition to this directory, she also founded the Certified Psychic Society and is the host of Metaphysical Minds on Facebook LiveStream. Shay has interviewed some of the top metaphysical minds in the world, those that are true Crusaders of Change across the globe – Shirley MacLaine, Melissa Etheridge, Lisa Williams, Michelle Whitedove, James Van Praagh, John Holland and John J. Oliver are just a few.

Shay began this journey several years ago as an admitted skeptic. However, even the strongest skeptic cannot deny the existence of an unseen power when they repeatedly experience illogical and unexplainable events first-hand.

Shay founded Best American Psychics in order to provide the public with a safe, inviting place to find professional, ethical, and accurate psychics. She also created it for the psychics out there seeking a solid company to work with, one that believes in ethics above all else.

Every psychic on Best American Psychics has undergone two separate test readings, one with a staff tester, and the other with a volunteer client. They are tested for delivery, accuracy, professionalism, timeliness, ethics, and more. Shay personally stands behind each psychic listed on this directory as legitimate.

Note from Shay

Greetings and thank you for visiting. Many people ask me what happened in my life to make me want to start a Psychic Directory. I have always been a very left-brained individual, with most of my work history being in finance, the “paranormal” or “metaphysical” world was not something I was accustomed to, or even something I was sure I really believed in. To me, facts are provable. Numbers add up. P&L’s show the bottom line. There is not much room for “spirits, ghosts, or spooks” when you crunch numbers all day long and have to meet end-of-month deadlines.

However, we all know that sometimes life presents us with very unexpected issues. This very thing happened to me when I moved into a 100+-year old cabin the mountains of Asheville, NC. Unexplainable things began to occur that were not only noticed by me. My logical mind overruled all these odd events as imagination, coincidence, electrical issues, etc. But when the events began to escalate, there was no more logic to be found. I was living in a haunted cabin, and there was no way around it. I could actually hear them talking, and then they began to physically touch me, not in a bad or threatening way, but definite touch; like a hand on a shoulder, a pat on the head, etc.

At that point, I was forced to do something about it, but I had no idea where to turn. I eventually was able to solve the issues with the help of a Medium, but this sparked something new in me…a curiosity to see beyond the black and white numbers on a computer screen. I wanted to know what these spirits wanted, and why (and how) it was that they were able to communicate with me to the point of sound and touch. This was not what I had learned as a child, yet it was a very real adult experience.

My quest took me to wanting to create a place that could bring much needed attention to some of the amazing people I was coming in contact with. These folks were very gifted, real people who, yes, could see and talk to the dead, or to spirit guides. Thus, Best American Psychics was born.

We work very hard to ensure the professionalism, accuracy, and ethics of each psychic on this directory. Although not everyone will have the same experiences as our test readers did with every psychic, I can personally assure you that everyone listed here has been validated as possessing true psychic abilities – EVERY SINGLE ONE! We do not allow ANYONE on this directory that has not been tested. We firmly believe that if you are paying them, they should be legitimate psychics that are tested for ethics, first and foremost. Thank you for placing your trust in us and for visiting. ~ Shay Parker