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Your Brain on Spirit

Change in our lives is inevitable. We are designed to learn and grow. It’s in our Soul’s DN..


The Akashic Principle of Love

…A modified excerpt from award winning book, Divine Love Affair: An Akashic Journey Written b..


Messages from Synchronicities

Synchronicity with Spirit and Soul Every developing psychic is taught to ask for signs from ..


2018 BAP Social Activism Award Winner

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics 2018 Social Activism Award winner is Cate Coffelt of Cat..


How to Avoid Spiritual Overdrive

When it came time to put my 16 year old behind the wheel, I was a bit surprised to find that sh..


Which Courses Should I Take?

Clients ask me a lot of questions. Heck, that's their job, to ask questions. But some of the m..