The Spirit Warrior – Self Care

The Spirit Warrior – Self Care

As Spiritual workers, our True Essence is our Spirit, and it needs regular nourishment, because it is the area that is often neglected.
It makes it almost critical that we do our own due diligence in making sure that we nurture and protect ourselves on a daily basis.
Our Spirit makes us human, it drives us to pursue our goals and to do our best each day in good or bad times. It also allows us to see others as they are and therefore needing empathy.

How do we keep on going, and doing this work? Here are some tips that have been proven to help.

1. Daily Journal

As you begin your day, start a daily journal to write down any dreams you may have had, any thoughts, prayers, gratitude – write down anything at all. If you have nothing to write, then write that down as well. Unblocking your thoughts early on, will keep your memory sharp and you may even get insights out of this exercise.

2. Be Still with the Breath

We spend so much time being ‘plugged-in’ to society and online that we sometimes become disconnected with our true essence. It is always good to look within and remember who you are and what you’d like to contribute to this world.

3. Exercise Regularly

It is very important to keep active not just for maintaining general physique, but to maintain good sugar levels, boost immunity, increase Endorphin levels for a balanced mood and also to have a solid foundation for self-confidence.

4. Nothing nurtures the Spirit more than Food

Choose food that connect to good memories – it doesn’t have to be an exact replica of it, but at least the essence of what you remember growing up.

Do not eat foods that have no soul – What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this? Donuts? Twinkies? These are soulless foods and there is no love there, it wasn’t lovingly prepared for you.

Prepare your food with consciousness and Intent- As you prepare your food, do it with intent and love for you and everyone else who will consume what you prepare.
Put a blast of love energy into the foods and water you drink.

Always put in that intention that the food you eat nourishes your body and it raises your vibration.

Water: Drink filtered water to regenerate your cells because your body goes through an on going cleansing process. It is important to Energize your drinking water by adding lemon juice, using crystals, or charging it with Reiki.

5. Change it up!

This is not easy, especially when you are used to having the same sequential processes each day. But don’t worry because the sky will not fall! If you like your coffee in the morning and you buy the same brand – try a different brand. If you like to use your favorite cup – use another one. This little exercise will not only help you learn to be more flexible but in time it will help you become calmer and cope with stress better.

6. Good Self-Boundaries

We work hard and Giving should never be our middle name, it is important for us to stick with what we have planned for ourselves. The advantage of working independently is that we can set our own schedules to take time off when needed. Honor the time for yourself.

‘Mantra –

SO HUM Mantra is used in conjunction with the Breath
Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and begin breathing normally
Silently repeat SO as you breath in and HUM as you breathe out
If your mind drifts, keep going and stay with the breath.

SO HUM means with The Divine

‘Tips and Recipes ~

Crystalline Water:

Always do this with intention ~
In a clean Water Pitcher or Jug
Add in cool Filtered water
Place your newly cleaned quartz crystals (as a charge), add in crystals that you know are safe to submerge into drinking water and crystals that will not chemically contaminate your pure water. Quartz Crystals are safe to use (Rose, Clear, Smokey), Carnelian, Amethyst crystals as well if available.

Chai Tea Recipe:

3 C. Almond Milk (or Whole Milk)
½ C. Filtered Water
3 Cardamom Pods (½ tsp. powder will work)
½ tsp. Cinnamon
6 Whole Black Peppercorns
¼ tsp. Turmeric
1 Black Tea Bag
Saffron (optional – 2 strands)

Add all ingredients in a pot – bring to a boil then lower heat to simmer (15 min.)
Use a strainer to catch ingredients as you pour your hot tea in your cup.

Add some sweetener and consume this with your favorite cookie or snack.

Golden Tea Recipe: Nighttime Sleep Aid

2 C. Almond Milk (Whole Milk is fine too)
1 TBSP. Turmeric Spice
1 Clove (optional)
Palm or Turbinado sugar to taste

In a Pot – bring ingredients to a boil – remove from burner and pour into cup and enjoy before bedtime.

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