The Spirits of Halloween

The Spirits of Halloween

I was shopping the other day, already the stores are sold out of some of the Halloween favorites…not to worry there is still more to be had…the preparation and excitement for Halloween is in the air!

I love that this season continues to grow in popularity. Why do you suppose that is? Halloween is full of ghouls, ghost, graveyards, demons and so many more scary things. Are we all (as a group) still that scared of death? Is poking some fun at it helping us to be brave? I know I can’t EVEN think of going into a “haunted house” at Spooky World.

On the other hand, as a medium when I blend with a spirit of a loved one (mine or a client’s) from the other side, I feel a sense of grace and wonder and love. I was recently doing a home party where a young woman came with her mother to observe but was too scared to have her own reading. She was afraid of what might be said or what could “happen.” Later, when she saw the drawing I did for her mom of her grandfather on the other side, …she was thrilled.

So, let’s have fun with Halloween! BUT let’s NOT confuse scaring ourselves half to death at Halloween with the loving spirit communication that comes from our loved ones on the other side!

Fact: Some people are mean and do scary things.

Fact: We all die, sure as we are born.

Fact: Being sick or injured can hurt. It’s normal to be afraid of pain.

Fact: We can FEEL very lonely and sometimes scary when we are facing something we don’t understand!

Truth: We are immortal beings that live temporarily in human form.

Truth: Our Souls and spirits are created from divine love and we forget that when we are in human form… AND we are returning to that love when we leave our human form.

Truth: We are deeply loved, and we are never really alone. We have our Soul, our spirit guardians, our loved ones in sprit, and if we allow it, friends here on the earth plane.

Truth: We can connect with our own loving Soul/spirit and the spirits of our deceased loved ones for love, healing and guidance.

Tip: As you prepare for Halloween, spend some time each day with your hand on your heart, breathe deeply into your heart, and relax. Feel your essence, which is your spirit, and love your spirit. I mean really love, appreciate, admire the miracle that is your wonderous spirit. Imagine your spirit is around you and surrounds you. Imagine your spirit loving you back. (It’s all truth!) If you are feeling brave, take this next step. While you are in this expanded space, invite a loved one who is in spirit to blend with you. Practice this in the days leading up to Halloween. And then… when the veil becomes thinner on the sacred day of Halloween, do this practice, invite in spirit and remember: it’s all about the love.

Author: Nancy Smith. You can reach Nancy for a reading or more here:

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