Thoughts on the Spiritual Life

Thoughts on the Spiritual Life

It is late afternoon as I write this. I am in Bucharest, Romania preparing for a day of readings. Light streams through my window as the distant chatter of neighbors slyly beckons me outside. I resist the urge to join them but listen for the infectious laughter of school children returning from a day of studies. A chorus of voices rise & fall as the gentle hum of a car passes by. Laughter reaches a fever pitch as conversations begin to wrap up. Slowly, their voices begin to fade. I listen intently as neighbors say goodbye & make their way inside for the evening.

It’s quiet now and the room is still.

My spirit soaks up the moment and my eyes land on an empty page.

What is the spiritual life?

I ponder that question as my mind drifts back to 5 years before. I had just begun my pilgrimage. The first destination was Italy. At the time, I didn’t know what I was searching for. I simply knew I had to travel. I can remember being uncertain but overall determined. I knew I was there for something special, but the details were unclear.

So, I allowed my soul to carry me, somewhat blindly through the busy streets of Milan, the green hills of Trieste, and into the gentle heart of Florence; birth place of the Italian Renaissance and the charming city where I would ultimately stay (off and on) for the next five years.

Funny, that I am now in Bucharest but my mind travels back to a night in Florence that doesn’t seem so spiritual at all. I went out with my friends from Italian class and we danced like crazy, ate insane amounts of junk food and talked well into the morning before making our way home.

I remember waking to a series of texts recounting the night before. Laughter escaped my lips as I reflected on the guy who kissed me and the pizza stains on my favorite dress. Groggy but satisfied, I stumbled into the kitchen, made an espresso and ruminated on the day ahead.

This was the spiritual life.

Years before, it seemed being spiritual was all yoga, drumming circles, kombucha & meditation.

I suppose it can also be those things.

However, my travels have taught me that spirituality is not about doing all the things you think should do. It is more about how you live your life, what you believe and how your words, thoughts and deeds line up. It’s about following the heart, listening to your intuition, and allowing that internal compass to guide you.

Spirituality is balance & harmony. Everything has a time and place. There are nights where you’ll dance until you drop and mornings where all you want to do is pray. So, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just live it up, have fun, and love deeply. What you’ll create is the soul-filled mosaic of a beautiful life.


Nicole Bowman is a Psychic, Medium, and Intuitive Artist. She gives readings for the soul, writes books, creates original music and travels internationally for spiritual growth. She is committed to helping people heal, thrive and enjoy their lives. Always remember to live your light, live your bliss, and love yourself! Please visit her at Nicole Bowman.

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