The Art of Pyromancy

The Art of Pyromancy

I wanted to discuss a very unusual topic this month. Given that the coronavirus and all its implications are currently all around us, I thought it was important to delve into the past to see how people centuries ago dealt with the difficulties of their time. What I wanted to talk to you about is the art of Pyromancy.

Pyromancy is the art of divination using fire. As the reader would stare into the flames, they would interpret the signs and patterns that they would see. Also, many times, different materials (bones, shells) were thrown into the fire to enhance this interpretation.  This art goes back centuries as many civilizations have peered into the flames to connect to their gods or intuition to help solve a problem. During the Renaissance Pyromancy was also classified as one of the seven forbidden arts as it was thought to be too dangerous for their citizens to participate in.

Now remember, any tool that is used in divination, whether it be crystals, Tarot cards, tea leaves etc., is only used to occupy space in the Medium’s conscious mind. This is to allow their soul self or their intuition to interpret what they receive from Spirit. As I always say to my clients, my cards or crystals are not magical. It is only their vibrational energy that allows me to connect to my higher self or source to provide explanation or answers.
Even going back as far as the Old Testament, fire was connected with divine intervention. For example the burning bush helped to guide Moses and the Israelites during a challenging time in their history. And, while we may not be facing the same challenges as the ancient Israelites, our world certainly has many challenges of its own right now.

If you would like to try Pyromancy on your own it is really much simpler than it seems. If you have a fire pit you could certainly connect with the flames that way or it can be as simple as lighting a candle. Just allow yourself to soften your gaze and stare into the flame. Once you light your fire source, allow yourself to settle into your body and be still. It’s easier if the room is darkened a little bit so the light does not interfere with the flame. Once you are in a centered place, allow yourself to connect with the fire. Look at the fire but don’t look at it. It’s almost as if you are having a daydream with your eyes open. Allow your gaze to softly settle into the flame and as you do take a deep breath and exhale any concerns you may have. After you exhale allow a question or concern to form in your mind. Send that question into the flame energetically and see what evolves.
While you are connecting with the fire,  bits of information will start to come to you. Don’t question them, don’t judge them. Just allow them to come. This information could be colors, feeling or just an awareness. Take a note of these observations and how they make you feel. The important thing is to not judge the information you are getting. Like anything else this does take a little practice. But each time you light the flame and connect with the fire you will feel yourself sinking more and more into your body and into your energetic self. By connecting with the fire and practicing Pyromancy you will be astonished at the questions that you are able to have answered. 

The important part of this or any other practice is to not judge yourself. There are no right or wrong answers. And the way we connect with our higher selves or the divine is by trusting the information that we receive. The answers are always around us. It is just that we need to allow ourselves to connect with these answers and know them to be true. Your higher self and the universal energy always is trying to push you in the direction of where your soul needs to go. It is only our human or our ego that likes to fight with this. 

There is a beauty and simplicity when practicing Pyromancy. Somehow when you connect with the flame there is a holiness about it. Perhaps this is why candles are burned in churches and other places of worship. By connecting with the fire you are simultaneously connecting with your own soul or God self. This is where your answers are located. I encourage you to try this simple, yet profound means of divination. I would love to hear about your results. You are much closer to your answers than you think. 

As always, big hugs, Mari

* Of course please practice safety when lighting fires or candles. 

Author: Mari Cartagenova

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