The Archangel Hall of Fame

The Archangel Hall of Fame

Quick…can you name any of the Archangels? You may know one or two of them, but each of them has a name and a specific role to play as a spirit guardian. There are 12 major Archangels; the number 12 is often seen in spiritual matters: the signs of the Zodiac, months of the year…the list goes on. Although some of these Archangels may be referred to as “he” or “she,” it’s important to remember that they are beings of pure energy/light and don’t have to be exclusively male or female when you call upon them!

          Perhaps the two best-known Archangels are Michael and Gabriel, both of whom appear in Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions. Michael, the warrior angel, is appropriately the protector of physical types like soldiers and firefighters. Gabriel, on the other hand, might be said to live by the saying “the pen is mightier.” He watches over the writers and philosopher types of the world. Almost equally well known is Raphael, the healer. If you are in a medical or healing/spiritual profession, get to know this Archangel better.

          If you’re a lover of nature, get to know Chamuel, the guardian of the natural world/environment, and Ariel, who watches over animals and pets. Call upon them when you want to develop a deeper connection to nature and its gifts. Maybe indoor pursuits are more your speed? Sandalphon is the Archangel of the creative arts, especially musicians. Jophel, also called Jophiel, can help you see inner beauty in yourself and others.

          When it’s time to really roll up your sleeves, call upon Haniel, guardian of grace and passion for life. She will help you restore joy in your daily practice. Metatron, on the other hand, is a more serious type; also called the Angel of Life, he will get you focused and back on track when life goes awry. Zadkiel, the fire Archangel, can light a flame of righteousness and clear away harmful energies whenever they appear.

          We all want love in our lives…Chamuel, the guardian of love, helps us build deeper spiritual relationships. Jophiel reminds us to always keep joy and light in our lives, and Raguel, whose symbol is Libra/the scales, keeps the balance between darkness and light, justice and mercy.

          Perhaps the most misunderstood Archangel is Azrael, also called the Angel of Death. His name literally means “whom God helps” and he is the one to call upon through difficult transitions in life. He’s also able to show us ways to get rid of negative energies…so that we may remember to live.

          The major 12 Archangels each have special purpose, and there are others as well. You may want to invest in an Angel card deck to really reflect on the meanings of each Archangel and meditate on the image and meaning of each card. These eternal, powerful beings are looking out for us each day on earth and they want what is best for us. Never be afraid to call on one or more of them by name so they can guide and comfort you. They are messengers and you’ll find they always have something meaningful to say.

Author: Mystic Shelley

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