When Your Pet Dies….????

When Your Pet Dies….????

How do you manage when your pet dies? Even as a Medium and Animal Communicator, this subject is extremely difficult. Despite the fact I can still connect with animals after they pass, not having your beloved furry friend in the physical is extremely painful and full of sorrow.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer for this. No matter who you are on this earth, we are all human. And as humans, we will suffer. But knowing that our beloved pets are still around us even after they pass I hope will bring comfort to some of you that may be going through this situation currently. 

Our pets and animals, in general, are here on this earth because they are pure love. They are here to help us find our way through many of our human foibles. There are times that they are our mirrors. For example, if we are feeling anxious our animals will react anxiously to try to show us what we are doing and what needs to change in our own behavior. The reason many of us love animals more than people is because animals are just honest – no facade, no airs to put on and without the falsity that some human relationships come with. 

Of course, all humans at some time in their lives, are full of ego, spite, bitterness or many other negative human emotions. But animals don’t really suffer from these issues. Without a doubt, sometimes our animals can be snarky or play tricks on us but ultimately they are just here to love us and show us the path of true love and forgiveness. That’s why so many of us are drawn to animals. Animals truly touch the deepest part of our soul; the part of our soul that also touches the Divine. It reminds us that we too are sparks of light in the universe and that with some effort we can rise above the small-minded behaviors and begin to operate on a higher level. 

That is why, I believe, the grief when we lose an animal is so severe. It is because in some way we are losing touch with the greatest, most evolved and purest part of our soul self. And losing this connection to the great Universal Love pains us on such a deep level that many times this pain is so much greater than we can bear. Certainly greater to some than losing a human person because in a myriad of ways our connection to animals is so much deeper. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic answer to moving through this grief. Just like losing anything or anyone that is important and special to us, there is sorrow. But it is important to remember that our animal friends are always around us. That is not a trite statement; animals are so much more intuitive and connected than humans that when they leave this earth, they always find a way to come back energetically to the humans that they love. They know that while they might not be in the physical body any longer, in spirit they still have some work to do.

If you have lost your beautiful beloved fur baby, take a little comfort in knowing that he or she has never really left your side. While they are certainly not with us 24 hours a day they do come and visit very regularly. There are many signs that animals (or people) can leave once they have passed. Be on the lookout for anything that triggers your intuition. It could be the shape of a heart on the ground, feathers found in a strange place, animals that come a little closer than they might normally or even the familiar smell of your beloved fur baby mysteriously hanging in the air. Yes, it’s certainly easy for your logical brain to talk yourself out of this. “No -that’s just my imagination” you may say, or “that doesn’t mean anything”, but I suppose you could talk yourself out of anything right? Just know that when you do see these signs and your Spidey Senses are triggered, allow yourself to accept that they are true and real and valid. 

While having these signs and visitations from our pets might not take away all the pain of missing them in their physical bodies, please accept these signs as gifts of love and salve for your suffering soul. Sending blessings and warm furry snuggles to you all. xoxo 

Author: Mari Cartagenova https://bestamericanpsychics.com/listing/mari-cartagenova


Mari Cartagenova is a Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator and best-selling Author with clients from all over the globe. She specializes in heartfelt messages from both passed loved ones and living or past animals. 
When you sit with Mari you can really feel the presence of your loved one.  Her connections offer specific detail and leave you feeling both at peace and uplifted at the same time. Mari has trained with the top mediums from all over the world including Tony Stockwell, John Holland, Lisa Williams, James Van Praagh, Thomas John and and Lauren Rainbow. 

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