Start the New Year Knowing Your Gifts On Hand

Start the New Year Knowing Your Gifts On Hand

Gift Markings show up where your particular talents are meant to have a spotlight in your life.  These gifts come with a penalty marker if you dont use them.  Its like added pressure to keep you from hiding out as a chick in the shell.  You do have to knock through the limitations around you so that your light can shine.  When you know whats required, the effort isnt a struggle though.  It feels more like a hike that leaves you with a great view feeling pleasantly tired.  Ready to get to that peak of your talent this year?

Stars:  There are both five pointed and six pointed stars that show up in your hand in all kinds of places.  Regardless of where they show up, the five pointed stars are of Venus and they tend to draw attention to the areas of the hand they land on without you lifting a finger.  What is required is receptivity and gratitude to fuel the firesof the attractor factor.  The better you are at receiving and enjoying the light, the more of it you attract.  Use the hand sample to see which mythological figures you can search to learn what themes or psychological arenas are highlighted by your star.  

Six pointed stars are of Mars and they require effort.  When opportunity shines a light on you, its time to take the torch and run your lap of the Olympic run.  You dont want to be the runner that drops the torch on the way to the Olympic stadium, do you?  So based on what light comes your way, take it in and make it your own so you can run your true race and make your contribution stand out in a way that pleases you while it stretches you to do your best.  

Healers Lines or Intuitive Lines are vertical lines side by side like pickets in a fence that arent connected horizontally.  They run between the heart line and the top of the hand under the little finger.  Sitting between the heart and Mercurys finger they show that these people can literally feel what another feels and communicate it with some effect.  Healers can often struggle with feeling badly and not knowing why when they dont have healthy ways to disconnect from anothers emotional flow.  It lands like it is in your body and causes confusion.  But it makes a very effective intuitive who can help another sort out the difficult swim of feelings.  

The Apollo Line gets a lot of attention because it means you are meant to stand out in some arena in your life.  Your gifts are meant to take center stage.  It doesnt automatically mean you will be on a real stage but it does mean you are a gifted storyteller.  How you do it depends on you and there are as many ways to be that communicator in the spotlight as there are people.  I know one whos an attorney who advocates for those who dont have a voice.  

If you have one of these then you have a little more insight into how to use it this coming year.  But dont despair if you dont.  Your gifts may not be underlined in this post, yet gifted you are.  Check out to see if you resonate with a different kind of talent, shown on your hands.  Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year. 

Author: Lisa Greenfield

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